Workspace Management

Workspace reservation software – A must have tool for efficient office management

The gig economy, the sharing economy and the access economy are here to stay. Job sharing, alternate work schedules, part-time work and flex hours are quickly becoming entrenched. As the face of the “traditional” workforce changes, flex workspaces are fast becoming the rule rather than the exception. Permanent workspaces will soon be extinct. 

While scheduling, managing and assigning desks, cubicles and workstations was enough of a challenge in the “old” work world; it’s likely to become even more so in the new paradigm. Workspace scheduling and reservation software can help office managers and facility administrators bring order and efficiency to the process.  

The new workplace paradigm

In the new work-order, staff will likely work sometimes on-premises (in the office). And others off (from home or remotely – from their cottage or vacation place!) premises. Multiple individuals may share Job roles, for example an Account Executive. And so will their offices, desks and cubicles be shared resources.

To make things more complex, one of the Account Executives sharing the role may work from 4:00 AM to 11:00 PM, with another working from the (same) office at 6:00 PM, and working until midnight. And, a part-time Graphics Artist might occupy that same desk from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM.  

As a business owner or HR executive, how do you expect your staff managers to juggle these myriad work schedules, and support staff with the appropriate workspace requirements? A log-sheet at the reception desk just won’t cut it! And online spreadsheets quickly get out of sync – especially if one of the Account Execs has a morning meeting that runs a couple of hours behind schedule!

Implementing a suite of workspace software and software-enabled tools is the only way to manage workspace in the new workplace paradigm.

Workspace scheduling tools

A well-scheduled workplace is an efficient workplace! And DeskFlex provides staff, people managers and facilities administrators all the tools necessary to bring order and efficiency to the scheduling and reservation process:

1) Room and facilities scheduling software make it extremely easy and effective for staff to manage workspace remotely. This relieves managers and supervisors from the burden of chasing down reservations and changing schedules each time individual staff members change their plans. Staff can log-in remotely and make a reservation. And, if their “usual” desk isn’t available, they can search for, and reserve, alternate workspace    

2) And, if you have casual, drop-by visitors and staff that periodically visit the office without pre- scheduled plans, a Lobby Kiosk might be the ideal tool to bring order to room bookings and workspace scheduling. Place the Kiosk at an accessible location. And allow staff and visitors to manage conference room, office and workspace bookings by themselves 

What makes the DeskFlex reservation software suite so powerful, and flexible, is its integration with corporate communication and collaboration systems, like MS Outlook, MS Exchange and Active Directory. Internet-enabled, Wi-Fi ready and multi-browser support, including for Microsoft Internet Explorer. Mozilla Firefox and Safari, extend the capabilities of these tools to a broader set of mobile devices.   

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