Company Culture

Room Booking Software and Company Culture

Company culture. It’s a phrase that has always been on the minds of entrepreneurial thought-leaders but has entered the lexicon of Corporate America in the last two decades.


Why is company culture so influential?

There is evidence that a unified culture makes employees feel validated and satisfied. This can translate to high productivity, low team member turnover, and more profit overall. But this culture is generally implemented through meaningful interaction, team building exercises/retreats, and working together, side-by-side. What about telecommuters?

Many companies have opted to employ remote workers for the financial benefits. But some workers have limited face-to-face communication with their colleagues, save for video calls and chats. This lack of physical interaction is directly related to what the University of Texas calls a lack of  “Perceived Respect,” because the team member receives minimal positive feedback. With little connection to their coworkers or superiors, these workers sometimes have low motivation and stunted career growth.


Room Booking Software is a possible solution to this issue.

With room booking software, remote workers can come into the office often and engage with colleagues in a stimulating environment. This allows them to become attuned to the company’s mission and values while making themselves known and heard.

Companies can scale down office space and reap the financial benefits, while telecommuters can have more meaningful relationships with their coworkers. 

Offices that utilize hoteling may see an uptick in productivity because hoteling encourages an open and collaborative environment. Employees can sit near whomever they wish and move around throughout the day if they choose to. This keeps energy levels high while increasing the casual interactions employees can have. It is these interactions that facilitate creativity and helps cultivate an innovative workplace.

A fruitful culture is a measurement of success for many modern companies. Room booking software may be the best way to reinforce this culture. 

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