Why Hot-Desking is Here to Stay

Remote workers and telecommuters are common in a variety of industries. These employees are given the flexibility to work from wherever they are comfortable, in different cities, time-zones, and continents. 


But how does this impact the company’s culture? It is no secret that working in tandem with your peers to accomplish a task is highly rewarding and boosts morale and overall well-being. Does having too many out-of-office employees promote a negative workplace culture?


The fact is that despite the rise in telecommuters, many tasks still need multiple brains in one room to get the job done. But this is a catch-22 for employers, who aim to cut costs by doing away with traditional office space.


Hot-desking can be seen as the solution to this conflict. By maximizing office space through desk-sharing, employees can choose to come to the office and work side-by-side with their colleagues in an intellectually charged environment.

With the money they save from hot-desking, companies can choose to upgrade their facilities and modernize their workspace, making employees feel valued and welcomed.


How Employees are affected

The financial benefits hot-desking has for businesses means that it is likely here to stay. But what about the employees? Does sharing desks have any benefit for them?

A common constraint among employees who frequent hot-desking offices is that they wake up early, get ready for the day, and endure a grueling commute, only to find that all the workspaces are taken. This first-come-first-serve mentality can be unhealthy, and there is evidence that it reduces employee morale.


Hot desking software allows employees to view available desks. And reserve them ahead of time, giving them a guaranteed work space for the day. Being able to make a reservation gives employees peace of mind, while allowing them to sit in a location they prefer. Whether that’s near a window, close to the bathroom, next to the exit, or side-by-side with close colleagues.


With hot-desking, offices are no longer segmented and divided. Departments are scattered across the space, and employees are given the opportunity to work with people in many disciplines from all walks of life. Work in accounting but want to make the jump to finance? Sit with someone from the finance department. Watch how they work, and better yourself. With hot-desking, there is no limit to the amount of knowledge you can gain.

The future of hot-desking is likely bright, as long as companies put their employees’ well-being first. 

Find out if hot desking App would be a good fit for your company. 

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