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Using Assigned Seat Software to Manage Workplace Re-opening

As thousands of institutions start reopening after the COVID-19 shutdown, business owners will face with one stark reality that’ll be here for a while: It won’t be “business as usual” anymore – at least, not for the foreseeable future. There will be new workplace paradigms that require flexibility in where employees sit, which desks their colleagues occupy at the office, and how remote workers schedule and reserve workspace when/if they come into the office for a day.

Implementing intelligence-enabled assigned seat software is an imperative for organizations looking to embrace a more efficient way to plan, manage and monitor workspaces across the organization.

A new way to schedule and assign office space

Following a period of forced work-from-home, 100% of your staff may not return to the desks and cubicles previously assigned to them. Some team members may continue to work remotely, while others may choose to stagger their plans to return to work. Yet others may prefer to use their assigned seats and workstations at the office only occasionally, choosing to telecommute instead. 

In an environment such as this, HR managers and office administrators face with two choices:

a)   Let the status quo prevail, leaving existing desk and seat assignments as they are

b)    Respond to the new workplace seating paradigms and implement flexible seating arrangements across the organization 

Adopting a) could potentially prove risky, as it would ignore new realities such as workplace social distancing. It might even be a costly strategy, because large segments of your workspace might be unoccupied (because of employees still working from home), but you’ll still be servicing that uninhibited space with lighting, heating, cooling and other workplace utilities and amenities.

By using feature-rich workplace management software, business owners can embrace b) instead, and make the office a more flexible, safe and less costly place to run:

  • Unused space can remain temporarily “de-allocated” unless required
  • Actively used desks can be reallocated to employees that want space at the office
  • Cubicles can be spaced and reassigned to comply with social distancing in mind 

State of the art Room Scheduling software ensures that only required office space are brought into play, as and when needed, while remaining in the unused pool while not required. This allows maintenance crews to perform enhanced cleaning and disinfection protocols – another legacy of the post-pandemic back to work paradigm.

Making the right choice By Assigned Seat Software

The key to re-opening workspaces, safely and efficiently, could be in making the right choice for which assigned seat software you choose. The ability to empower employees to schedule, reserve and cancel room bookings remotely, and the option of using these features over mobile devices delivers added flexibility to back-to-work planning.

Take workspace seating and social distancing planning to the next level, by implementing dynamic hoteling and shared workspace features. Integrate the tools with add-on capabilities, including Flex cubes, Social Distance Management Beacons andWorkstation Touchscreens. Implemented as a suite of complementary features. The right workplace seating and desk management tools guarantee that your staff will return to a more secure. Safe and efficient environment.   

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