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Hoteling Space Utilization Software: The Key to Efficient Office Space Management

Most organizations underutilize half of their office spaces resulting in more real estate expenditure than necessary. It creates more carbon footprint and incurs related operating costs. If you are thinking of saving on real estate costs, using hoteling space utilization software can help.

Hoteling space planning software allows an organization to utilize existing space and reduce workspace operating costs and carbon emissions. Further, it supports the temporary sharing of on-site workstations to dynamic project-based teams. Implementing office hoteling can significantly increase telework initiatives. Additionally, hoteling simplifies shared space efficiency and responsibility for occupancy costs.

What is a hoteling space planning software?

A hoteling space planning software system uses software and hardware technology to accommodate desk sharing and office hoteling. It is an automated system assisted by sensors, Bluetooth, and Internet of Things technology to help facilities managers allocate seats, manage workstation allocation, and optimize real estate spaces.

Why do I need a hot desk system?

As the year 2021 begins, most companies consider keeping the current work set up working from home and scheduling work in the office. While the threat of Coronavirus persists, there will be fewer people in the office but will retain the same amount of space. Workstation designs will largely depend on team member needs, and team member needs change from time to time. Implementing a hot desk system allows companies to control how many team members come into the office and which desks they should be working in for that day. The hot desk system enables office managers to manage resources in one efficient software application platform.

Who benefits from desk reservation software?

Small and large organizations from across industries can benefit from a hoteling office space management software system. It makes returning to the office safer post-COVID-19 pandemic by allowing companies to implement their strategic plan on workplace re-entry post-pandemic.


Desk reservation software system provides benefits for all types of team members. Hoteling software offers flexibility and accessibility to any organization maximizing their office space. Aside from implementing alternating shifts, desk reservation software enables employees to choose their workstation that suits their functions for the particular day at the office.

Your employees can choose, change, or cancel a workstation reservation while traveling, on the train, on the bus, in a coffee shop, or at home at whatever time convenient to them.


Site visitors may also access the system to schedule their visit to the office or rent a venue for special events. Coworking space rental businesses can take advantage of desk hoteling by integrating user-access for desk reservations on their websites.

The free desk booking system provides cloud-based web-browser access, downloadable mobile application, and a company network-integrated user interface.

Aggregate Data

Hot desk hoteling software systems can present comprehensive aggregate data on active/inactive workstations, frequently-reserved desks, number of reservations daily, no-show bookings, canceled reservations, and other related metrics. Office managers can determine which workspaces need desk cleaning and which office spaces are underutilized. The system generates reports and analytics that can help company owners improve their real estate management and reduce their carbon footprint.

Phased Transition

Hoteling workspace enables team members to transition gradually from work at home to back to the office. While organizations continue to enforce Covid measures in the workplace, company managers can easily monitor their staff and communicate with employees who may contact contaminated spaces and persons.

Other Software Features

DeskFlex desk reservation software can provide more features than any other office hoteling system. It has COVID compliant features to help organizations prevent contamination in the office. You can schedule deep office disinfection, impose social distancing between desks, and assist in contact tracing with the support of hardware devices that capture Bluetooth signals from registered users and their connected devices.

The system can integrate with other productivity programs such as Office 365, Active Directory, Zapier, and Okta. Furthermore, it can also integrate with thermal scanners and can add mask detection. With DeskFlex desk reservation, you will receive email notifications for confirmed reservations, email, and text reminders for your scheduled booking.

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Types of Desk Allocation and Seating Arrangement

Every organization consists of different employees with different preferences in performing their jobs to produce results. Hot desk in hoteling allows you to create various working spaces to provide more flexibility to diverse team members.

Permanent desks – are assigned workspaces to permanent users. The management can dedicate individual desks for a particular staff, for example, the accountant, or the HR personnel who needs a permanent space to keep all the records in one computer.

Desk hoteling – is a system that allows team members to reserve a workspace ahead of time, on the spot, or for a certain period.

Hot desk – is booking any available desk, meeting room, workstations on the spot when you arrive in the office.

Reverse hoteling is releasing an office space for the other team members to book available hoteling space.

How do I use hoteling stations software?

The hoteling stations system helps you monitor and control desks, cubicles, workstations and allows only designated team members to schedule office time on these resources.

For example, you have 500 employees but will only allow half of the floor capacity and implement shifting among departments. Allowing only half of the office’s usual traffic means you have to remove or deactivate 250 workstations across the office floor.

Additionally, you want a designated time for shifting work allowing only 125 team members on the morning shift and 125 employees on the afternoon shift.
Further, you want your team members, including the executives and their staff, to come on-site at any time or reserve a workstation ahead of time.

How do I Book A Desk?

There are many ways you can take advantage of desk hoteling software. You can download the mobile app and create reservations on-the-go. Second, you can access the cloud-based web browser interface and log in with your credentials to book an office space. Lastly, you can also access the desk booking software interface integrated with your company networks and create advance desk bookings.

Once you are logged into the desk booking system, you can start looking for your preferred workspaces and see their availability. Choose your desired space, time, and duration and create a reservation according to your needs. Confirm reservation and wait for the email and text confirmations.

Moreover, you can add equipment such as laptops, conference telephones, tv screens, a projector, audiovisuals, and you can even write a personal note for your colleagues. You can also lookup a colleague if you want to work near them on particular days.

How to limit the number of teams coming into the office?

Limiting the number of employees coming into the office and reducing bookable office spaces are the company administrators’ responsibilities. If you are assigned to this role, you can configure the desk hoteling software using your admin access.

As the office admin, you can set parameters on how many bookable spaces should be allowed per floor in the building. Additionally, you can restrict under level teams to book upper management offices. Nevertheless, you have the power to assign desks permanently and release the permanent spaces when it is necessary. You can allow or disallow team members to book highly coveted meeting rooms and conference rooms. Furthermore, you can also activate and deactivate workstations according to your prerogatives.

Should I require my employees to create reservations for shared spaces?

Definitely yes. You should require your teams to create reservations as well as impose shared office etiquette. Your staff may be well-meaning, but because of different backgrounds and characters, office conflict is unavoidable.

It is important to set ground rules when it comes to coworking spaces. Additionally, requiring your employees to create reservations when they want to work in the office will benefit both you as the company owner or manager and your teams.

Desk hoteling organizes your teams and allows them to respect each other’s reserved spaces.

It can significantly reduce conflicts over meeting room reservations or conference room scheduling encounters. All departments highly covet these two prime office spaces, and only a reliable meeting room booking system can solve the fights over team reservations.

The Relevance of Office Hoteling Management Software System Post COVID Era

Hoteling workspace is very much relevant even after the COVID pandemic. It has not been that very long since the release of the COVID vaccines. Moreover, it will take months to vaccinate most of the population and for the immune system to start working. Returning to work and back to school will still put people at risk of infection.

Allowing people to work in the office and at home on alternate days is still the best strategy to keep the business running and the employees healthy and safe. Using a reliable free desk booking system can help your organization establish the return-to-work transition while maintaining everyone’s safety a priority.

Online education may still be the best option up to date. But with the classroom scheduling software system, schools can allow older students, colleges, and postgraduates to attend face-to-face classes. Campus scheduling software enables social distancing in the classroom and thermal scanner integration and mask detection on the school entrance.

Additionally, the DeskFlex desk booking system has upgraded features that help prevent COVID contamination in the workplace. Its in-development vaccine management system can monitor employees’ COVID vaccine doses and records.

The end of the pandemic is almost at hand but not yet in a full circle. People still need to be cautious when out in public or at work. While people can practice COVID measures at all times, technology can also significantly reduce and prevent viral transmission among individuals.

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