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Desks and Rooms Booking Systems for Coworking Spaces and Offices

DeskFlex is a mission-critical cloud-computing software company that provides intelligent business solutions to small, medium, and large organizations. Most organizations that use DeskFlex desk and room scheduling systems are coworking spaces, offices, law firms, educational institutions, financial institutions, and business establishments here and abroad. DesfkFlex room booking software has loads of features such as:


  • Desk booking
  • Meeting room booking
  • 3D floor maps
  • Thermal scanner
  • Mask detection
  • Bluetooth Beacons
  • The FlexCube
  • Lobby Kiosks
  • Interactive TV Screens
  • Contactless room displays
  • Parking management
  • Visitor management
  • Move Management
  • Social Distancing Features
  • Many more


The company continues to innovate its software as they upgrade further after 20 years in the desk and room booking software business. Users can access this software through a downloadable mobile app, web browser access, and intranet company network systems.




Skedda is also known for its online coworking space scheduling and booking software. Sports clubs and other types of enterprises use this software because (according to the reviews) they have fantastic customer service, and the software is super easy to navigate. Skedda’s paid subscription starts at $5/month, and they also have a free option for smaller spaces.


Office RnD


OfficeRnD is a total service software platform that aims to empower coworking space managers. Its tools run a broad spectrum from Customer Relationship Management (CRM), contracts, member billing, scheduling, and reservation rooms. The system allows users to set up specific pricing and cancellation regulations exclusive to your shared space rentals. 




Cobot is the self-service scheduling and reservation calendar software that integrates with the coworking space billing system to charge its members on the usage of the space, and equipment automatically.




Nexudus is a total coworking space management software that is suitable for large spaces.  It has features that allow multiple integrations, current space availability, and report analytics.




Robin is a conference room and flexible desk booking software. It has features like office mapping, digital signage, and on demand booking.  They charge per room and they have a mobile app that users can report issues within conference rooms. They also sport Bluetooth beacon technology to improve room analytics.




YArooms is another conference room booking software that comes with the YArooms Door app that users can download onto a tablet attached to the meeting room door for current availability and reservation.


Meeting Scheduling Apps


Google Calendar


Google Calendar is a great meeting scheduling app that allows users to plan meetings and events. Users can also share the details and changes to other attendees through email, and recipients can access the calendar even if they don’t use Google calendar. Other features of scheduling meetings in Google Calendar include the daily email of the to-do list, you can embed it in your website, and people can create schedule meetings with you.




Vyte is a scheduling app that allows users to see which date is suitable to set the meeting when all employees are available to attend. The user suggests a few meeting schedules, and the app sends them to the group. The software can also sync with everyone’s calendar and finds the time that works for everyone. Vyte is a useful tool for those who are managing lots of schedules.


HubSpot Meetings


Hubspot Meetings is part of the HubSpot Sales Suite that helps users save time in reserving meeting by allowing team members to pick the best time they can attend among the schedules you suggested. It integrates with Office 365 Calendar, HubSpot CRM, and Google Calendar. The greatest strength of HubSpot CRM and Sales Tools can allow users to automate most of your usual daily sales tasks and has a tracking feature to keep it all in your CRM.




Doodle allows users to create meetings without exposing personal calendars to others. Users can use it without creating an account and will enable them to schedule meetings and events with random groups of people.


When Is Good


Like Doodle, When Is Good is an app that allows users to create a meeting schedule with their team members, but the app will not require a login. It is a useful tool to use that can resolve a lot of simple scheduling problem.




Calendly is a scheduling app that allows users to pick the most probable date when everyone has no appointment. It has multiple integrations an can support a large number of users with its vast connections with other software apps.


Visitor management


Event Scheduling Apps




Eventbrite creates fun events and gets the word out to the global level. It is the better tool in getting your event noticed when people search for fun events.


Splash That


Splash That has event planning features that include email marketing, website creation, RSVP collection, and low-fee ticket selling. It considers itself as the total “event experience management software.”




TeamUp allows users to easily create and share a group calendar. They provide severa tiers of pricing suitable for small to large coworking spaces. For small coworking spaces, the basic free version allows you to have unlimited users and up to eight sub-calendars.


Coworking Space Scheduling and Management Software


The desk and room scheduling software apps mentioned above are useful in managing today’s fluid workers that need shared spaces and offices on-the-go. These software solutions make sure that the room and desk booking process are user-friendly and easily accessible for coworking members and guests.


Furthermore, the development of visitor management feature helps coworking spaces and offices to manage their outside guests and visitors that may want to rent a space or desk for a specific period. Learn more about our Visitor Management here.

Thermal Detection

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