Using Desk Hoteling to Save Space

Nowadays, scheduling is one of the major problems for multi-story organizations. For years, we used old methods like organization charts to manage rooms and workspaces. It was expensive and time-consuming. These old methods meant a lot of work for employees who could have been off doing something more important. Luckily, we live in the 21st century and have access to modern software.

DeskFlex Room Scheduling Software is the best solution for managing multi-story buildings. It isn’t limited to large buildings though: small organizations can also this software to utilize their workspaces more efficiently.


What is Desk Hoteling?


DeskFlex Room Scheduling Software reduces wasted space in office buildings. With modern telecommuting becoming more prominent, DeskFlex assures that you save money by fully utilizing the space you have available. The primary use of the software is room/workspace management. It assists in making better decisions about who sits where and for how long.


Desk Hoteling Saves Money


When you set up with DeskFlex Room Scheduling Software, the program will be hosted on our servers. It is easily run through any web browser, so you don’t have to worry about setting up a separate application. Upgrades and backups are performed automatically from the back-end. This means no time wasted on in-application tech support. Our advanced online room scheduling system has the ability to automatically create and update your scheduling calendar. This means less work for you and your employees. Less time means less money spent.


How DeskFlex Works


We install occupancy and vacancy sensors in order to monitor desk/workspace use without using cameras. Using minor motion detection, the system can monitor each desk or workspace and determine which desks are currently occupied. The sensors monitor the physical space while keeping the information nameless; your employees don’t have to worry about Big Brother watching. By monitoring the desk /workspace usage, DeskFlex can create a visual display of all the available desks. By logging on their device of choice, commuting employees can see which desks are available before they come in and reserve the ones they would like. Management can also assign employees to specific desks as they see fit.

Thermal Detection

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