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Transform Your Contact Center into a Revenue Generating Center

The customer contact center is evolving. Normal customer service centers are beginning to function as revenue generating centers, too. It makes sense: turning a service call into a sales call is an effective way to generate more income.


Research has found that more than 70 percent of buyers seek expert advice before making a major purchase. The call center agent has the full attention of the customer during a service call, and as a result can often end up turning a concerned customer into a sale. 


Changing Your Recruitment Strategy

Hire Customer Service employees who are strong performers with good interpersonal skills. Call center agents should be able to manage a variety of situations and personalities easily. They should be able to locate answers to questions as they identify critical issues. Finding the best candidates makes a big difference in effectiveness, but also in worker satisfaction. People like to be good at what they do.


Training New Agents Well

Training must become a priority. As you train agents in effective customer service, consider teaching them some sales techniques. Have them find the balance between helping a customer and leading them to interest in a buy. For example: they can resolve a customer concern by pitching a new product that avoids it altogether. Your contact center agent should know how to present a new product or service without compromising the support element of the call. This can be challenging, but the time training takes is worth it.


Focus on Prioritizing and Scheduling

Scheduling allows you to utilize your workers to their maximum potential. For example: you could assigning your best agents to the times you have the highest volume of calls. You could put your friendliest workers on call at period where you notice a trendy of increased grumpiness. 


Call center software gives you the ability to forecast peak sales times and schedule agents accordingly. Planning and scheduling help you to handle customer inquiries effectively and quickly, and can enhance sales.


Integrating Customer Contact with Platforms

Try integrating call center processes with your website and social media pages so customers feel your company is accessible. Social media is a great way to improve online customer relationships. When customers are able to contact your business easily and see the products your offer, they are more likely to make feel confident in their decision to buy.

Your call center can massively increase revenue if you take the time to implement these methods.  

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