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Room Manager 365: A Guide to Boost Room Management

Enterprises, governments, institutions, and healthcare can all benefit from an effective room management system. It allows a coherent flow and process of guests and employees entering and leaving your facilities.


Over the years, industries have integrated modernized tools to boost their strategies towards their management. With the help of existing room management tools like Room Manager 365, you can leverage your resources and use one of the top-of-the-line system software.


How vital is efficient room management in modern workplaces?

The modernizing work setup of workplaces today makes these room management systems highly essential. For instance, Room Manager 365 can help you and your employees work flexibly without hassle through its booking feature.


Nowadays, companies can opt whether they go full-time on-site, hybrid, or remote work setup, and with hybrid and remote, efficient room management is essential to keep things in order. You can ensure the following factors in a modern workplace that entails an efficient system, including but not limited to:


#1. Effective Space Allocation and Utilization

Imagine having a co-working space business, and clients may visit your place and leave without smiles if they arrive from far places and need an available space. A meeting room management software allows you to:


  • Check available rooms and desks for availability.
  • Book an appointment before your visit.
  • Specify your date and time of use.
  • Schedule a reservation through the application.


Room Manager 365 is effective for industries wherein employees can schedule when and where they want to work in their respective offices. They can book appointments as a team and have shifting schedules with their co-employees. Companies no longer have to worry about anyone using their spaces as they can monitor which areas, rooms, and desks are usually occupied.


#2. Enrich Employee Productivity

Proper room management allows employees to work in an atmosphere without interruptions and distractions. The ability to quickly locate and reserve suitable areas for different types of work will enable employees to be more efficient and productive.

Employees who feel comfortable in their work area tend to have more focus. Their creativity will foster their will to work positively and end their day with confidence because they get to work in a positive working environment.


#3. Foster Collaborative Effort

Ensuring that no one gets left behind in your team when you book appointments makes it much easier with meeting room management software. You can integrate more tools like the MS Calendar to ensure everyone gets notified of your appointment. Having a designated room for collaboration improves brainstorming.


#4. Efficient Time Management

The existence of applications you can install on any Android and IOS devices makes scheduling software worth it. It boosts time efficiency since you only need to log in to its online system and schedule your reservations on your desired rooms and desks. Apart from that, you’ll also get to see the availability and occupancy of the offices. As a result, employees and even guests no longer have to physically go to the site to check if they can book an appointment.


#5. Adherence to Safety and Security

An organized room management system promotes a safe workplace by following occupancy limitations and safety rules. Apart from Room Manager 365, one of the top scheduling software in the market today is DeskFlex, which has extensive features. In this case, you can utilize features such as:


  • The system incorporates a social distancing feature.
  • The administrator can monitor health precautions like vaccine management.
  • A thermal detection feature is available on the system.
  • It makes tracking visitor check-in and check-out easy.


Ever since COVID-19 took place, industries have become stricter about adhering to the safety and security of their companies. Hence, having an effective room management system in today’s workplace is necessary to ensure a safe and positive working environment.


How do I manage meeting rooms in Office 365?

Managing meeting rooms may depend on the software you have. For instance, for a room manager 356 or Office 365, you can do the following:


  • Log into your office on the web portal.
  • Click on Admin to have full access.
  • Go to rooms and equipment.
  • Create meeting rooms.
  • Organize your meeting rooms in one section.
  • Manage with ease through monitoring and tracking.


You do not have to fret about managing your meeting rooms because you will see everything on your software website. You can also keep track of your bookings since having tool integrations like Room Manager 365 boosts task management and workflow in one place.


How do I enable room finder in Office 365?

Regarding Office 365 room finder, you can note the following steps:


  • Go to the meeting tab.
  • Click on “Room Finder” next to the location field.


You can also click on Scheduling Assistant, and below, you will see a “Room Finder” button to show all the rooms you can find. If you cannot see the Room Finder in Office 365, The administrator will probably have to use Exchange Online PowerShell to make a room list and add existing rooms.


How can you optimize user experience for a room management system?

The benefits of meeting room management software are limitless because technology is continuously innovating. However, check the user experience of the software to ensure it is simple and fit for its users. You have to ensure that before you integrate any tool, you take note of your needs on the following:


#1. You should tailor-fit your software to what your users need.

Your software will depend on the industry that you are in, and you need to ensure that you have a feature that your users can utilize to its fullest extent. In this case, you have to plan out your target audience.


For instance, if you want scheduling and booking software for hoteling, ensuring that your users will understand how it works and can use the software as a one-stop shop is essential. You can include the factors on scheduling and booking reservations for the following:


  • Roms (conferences, function hall, dining hall, etc.)
  • Equipment (standee, whiteboard, speakers, projectors, etc.)
  • Desks (solo and shared)
  • Offices
  • Amenities,
  • And more.


#2. The navigation of room management software must be user-friendly.

Complex navigations will never be practical for any software, especially if you think about your users; some might not be as tech-savvy as others. With that in mind, you must seek a software provider that is simple enough for your navigations, no matter how long your list of necessary tools and integrations is. For instance, DeskFlex, as one of the top scheduling and booking software tools, can even have a 3D floor map of an entire location. People can visualize where they would want to stay for their shift, making it easier to navigate online.


#3. Ensure that the software has a mobile accessibility feature.

Keep in mind that some software is only accessible through the web and does not have any extended features. That’s why a downloadable application for your booking system is much better since users can schedule their reservations anywhere. Having this type of system allows you to use the benefits of a room management system to its potential. If not, you can also ensure that its system interface is flexible and responsive to any screen size to access on any mobile device.


#4. Personalize the software to what your company offers.

Feel free to ask your software provider how to add personal touches to your room management software. You can incorporate add-ons that are special to your company and even use cookies to check how you can leverage what your users usually want from your services. You can provide rewards to create a sense of trust towards your employees, clients, and visitors. You should also get a software provider to do all these to ensure optimum software.


#5. Take measures on improvements over time.

Constantly seek out user and client input to enhance your booking system interface through testing and improvement. You must solicit and keep track of user and customer feedback. You can accomplish this by utilizing contact forms, reviews, or surveys and then using the results to pinpoint and resolve any interface flaws with your booking system.


How can you ensure a system like Room Manager 365 is safe from data breaches?

Addressing data breaches necessitates a thorough strategy for cybersecurity. Here are some recommendations for improving the safety of your room management system:


  • Encrypt all data from client-server connection to the storage of sensitive data on servers.
  • Controlled access is essential to protecting sensitive information and system features.
  • Use robust authentication mechanisms like multi-factor authentication (MFA) to confirm user identities.
  • Always look for security holes in your system by regularly conducting vulnerability inspections and audits.


Regularly apply all available security fixes to all software components, including operating systems, databases, and application servers. It is critical to inform staff about security best practices, the significance of protecting sensitive data, and the dangers of social engineering assaults.


The Takeaway

Modern workplaces rely heavily on effective room management systems since these systems directly impact productivity, cooperation, employee happiness, and the overall performance of a company. Boosting your room management system makes you thrive in this modern world.

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