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Strategies Of A Reservation System To Succeed In Social Networks

What techniques should a booking system company use to succeed in social networks? How to catch the attention of customers on these platforms? Is it worth it for a reservation system company to tap social networks to build brand awareness? In this post, we will answer these questions.


Social Networks Saturation

Many people are worried that social networks marketing like Facebook advertising is reaching its saturation point soon. Facebook appears to be losing its youth appeal, with the company admitting for the first time in an earnings call that “we did see a decrease in daily users, specifically among younger tees in the U.S.”  

eMarketer estimated that nearly nine in 10 companies with at least 100 employees will use social networks for marketing activities in 2012. With so many companies using social networks to build brand awareness, gain new customers and keep current ones, how much room is left for growth?


This is where booking engine company may start to wonder whether to continue invest in different social platforms or allocate the budget to other actions. The answer is that social media is still a good investment. As Social Media Today notes, there are around 2.5 billion global internet users, and 1.8 billion of those are on social media. Social media is a good place of customer acquisition, especially in the tourism industry. Using some strategies, and it will be a great tool for your company.

1. The importance of segmentation

There is no doubt that the reservation centers work with a very mixed audience. Agents must be prepared to communicate with clients from different nationalities with different needs. Thus, you cannot send the same messages to all your customers and potential customers on various social networks.


Creating different messages is a good thing to do if you’re going to lead the German public or the Chinese public. Their schedules are different, so do their culinary habits and tastes. You also have to establish a line of communication for each different group of people. Create different Facebook pages in different languages, and make sure the translations are accurate and attractive.


2. Do not sell, talk to your customers

Of course one of the big mistakes in social networks is to think that once you publish a travel deal, your customers will buy it immediately. Social networks are not made ​​to sell, but a way to talk to your customers.


You can try with contents like putting a very nice picture of a place and ask: “Do you know where this place is?” Anything is better than trying to sell the product immediately. As the conversation is established, make sure that your client will have your reservation system in mind when they decide to buy a tour package. It is called the “top of mind awareness”.


3. Choose the right social channels to reach your customers

It doesn’t mean that the more social networks you’re on, the more customers you’ll have. Before you get to work on your booking system, talk to your customers first about which social media channels they use the most, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or some other channels.


4. Varied Content

The amount of words you publish on social networks is limited. So you have to analyze what are the best stuff to post and what is the best time to post it. And you should also take into account the quality of content. A good content would be, for example, 20% about the services you’re offering. And 80% about stuff your customers may be interested in.


5. Controls Interactions

You have to control interactions, which is the number of likes or clicks on each post. At first, you might have to try the strategy of “trial and error” until you find the most appropriate content for your audience.


In short, a well-planned reservation system strategy for your social networking can get good results. Taking advantage of good software, such as DeskFlex Conference Room Booking Systems, can be a great way to solve the problems of your current and future customers.  

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