New era workplace management software: Making back-to-work a success

They say that all it takes is a few weeks of doing something (or not doing it!) to form new habits. Over the past few months of lockdown, employees may have formed and broken many new and old workspace rituals. The desks they used, the meeting rooms where they congregated, or the community workspace they shared with others might now be history – and they’ll need to adapt.

Workspace administrators must give workplace management software a serious look to help plan, organize and schedule new workplace rituals.

Out with the old – in with the new

Once back-to-work takes hold in earnest, the “old way” of office work won’t be the same as the “new”. Where once staff used individual offices, large segregated cubicles and permanent workstations and desks to work from, things won’t be the same anymore. 

For one, social distancing at the office will drastically diminish the number of individual and permanently-assigned workspaces. That’ll leave office administrators scrambling to plan and schedule the return to work of a workforce – into a workspace that’s half or two-thirds available.  And then, in the new world-order, more frequent office disinfecting and cleaning protocols could potentially disrupt permanent seat assignments often – leaving staff stressed over where their next desk or workspace is.

Implementing a feature rich suite of assigned seat software is the only way to manage an orderly and planned exit from the old, and usher in stress-free new workspace management protocols. Without such tools in place, well before the full-scale resumption of work activity, organizations and their staff will meet a chaotic and disorderly restart to their operations.   

workspace management software empowers

One might well argue that back-to-work won’t be such a big deal. All that’s needed is a sign-in register at the front door, and employees can self-manage their workspace daily. Better still, just put an Excel spreadsheet. And Google Sheets online to manage the entire process of who sits where during the day. 

But that’s a simplistic view of real life. What happens when plans change, and a team of 10 people find themselves 6-desks short – because someone overbooked desks that weren’t in the “available pool”. And, how do you deal with casual – yet very important! – unscheduled drop-ins? Facility administrators must empower staff to address those scenarios quickly and effectively, without waiting to investigate and escalate! 

DeskFlex workspace management software empowers staff, managers. And facility administrators with tools to plan, organize and implement flexible workspace scheduling protocols. Users can check space availability – remotely. On the go or from kiosks and reception areas – make reservations, cancel or modify bookings…and much more – all of which happens without need for escalation or in-person consultation with others.

Bring efficiency in teamwork

The new world order is one where teams need flexibility and dynamism in the workplace – and that includes workspace management. And DeskFlex’s tools deliver just that! The integration capabilities, with central office systems like MS Exchange and Outlook and other intelligent DeskFlex solutions like Room Display Touchscreens, assures office managers of a smooth and efficient transition out of the old work-order and into the new one!  

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