Office Interior Design

Why Is Your Office Interior Design Important?

Salary compensation is no longer the sole reason why today’s workers seek employment in a specific company. Top job candidates demand a workplace that sparks creativity, ignites team collaboration, promotes communication, and reduces anxiety and stress in the office. 

Aside from the preferred social aspects of a workplace, top employees will also consider the physical office’s design and outlay, including its interior designs. A well-structured and well-designed workplace allows people to focus, collaborate, concentrate, and communicate as needed. You will also want to design a mentally and physically comfortable workplace so that your employees can perform at their best. Modern offices attempt to achieve a balance between productivity and aesthetics.

The Agile Workspace

The flexible or agile workplace is the hottest trend in the workplace today. More and more employees are opting for flexibility in their schedules and choice of office space. Agile workspaces use a facility scheduling system to help office managers design their offices. Flexible workspaces may have an open office plan or easily movable or convertible desks, tables, and chairs.

The Seating Arrangements

Some flexible workspaces implement desk sharing or unassigned seating arrangements. Desk sharing is a form of a facility scheduling system that allows employees to reserve the desk, workstation, and meeting room ahead of time. Using reservation programs, an employee can utilize meeting booking software for scheduling in-demand spaces and the necessary equipment that comes with it. 

For example, an employee wants to reserve a desk near the window; he/she can access the facility scheduling system through a mobile app or network integrations to make a booking. The program will assign a power supply and telephone unit to the confirmed reservation. Similarly, when teams need to book the meeting room, the designated employee can access the meeting booking software and place a reservation, invite to other members, and the appropriate equipment for the session.

DeskFlex Meeting Room Booking Software

DeskFlex meeting booking software is the pioneer in providing desk hoteling software solutions for over two decades. The desk sharing software allows users to find an available office space when he/she reports working in the office. The reservation programs software is suitable for agile workers, such as sales, marketing, and consulting. 

In today’s open office layout, DeskFlex meeting booking software serves more organizations as they transition back to the office after the Coronavirus pandemic. DeskFlex facility scheduling system has anti-COVID measures to help in social distancing protocols.

Why is your office design important?

Your office layout will significantly help your employees when stimulating brilliant ideas that can help in the company’s progress. With Flex desk sharing software, you can benefit from lower real estate and overhead costs while keeping your employees engaged at work. 

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