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10 Non-Negotiable Software App Features That You Should Look For in Desk Booking Solutions

Technological advancements made it possible for office automation and digitalization. One of the essential software programs ever developed is desk booking solutions. Through this office space management system, businesses can efficiently provide satisfactory services and superb products. It can help the business expand locally and globally, reaching new markets while maintaining a loyal local customer base. However, operating the business in the ‘new normal’ poses another challenge in keeping the clients and employees safe from the ongoing pandemic.


The COVID Aftermath


Organizations are slowly picking up where they left off when governments ordered lockdowns and cessation of non-essential economic activities. Six months down the line, the economy took a deep dive creating a near-recession situation. To revamp the economy, companies devised a return-to-work plan that included COVID-compliant health and safety desk booking solutions in the workplace.

Some companies had already implemented the room booking management software in their offices years before the pandemic happened. They applied the concept of teleworking in the early 1990s when very few companies believed in work-from-home ideas. They partnered with software development tech companies to help them automate their teleworking office set up.

If your company is new to the idea of a desk booking system and considering to sign up with a meeting room booking system project software, here are the top non-negotiable features that your desk booking software must provide:


#1: Customize Desk Booking System Interface


Your company must maintain consistency with your brand appeal from your website design to your mobile application user interface. A reliable meeting room scheduler open source will allow customization according to your company’s needs and requirements. Keeping a consistent design of the booking interface with your brand’s logo and imagery will build your customers’ and employees’ trust when using the desk booking system.


#2: User-Friendly Interface


Not everyone in the office has the same level of experience in using technology, so it is vital to choose an online room booking system that is easy to understand and navigate. Your team members must use the room booking calendar software while on the go when the need arises. Thus, it is essential to choose a responsive, intuitive, and easy to use application with an office 365 booking system.

The user-friendly interface must include easy integration of existing company programs, calendars, and other software productivity apps. Some appointment apps automate migrating calendars such as Google, Outlook, Active Directory, Okta, and Zapier. Your team members must be able to create new appointments, edit, cancel, or rebook reservations in one easy meeting room booking system outlook interface.

When team members use a meeting room booking system integrated with office 365, it streamlines their office tasks. It is easier to introduce new technology when integrated with what team members are already comfortable using.


#3: Provide High Definition Images of the Office Spaces


The best online room booking system can provide high definition images of the office floor plan. If the tech company can provide a 3D image of the workplace, users can easily reserve workstations by hovering or clicking the image and create reservations right there. Some tech providers place color-coded dots on the bookable spaces to display the desk’s availability. Using the meeting room kiosk, users can also access high definition images of the floor plan and make workstation reservations on the kiosk.


#4: Send Automated Notifications


An appointment booking app must send automated notifications to avoid miscommunication. Users should receive email and text notifications containing the booking details when the reservation is confirmed. Another useful feature is the text and email reminder a couple of hours before checking in to the reserved workstation.

A conference room booking system will also send notification email and SMS messages to team members when they are part of a meeting room booking.

Email and text notifications from the outlook appointment booking system will significantly reduce no shows and increase worker productivity.


#5: Generate Reports and Analytics


The modern world runs on information technology. Data collected by the desk booking solutions can provide pertinent information on users’ behavior, movement, and office activity. Administrators can choose which reports they want to generate.

A room booking software open source that can generate reports on reservations, no-shows, cancellations, rebooking, particular days of the week, office spaces, equipment, etc. could give the company valuable insights on company space utilization. As the office manager, you can send automated reports to different department heads to help implement workplace changes. It provides accurate information to help business leaders identify strengths, weaknesses, and other areas for improvement.


#6 Compatible to All Devices


The majority of people access everything, including meeting room management software outlook, using their handheld devices. It is critical for a desk booking system free to provide mobile apps format compatible with all devices. It should include compatibility with Android and iOS systems, various sizes and types of laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. More people are heavily relying on their mobile devices to perform daily activities and business transactions. Hence, your choice of office technology must be a meeting room booking system Android and Apple compatible.


#7 Show Real-Time Availability, Booking, and Confirmation


Meeting availability software must display actual and real-time office space availability. Knowing what spaces are available for booking reduces the possibility of overbooking, lost reservations, and conflict among team members. It also helps users create desk reservations directly on the floor plan map to choose their desired workstation.

A reliable desk booking software must send notifications and SMS messages to users right after confirmation of the reservation and a couple of hours before the time of booking. Besides, a meeting room booking display screen will let users know the room’s availability when they look at the display screen.

Software programs must also automate team meetings and collaborations. Most companies use apps and software that allow people to share projects in real-time status. The best meeting room booking app can allow planning team meetings and collaboration seamlessly. It saves time and effort as the manager and prevents meeting room scheduling problems among team members. Being able to schedule a meeting when everyone is available cuts down the time and effort it takes to organize collaborative work.


#8 Provide Multi-lingual Access


Thanks to the internet, businesses can expand their reach and explore new markets beyond their countries’ borders. If you aim to grow your business globally, you should consider choosing a multi-lingual desk booking solutions.

Hotel and restaurant companies can benefit from using a multi-lingual desk booking system to accommodate their international clients. There are about 8 billion people, but only 400 million of them understand English. Positioning your business in the front gate of global expansion through multiple languages will open doors to endless opportunities worldwide.


#9 Secure Payment Options


The number of coworking space rentals are increasing. Freelance professionals, lawyers, consultants, accountants, and salespeople spend more time working in coworking spaces while working on the go.  Thus, you must choose a customizable best meeting room booking software that can help coworking businesses allow their customers to book in advance online and pay for their desks securely through the same interface.

Go for a desk booking system that integrates with the best payment gateways because most online transactions involve sensitive credit card details from your customers. Simplifying things for your coworking space customers creates convenience both for the business owner and the clients.


#10 Ensure Workplace Health and Safety Practices


Coronavirus pandemic changed the way people work and live. As organizations start to resume their usual activities and operations, reopening the workplace in the pandemic era requires health and safety protocols and strategic plans in place.

The desk booking software that has COVID-compliant features is the best choice and beneficial for every organization. COVID-compliant software features include automatic desk sanitation, mask detection, thermal scanner, dynamic scheduling, visitor management, contact tracing, and social distancing. These software features can help secure the workplace from Coronavirus contamination.


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Using Desk Booking Solutions Saves Time and Money


Investing in a desk booking software system simplifies your business and the workplace. It saves time and money by allowing your customers and team members to access the app and independently create, cancel, and modify reservations at their discretion. Planning team meetings, conferences, and events become more accessible and more organized. The exchange meeting room booking system makes it convenient for scheduling team member shifts, desk sanitation, and deep office cleaning.

Industries in education, healthcare, business, finance, law, government, and private enterprises can use an office space scheduling app to reduce paperwork and business processes. Your employees and customer will appreciate being able to access the system to book, modify, or cancel a reservation at a convenient time. It can significantly reduce underutilized resources, assets, and facilities in the workplace.

Not all online desk booking system apps have the same features and functions. There are various software providers with different price points delpending on the software app you choose. If you are still unsure whether a desk booking software is right for your company, a great booking software app must provide a meeting room booking app free trial for a period. You must have first-hand experience or test-drive in navigating the app before signing that contract. Make sure that you do your research to determine which features are non-negotiable for your organization.

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