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What is Hoteling? Why Should Your Organization Adopt This hoteling services System?

What is Hoteling?

Hoteling is a term used to describe a method of total office management software in which employees can schedule their use of office workstations such as cubicles, meeting rooms, and desks as the need arises. Hoteling, also referred to as “office hoteling,” is a reservation-based, unspecified seating system where the employees can book a workspace before they arrive in the office. It is another approach to the more traditional way of permanently designated office seating.

How does Hoteling Services Work?

Hoteling services system is more appropriate for employees who frequently travel, such as in sales or consulting firms. But it can also work with all types of organizations. It uses a facility scheduling softwareintegrated with the company’s information technology (IT) system to manage office functions, such as employee ID badges and office space locations. With hoteling, workers reserve their desks for the day or a specific period of days they intend to work in the office.

1.   When the employee reports to the office or logs in remotely, they access a web-based Online room reservation system and login using their company access.
2.   Then, they can select their preferred desks, cubicles, or meeting rooms by looking at a 3D Floor Map of the office and visually choose a workspace they prefer.
3.  Once the booking process is complete, the system also transfers other office functions such as the routing of phone service to the booked workspace, the notification of an office “concierge” who prepares the workstation, etc.
4.   Workers need to check-in” through terminals or mobile apps incorporated into the database when they arrive at the office location and check-out”when they finish their reservation.

Why Should Your Organization Adopt Hoteling System?

The practice of office hoteling offers plenty of benefits not only to mobile employees but, more importantly, to business owners. Essentially, hoteling allows agile workers to return to the home office, plug the laptop into a cubicle for a few hours, or meet up with his team to discuss project updates and progress. Thus, this system will benefit organizations through:

• Savings on Commercial Real Estate costs
• Providing more opportunities for staff to collaborate and mingle
• Increasing worker mobility
• Making more efficient use of workspaces and office equipment
• Reducing overhead expenses 

How to Integrate the Hoteling System in the Organization?

Business owners who consider adopting the hoteling system in their organization must first perform the following:

• Identify their organization goals

Some organizations turn to office hoteling to improve employee teamwork and collaboration. Others need to provide private areas to help increase employee focus and concentration. Business owners should be able to identify their organizational goals. And conduct workflow habits of their workers to determine the most efficient use of space. 

• Consider the organizational culture

It is also essential for organizations to examine their office culture. Some employees may prefer the traditional office setting where people’s status is associated with their office space. Then again, unconventional officing requires employees to function in non-territorial ways and respect pooled areas. 

• Examine a variety of possible arrangements

Before deciding to implement office hoteling in your organization. Make sure your employees support the plan to avoid drastic changes and affect employee productivity, morale, and boost the bottom line. 

DeskFlex Web Based Booking Software

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