Save Money and Gain Employee Flexibility: Desk Hoteling

In the not-too-far past, work was something done almost exclusively at the office or place of business during scheduled hours.

But now, workers spend less and less time in office, using it chiefly to touch base or to interact for short periods with team members. In a traditional office, up to 50 percent of desks, offices, and workstations are unused at any given point on a typical workday.

A 2013 Forrester report showed that “anytime, anywhere workers” in the U.S. and Europe grew from 15 percent to 29 percent of employees between 2011 and 2012. And International Data Corporation (IDC) forecasts that U.S. mobile worker population to surpass 105 million by 2020, which will account for nearly three quarters (72.3%) of the total U.S. workforce.

So how to keep up with the trend? “Hoteling” could be the answer.

Technological development and cost concerns have guided the shifts from traditional office toward flexible work spaces and “hoteling,” where employees reserve publicly shared work space on a need-to-use basis.

The idea is to have offices operating at maximum efficiency, which also best accommodates today’s “anytime, anywhere” workers, who demand flexibility and agility, and no longer operate in a highly centralized and routine manner.

“Gone is the day when a person personalizes a cubicle. In this age of telecommuting, cloud computing and smartphones, hoteling is here to stay,” says Kelly Richmond Pope, PhD., CPA, associate professor, School of Accountancy and MIS at DePaul University in Chicago.

It’s been a growing trend among big companies like IBM, Deloitte and EY for a long time. For large companies, real estate is typically the second largest expense behind payroll.

But with “hoteling,” you can save a ton of money while still gaining employee flexibility.

Deskflex has been offering flexible and innovative software for office hoteling and scheduling of conference rooms, office workspaces, desks, and parking spaces since 1993. It is dedicated to improve the lives of entrepreneurs by providing easy to use, efficient, and performance driven hoteling and call center management software tools.

With its all-in-one Hoteling & Resource Scheduling Software, you’ll get:

1) Quick & Easy check-in; Immediate check-in and checkout each take less than 8 seconds.

2) Point & Click floor maps; Desks that are available are identified by green dots; those are in use are identified by red.

3) PBX interaction; Deskflex connects to your Nortel, Avaya or Cisco PBX to ensure that your phone rings at your desk, and you are automatically checked out overnight if you forget to check out yourself.

4) Web browser and local “Kiosk” access; A Deskflex kiosk(s) makes it easy to select, from your office. A desk near a coworker or in your preferred workspace.

5) Real-time synchronized work station; You can check in real-time reservation status to ensure they have an area to work in. Place to park, and phone or other needed equipment to use.

6) Advance reservations; You can easily choose and reserve workspaces ahead of time for a particular date or range of dates.

7) Group booking & Guest communication; Easily manage group bookings through a streamlined interface and apply group rules to match any billing or payment scenario. Send pre and post stay automated messages to inform and entice your guests.

Occupancy reports; Accurate measures of occupancy in total or by type of desk so the total number or mix of desks can be adjusted to meet client demand. And save more real estate expense in future months.

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