Hot Desking – Things You Should Know About It

Hot Desking

The concept of hot desking throws the idea of hierarchical office out the cubicle’s window.
In this type of office setting, nobody has a fixed or dedicated workspace. The space, desk and resources are allocated to individuals based on their needs and availability.

Although the idea has received immense popularity in recent times, it’s not new. ‘Hot racking’ was the term used to describe multiple sailors sharing one bunk. This was an efficient way of utilizing resources on ship.
Here are some relevant aspects about hot desking that you should know:


It is Cost-Efficient

As a business, cost-efficiency is of utmost importance to you. Hot desking allows you to use space optimally, reducing overhead costs significantly. Moreover, since each of your employees does not require dedicated resources, the cost per employee will also be reduced.


It Does Not Lead to Distractions

Many people might believe that a changing sea of faces each day might cause distractions. However, that’s not true. Traditional workplaces also have their quiet and crazy moments. The trick is to know when to zone out. For people who really prefer quiet places, hot desking can arrange for that too.


It Saves Time

Interestingly, with hot desking, a manager would not have to be the bad guy. Since timings on  work space and resources are fixed, it will encourage employees to pick up their pace as the next person would be waiting in line. This can significantly reduce the amount of internet browsing and extra breaks.


It Can Lead to Meaningful Interactions between People

With hot desking, employees sit with a new person each day. This means they get to meet and interact with new people.
These interactions can become quite interesting as people from such diverse backgrounds communicate. They can lead to a better work atmosphere and greater innovation.

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