Room Reservation Software

Room Reservation Software for Universities

Universities are complex entities with hundreds of independently moving parts. Using available resources efficiently can be a major undertaking for facility managers. Room reservation software provides a customizable interface through which spaces and resources can be cataloged and reserved.  



On any given day of the week, around 51 percent of a university’s classrooms are completely empty. This percentage is standard through a wide majority of higher learning institutions around the country, with some schools reporting even higher percentages of empty classrooms. With reservation software, professors can reserve classrooms that fit their resource and spatial needs. If class size diminishes throughout a semester, professors or administrative staff can relocate a class to a smaller room, allowing larger classes to utilize the space. This maximizes available space and cuts utility costs.


Library Workspace

The systems in place for reserving workspace in a library are often as unsophisticated as a sign-in sheet. Because there are more students than spaces, some students are left without a quiet spot to work and study. Room Reservation Software gives all students an even playing field, by allowing them to reserve desks, study rooms, and computers online, before they arrive.


Equipment Rental

Reservation software can also be customized for reserving equipment, such as cameras, laptops, musical instruments, production hardware, and sports equipment (tennis rackets, golf clubs, basketballs, bicycles, etc.). Administrators can keep track of where the items are, who they are rented to, and if any late fees need to be assessed.


Parking Spaces

Parking can be difficult in any institution with high enrollment, but it is especially a problem in community colleges, where the majority of students commute from home. Because of the lack of on-campus residents and the sheer volume of cars that come through the area each day, parking can be a nightmare. With the option to reserve parking spots, students can park close to where their classes are located. These spaces can be classified by title designation (faculty, staff, maintenance, students).


Recreational Spaces

Racquetball courts, practice fields, and table games can also be reserved with room reservation software. Teams and clubs can make standing reservations, and all students will get an equal chance to reserve spaces; no more monopolization of common recreational areas.

Administrators can set permissions for each type of space or resource.

No matter what your needs are, room reservation software can help your college or university stay efficient, organized, and prosperous. 

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