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Go Green with DeskFlex Employee Scheduling Software

Mar 15

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3/15/2016 8:19 PM  RssIcon

Going green is obviously important for the state of the planet, but what if we told you it could be good for business too? There are many ways to reduce your organization’s carbon footprint—recycling, carpooling, the use of water bottles, and many other “going green” strategies are incredibly impactful. There’s one green strategy you may not have considered, though: Employee Scheduling Software.

DeskFlex Room Scheduling Software does what it sounds like: it helps your employees schedule their workspace use. That means commuting employees don’t need their own space—they can schedule their hours ahead of time, and you can determine exactly how much space you really need. Businesses are able to book and reserve office space, hotel rooms, parking spaces, and other spaces in a convenient web-browser based program. Since plan-switching often happens on the fly, Deskflex makes it easy to switch things around. The bottom line is that you can downsize if you need to, or, at the very least, avoid taking up more space.

Too often, companies find themselves reserving huge conference rooms for just a handful of employees. This simply is not cost efficient—there are better ways to utilize an organization’s property. Keeping your building small means keeping costs down and, ultimately, reducing your carbon footprint.

Some other features of DeskFlex

1. Decrease staff scheduling time

2. Eliminate shift conflicts

3. Notify employees of work shifts automatically

4. Avoid human error

5. Produce monthly timesheets


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