Workspace Management

DeskFlex Workspace Management Solution: Align Your Workforce​

Facility scheduling software and call center software are very efficient for managing limited workspaces. They ideally manage the employee workability and cost efficiency, while providing every employee with workspace and necessary facilities.


DeskFlex workspace management solution aligns your workforce with available workspaces using the cloud. If you are installing an office scheduling software or simply need to maximize available workspaces with hot-desking and meeting room reservation software, the key is proper execution and management.


DeskFlex collects real-time data, improves space utilization based on your unique workforce, and shares real estate strategy.

Does your workforce consist of agents who work chiefly from home? If yes, then DeskFlex Hoteling & Resource scheduling Software is very beneficial to you because it manages your limited resources and workspaces very efficiently. It also maximizes available workspaces, creates a joint in-office environment and minimizes empty desks and conference rooms.


If you have workers who come into the office mainly to team up with co-workers and clients then DeskFlex gives them the flexibility to use shared workspaces without compromising productivity. Our workspace management software makes conference room, hotel room and desk reservations simple.


Technology drives the success of any workspace management software. DeskFlex users can quickly locate and reserve meeting rooms, conference rooms or hotel rooms and other shared workspaces. It also provides the ability to search employees and staff schedules. It is very user-friendly even users with little knowledge of technology can adapt quickly to the intuitive interface. DeskFlex is cloud-based and integrates with Microsoft Outlook.


 Actual Benefits

Align your workforce with DeskFlex Hoteling & Resource scheduling Software and realize immediate benefits.

  • It reduces your real estate overhead cost
  • DeskFlex accommodates mobile workforce & sales force
  • It decreases the energy consumption
  • DeskFlex increases work efficiency and satisfaction  
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