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Everything You Need to Know About Activity-Based Working

Employers can promote increased productivity through a number of ways, such as remote working. It allows employees to get things done without physically going to their designated offices. Employees can work where they are comfortable and in their most desired timeframe.

With an in-depth creation of methods and a touch of technology, such as having a visitor management plan, you can seamlessly keep your employees in touch. While being a remote worker sounds fantastic due to the amount of control you can have, there are also drawbacks that companies need to account for if they wish to have remote workers. Your employees may need more time in the office together and, in return, need more foundation for a positive workplace.

Keeping Your Remote Workers In The Loop: The Quick Tips

Employee engagement refers to the extent workers are invested in, enthusiastic about, and loyal to their employer. Remote employee engagement, in this context, refers to the level to which workers who are not physically present at the office feel a part of the team, invested in their work, and committed to the company’s success. With the correct visitor management system, you can encourage remote employees to interact while following strict safety standards of visitor management during this pandemic.

Tip 1: Hold online get-togethers and chats in a virtual space.

Video calls, IM, email, and web conferencing are common ways distributed teams stay in touch. A voice or video conferencing call can do wonders for fostering teamwork when everyone is on the clock at the same time. Skype, WhatsApp, Slack, and Trello are examples of the abundance of communication and collaboration options available.

It is also helpful to schedule virtual meetings for casual discussions outside work. There’s always something pressing to talk about at work, but only some meetings must be fraught with tension. The best way to keep your employees feeling like they are essential to the team is to schedule regular team-building activities, such as work outings or relaxing video calls.

Tip 2: Schedule corresponding office visits.

For companies with a physical office but still allow remote workers, you can schedule office visits from time to time so that employees will have a designated date to meet at their office. A visitor tracking system can help monitor if your employees have been visiting and who is present often. You can also manage their safety since having a web-based visitor management system allows you to track your employees and whoever comes in and out of the office, which also contributes to monitoring the safety of your remote workers.

Tip 3: Show appreciation for your staff’s efforts.

Remote workers may not feel like they contribute to the team’s success. So, recognizing and rewarding employees is one approach. Regular acknowledgment from peers and supervisors makes employees feel connected, appreciated, and valued. A web-based sign-in system lets team members see, comment, and chat in real-time.

Tip 4: Indicating your interest in your staff will go a long way.

Establish genuine connections with your remote workers and encourage them to strike a work-life balance. Setting reasonable limits on their time spent on tasks, assignments, and the expected output shows respect for their time and effort. Don’t forget to have meaningful conversations with them about the following:

  • Relationships with loved ones and individual interests
  • Their emotional and physical wellbeing
  • Talk about preventing burnout, workload management, etc.
  • Aspects of life apart from the office

An effective manager will stimulate growth and make it easier to complete these tasks. They’ll steer the group toward cohesiveness without alienating anyone. If you also want to keep them safe when visiting their central offices, there is a free visitor management system that you can try to see whether it fits your wants for software to keep them safe and monitored. The advantages of a visitor management system include making your employees feel valued in ensuring they are safe in their workplace.

Tip 5: Provide your staff with the resources they need.

The key to increasing employee engagement and productivity is ensuring they are self-assured and have the resources needed to accomplish their best work from any location. Whether fresh out of college or seasoned pros, your remote staff needs the right resources and instruction to succeed. These facilities and services are for more than just meeting hardware and equipment requirements like laptops and business cell phones. These can include mainly if your company’s headquarters is located distant from their hometown.

Making them feel at ease at work has dual benefits: it increases their productivity and helps them bond with their coworkers. Feel free to think beyond the box and support their development. For instance, to ensure they continue adhering to safety protocols, you can keep a visitor registration app for iPads, laptops, and even mobile phones accessible anywhere. If an employee needs access to a home office, you may wish to pay for shared office space, which you can track using visitor management software.

Tip 6: Exercise adaptability.

Remote work allows for greater freedom of schedule and location. Allow your employees some leeway in their working methods outside mandatory group meetings and other collaborative sessions. Believe in them to carry out your wishes. Manager-employee trust is a cornerstone of a productive work environment. There will be a better work-life balance since workers can establish a routine that works for them.

The Bottom Line

Salary is only one of many ways to keep your remote staff interested and engaged. Additionally, integrate a visitor management system that permits thorough safety monitoring for your remote workers as they create rapport in visiting central offices. Through this, your remote workers can value their coworker relationships, providing a positive

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