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Assigned seat software: Managing workplace seating better while social distancing

Social distancing is likely to be the norm in workplaces – at least for the foreseeable future. With partial on-site and partial work-from-home staffing plans in place, making effective use of and managing workspaces will be a challenge for most organizations. Companies must work smart in assigning, reassigning, reserving and releasing limited office space assets, like desks, cubicles and workstations. It can be a facilities managers’ nightmare. 

Socially-enabled assigned seat software may be just the answer you are looking for!


Orderly back to work planning

The signs of the times are that very soon, workplaces will start reopening and staff will be returning to work. However, it’ll never be business as usual – guaranteed. And organizations must start planning for orderly and efficient back-to-work scenarios.

As companies emerge from the lockdown, it’s still likely that some percentage of their workforces will not be working on-site for a while. Staffing managers and HR teams will come up with innovative staffing plans to accommodate the new paradigm. There may even be a rotating from-home/from-office roster implemented, where staff come into the workplace a few days a week, and work from home the rest of the time. 

Whatever the case might be, one thing is clear: Traditional workspace allocations and seating plans will no longer apply!


The only way to make seat assignments (and multiple reassignments!) is by using a feature rich workspace software that brings flexibility to desk, cubicle and workstation management. The DeskFlex FlexCube is one such software-enabled product that can simplify life, for both people and facilities managers, in a post-COVID workplace. 

These innovative cubes, when placed on desks and atop of cubicles, provide color-coded cues on seat assignment and workspace availability. For instance, staff, looking for temporary workspace in the office, can simply park themselves in a space that has a Green-lit FlexCube. A Yellow light indicates the desk or workstation will be available in the next 30-minutes.


The Cube is updated through bookings, cancellations and reallocations by intelligent assigned seat software linked to the corporate MS Exchange or Outlook planners.  Staff can update their seat assignments from home, if required, ensuring they’ll have a desk or workstation reserved for them when they arrive for the day (or however long). 


Preparing for the new reality

And, what is that new reality? It’s a workplace where desks, cubicles, workstations and work pods will no longer be hard-assigned. That’s because permanent spaces will likely be a thing of the past. Flexi seating will be the norm of the day. In a work world where an employee may change desks multiple times during the work day. People managers and staffing logistics planners need help to stay on top of things. And the only way that can bring efficiency and effectiveness to this process, is to use socially-enabled flexible workspace software.   


When supported by feature-rich Workstation Touchscreens, staff and managers can plan and implement functional flex-seating arrangements that works for everyone. The best thing about using seat assignment software and devices. Is that it makes implementing and enforcing social distancing protocols extremely easy.  

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