5 Tips To Have A Perfect Design For Reservation System

The design of the website for your reservation system is very important in a world where people stay online for most of the day. Depending on the product, up to 83% of consumers visit a company’s or service provider’s website before making a purchase. All the efforts and months of planning can be ruined because of the poor design. Thus, the appearance, usability and accessibility of your website are more critical than ever.

You can design your own web if you trust your skills. If you don’t, it would be better if you hire professionals to work on it. But, even if you hire someone, you should keep in mind these important things we listed below:


Less is more


In the world of web design, less is often more. Why are you going to fill the website with icons, pop-ups, badges and banners that are useless and distractive? A clean and well-designed website works the best.


Catch the Client Attention


Leaving blank spaces is a good way to catch the attention of your client. In addition, the proliferation of aesthetic elements, if they are accompanied by plugins and widgets, will make your site slow. 40% of internet users do not expect more than three seconds for a webpage to load.


Analyzes competition


You have to analyze competition. It is what works the best. Do not hesitate to track the websites of your competitors and write down what’s good about their sites. If the leader of your field has chosen a particular design and some certain colors and it works very well, it means something — do not you think?


The Text format is important


You must also ensure that your texts are easy to read. You have to use the appropriate font and the right colors so your customers feel comfortable. Moreover, the text is important also because you’re telling Google what products or services you are selling. The tips to have a clear text are:


1. The colors match

White text on white background is of course not right


2. The body font is right

So your client does not have to squint to read it. It should be neither large nor small.


3. The source is always the same

Do not confuse your customer.


The Design Should be Responsive


Make sure your website is mobile-friendly. It would be commercial suicide if your design was not suitable for responsive mode since more than fifty percent of Internet searches are made ​​via smartphones and tablets.

In a word, the best thing for a design is that it is simple and clear, and has the most important elements at the upper left since when users land on your site, their eye path starts from the upper left corner, and moves on from there. Seek a balance with text is essential, giving information to your readers or customers as well as for Google to know what you’re offering.

Good software, such as the DeskFlex Facility Scheduling Software, has all the above features, and also gives you the possibility of having your website in different languages, customizing each with different content and images. 

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