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The Co-Working Office Space – How It Became a Trend and What Its Advantages Are

The design of modern workplaces is becoming more and more efficiency-driven. From Jay Chiat’s ‘college campus design’ in which employees would come to take necessary stuff from their places and work from anywhere in the building to Steve Jobs’ Pixar campus, many experiments with the design of office spaces have been carried out.


In today’s context, traditional workplace designs might not be the most efficient one. With more and more of today’s workforce telecommuting and shifting between jobs, the idea of sharing work spaces has emerged.

The shared workspace portrays a sort of cultural shift. It implies that different characters from different fields of interest will be sitting together and collaborating.    

Let’s take a look at some advantages of co-working office spaces


They Offer Networking Opportunities and Help Form a Dynamic Ecosystem

One of the most beneficial characteristics of a shared office space is that employees get to network with people from completely different backgrounds and disciplines.

This creates an incredible ecosystem which inherently encourages sharing of ideas. For instance, a new accounting graduate might be able to learn the tricks of the trade from a seasoned investment banker.


Employees Working in Co-Working Office Environment Thrive More

According to Harvard Business Review, it has been found that employees working in co-working spaces tend to thrive more. In fact on average, their rate of thriving was 6 on a 7-point scale. When compared with traditional workplaces, this is one point higher. 


They Are Great for Startups

New enterprises are always looking for cost-effective solutions to get their projects up and running. With shared co-working spaces, they can have access to resources such as kitchen, conference rooms, etc. at relatively inexpensive rates.


They Encourage Innovation

When people from such diverse backgrounds work together and collaborate, innovation is bound to happen. According to Harvard Business Review, it found that entrepreneurs who went beyond familiar acquaintances to including more loosely-connected group of individuals experienced incredible innovation in their workplaces.


They Provide Companies Access to Talent

Again, people from different fields might be able to solve each other problems, working in a shared space. For instance, a graphic designer might be sitting close to an app developer and can solve issues he/she might be having with the app’s design. It becomes a platform where people share their expertise to help each other. As a company, having these people around can be incredibly beneficial.


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