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5 Perks of Using A Conference Room Booking System Your Company Will Surely Enjoy

The concern for health and safety has become a significant factor of why many businesses had to shut down their operations. For others, it means reducing sales, while it means having to end their income source for some.


Such a situation does not only affect the owner of businesses but includes their employees relying on their jobs to satisfy their needs and their families’. The need to adhere to health protocols caused companies to build and strategize new ways to keep up with the market and continue operations even with little to no office interactions.


Having excellent and reliable workplace software increases daily for many companies in various industries due to the pandemic. Incorporating a conference room management system into the workplaces provides a wide range of benefits for everyone in the workforce.


This article will take you to a plethora of advantages and tools that a conference room reservation software can provide your company and how you can operate it for the best of your business.


Perks of Investing In A Conference Room Management System Your Company Will Enjoy


Time, resources and skilled individuals are essential assets in any organization that must get boosted to achieve their true market worth. Yet, evidence found that they’re often substantially underutilized. In past years, new workplace patterns have arisen to resolve the origin of these inadequacies.


One of the various approaches is hot-desking and hotel reception. Another method would be business process automation. The strategies can get introduced along with a conference room management system built to help your business get the most significant benefit from your most prized assets. Given the services below, they are adequate reasons why your business should have conference room booking software.


  • Overall Space Capacity Optimization


A meeting room management system can demonstrate your meeting rooms’ use and show reservation trends within the work environment. A conference room signage and other necessary data can assess whether your office space is being used efficiently or whether improvements are required.


For instance, you could analyze that a particular office area is less likely used, while some are often favored. To increase the perceived value of underutilized rooms or reorganize them elsewhere, you can do research and see where modifications are needed.


  • Removing Employees’ Time Wasters


It may seem easy enough to schedule and organize a discussion. However, a detailed analysis will disclose that it can take considerable time, particularly given the series of talks being held throughout an organization daily.


A meeting room app may streamline the process of planning a meeting. It frees up more time you typically spend on contacting participants regarding the session, searching for an appropriate area, and reserving the space. Using the app, you may also immediately make a reservation. The system will tell you on any specific day which meeting rooms are available for reservation, the facilities each space has, their capacity, and the time intervals each is ordered for the day.


  • Enhancing the Efficiency of Conferences


You would not like to waste valuable time and effort in discussions than you have to. That is why you would like such meetings to go seamlessly, with as few problems as possible.


In many ways, a conference room management system will help you accomplish this. It supplies you with room details in advance so that you can make the appropriate changes. They can prevent disruptions from individuals looking for a conference room or entering the area by error if you implement meeting room manager tablets.


A meeting room app will also enable you to extend your reservation using your laptop or phone if you would like more hours for your session.


  • Hot Desk and Hoteling Service


Not just in start-up settings, but also in developed companies, hot-desking and hotelling are rapidly growing in popularity. One of these comparatively recent organizational innovations’ main advantages is efficiency on time, space, and resources.


They also support co-worker collaboration and cooperation. In ensuring these workspace structures are successful, technology, such as a meeting room management system, plays a pivotal role.


  • Boosting Convenience for Work Employees


Productive and efficient staff are happy workers. Technology can remove the barriers in planning a conference, setting a meeting, or finding a workspace. It also empowers workers and allows them a degree of independence.


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Conference Room Booking Tools


Over the decades, the workplace environment has grown from traditional to modern to one where desks replaced confined spaces, and then it moved even further to suit open spaces.


Today, it incorporates a versatile workspace whereby rigid workstations are not accessible. Workers have reacted favorably to this demand worldwide, while more and more businesses move to a flexible workplace. As laptops replaced personal computers as the predominant workplace device, this new office idea arose.


In having today’s modern desk work, technology and innovation also play an essential part. This idea entails booking software for conference rooms, which can help use conference rooms and workspaces in a versatile setup effectively.


Office Tools that Support Conference Room Scheduling Software:


  • Customizable hoteling and scheduling solution


For workstations, meeting rooms, desks, parking areas, and facilities, the DeskFlex conference room meeting display provides a flexible and customizable hoteling and reservation solution. Allow our hoteling system to upgrade your business’ versatility and efficiency.


  • Implementation of MS Outlook/MS Exchange


DeskFlex has a conference room scheduling outlook feature that connects with MS Outlook/MS Exchange Integration so that it is possible to view all your business’ reservations and appointments in one location. To make organizing and booking demands easy to manage, DeskFlex also works with Outlook calendars.


  • Meeting room scheduling


Room scheduling and reservation are convenient for office spaces or meeting rooms to book, review, or cancel meeting appointments. The intuitive software design and GUI of DeskFlex’s conference room scheduling software make it a perfect way to minimize businesses’ operating costs. 


  • Office Space Touchpad


The conference room reservation screen for the workspace is developed explicitly for scientific or technological purposes. This feature or tool is mainly tailored to use at any given time by a specific user.


  • FlexCube


An easy and fast approach tailored for work areas on demand – FlexCube demonstrates the availability and accessibility of workspaces. FlexCube solution helps businesses to move from conventional offices to hoteling functions.


Best Practices in using Conference Room Booking Software for Your Company Meetings


With several conference rooms, your company holds several different meetings; in such a case, you likely need to have a reliable program that will help you arrange and book efficiently in these areas.


Without a framework, if there are duplicate reservations or no way to handle postponements, your meeting schedules can collapse into turmoil.


It is also critical that your employees are not ignorant of the correct booking processes. Your company should not only need a framework – it deserves one that functions excellently.


Understanding the best practices of booking systems for conference rooms will help your business find the right approach for your challenges and teach you how to effectively run your conference bookings.


  • Decrease the count of communication back and forth


You end up with uncertainty once you have a conference booking system that allows either multi-channel interaction or persistent back and forth communication between individuals. Your method for scheduling a conference room must be easy and does not require numerous approval levels or multiple communication sessions.


  • Monitor the use of your workspace’s conference room


Are there some spaces that tend to be more common and thus are booked more often? Are spaces always reserved for one hour, but only half of their reserved time is used?


You would be capable of comprehending your meeting rooms better and using them, and may even optimize the rooms and your system in the future if you could somehow monitor these kinds of data in your software.


  • Bridging the distance between the real and the digital world


There is nothing more upsetting than when there appears to be an empty conference room that’s been scheduled for a meeting. It is a waste of your business’ resources.


However, there are ways that your spaces can get maximized. Make it a habit whenever a conference gets always postponed to update and review your calendar.


By doing so, you allow your colleagues to use and access the free room. Using a conference room booking system that works with your scheduling management is highly suggested.


You’re blurring the lines between digital scheduling systems and the physical workplace utilizing a framework for meeting room bookings. In such a way, you maximize the function and potential of your office spaces.




It’s about time to contemplate investing in software or innovation that can help make these success factors possible. You can find that simple software, such as DeskFlex conference room booking solutions, can make all the difference in maximizing the use of your conference room, preventing meeting postponements and double-booked spaces. Therefore, ensuring that the conferences achieve their objectives.

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