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Room Booking Software for a Successful Hybrid School System

It has been more than a year since the world faces the pandemic. Schools and universities have been greatly affected. Students have left no choice but to study at their homes using live video lectures.

In the year 2021, some schools have attempted to conduct limited face-to-face classes. Hence, the school system is adjusting to the current educational state. And some of the universities have shifted from traditional to hybrid school systems.

What is Hybrid School System?

 It is a school system where the students can attend face-to-face and online classes.

During the start of the pandemic, authorities mandated students to conduct their classes at home. The online class sessions became the alternative for traditional face-to-face sessions.

And now that world is at the post-pandemic phase, schools and universities needed to transition safely. Thus, a hybrid school system is the response of most schools that are re-opening.


The Essence of Class Room Booking System on Hybrid Schools

A new school system demands an innovative solution. As a hybrid system becomes a thing, class room booking software also becomes essential to maintain the CDC protocols. It is an innovative method that can cater to a productive hybrid school system.

Classroom booking system allows the teachers and students to select a time slot and a room for a class. It helps the space management and equipment utilization in a school with the said setup.

Here is how a classroom booking system works for a hybrid school system.


Promotes flexible scheduling for classes

The room scheduler software will allow the teacher to schedule a class depending on when they will meet. Thus, this scheduling can also enable and inform other sections about when is a specific room available.

Also, this flexible scheduling allows classes to alternate their school schedule depending on their class advisor.


Facilitates capacity limit in every facility

Since the hybrid school system focuses on reducing the class size, the room booking system features a capacity limit. This feature enables the educator to monitor and limit the number of students. They can customize the number of desks per room depending on the desired capacity.

Besides the classrooms, this is also applicable to the other school premises. In the libraries, the librarian can set how many students and school faculty members can only enter.

Since it is customizable, the room facilitator can arrange a time frame for every visitor. In the case of school gatherings or activities, the organizer can also limit the capacity of participants.

Manages class room and equipment utilization

Since there is a limit for the number of students per classroom, the rooms will not be fully occupied, unlike the usual class setup. There, effective space management in utilizing every room is a need.

The room schedule can be the assistance of the school faculty in how they will manage their class schedules. It will also help to indicate when a room is free or a vacant seat for other students who want to sit in another class.

As for the equipment, the faculty can make a systematized reservation for every user with the help of scheduling.

Successful Hybrid School System

Incorporates with automated conference room signage

Another thing is the room booking system goes with conference room display. These are the displayed monitor outside each room that shows if the space is fully occupied or not.

It also shows the scheduled time on the usage of the room. And it also has a particular signal if the space is available, in-use, or 15 minutes until its availability.

This feature depends on the room booking software. Some conference room displays can be customizable. Thus, the school can still decide on what information is present on it.

Integrates a systematic visitor management

As some schools expect visitors to come in and out despite the post-pandemic status, room schedules can help the school accommodate them. The school can use it for booking schedules for business matters that need a face-to-face procedure like submitting or claiming confidential documents.

Also, the school can still allow shared spaces or campus facilities rental to generate. The school can still rent out its shared areas and other on-campus facilities to outsiders by just booking.

The room booking system goes along with visitor management software that can allow guests and visitors to reserve a meeting room, a conference area, an activity venue, or rent some equipment.

Effective contact tracing for everyone

Since room scheduling software allows everyone to check in and check out and stores the data in one place, it is easy to trace if anyone has contacted a COVID patient.

It keeps a record of every users’ logged-in activity in each day and a specific area. And in case an outbreak happens, the software administration can retrieve the data for the school. The stored data will display the users that logged in at the time of contact with the infected person.

 Detects body temperature and no-mask user

Some room booking software can detect body temperature and anyone who is not wearing a mask. It has a thermal scanner and mask detection that will notify the system. It also counteracts individuals entering the campus if detected. With it, students, teachers, and other school personnel prevent the spread of the virus on the school premises.

Automates desk and classroom sanitation

Since most classes take a couple of hours, another student block may occupy it subsequently. But there’s a need for sanitation in between classes which may take time. But with desk booking software, the cleaning schedule is programmed alerting the building manager of the cleaning schedules.

The software features automated room sanitation, allowing the cleaning crew to perform even before the next section holds their class. It is also applicable to other school spaces and school equipment that needs scheduling for sanitation.

Therefore, a post-pandemic school setup can be more productive with the room booking system — a systematized environment for the students and school faculty in response to COVID-19. And this is possible with the right room scheduling software to support a prosperous hybrid school system.

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