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How do Desk and Room Scheduling Software Protect Employees from COVID-19 Infection?

The threat of the COVID-19 infection will stay indefinitely. Organizations should learn to adapt ways to live around it and prevent their workers, customers, and themselves from catching the disease. While Social Distancing, wearing masks, and frequent hand washing can help, additional preventive measures and practices are necessary to safeguard their health from lurking diseases adequately.


Using Technology in Preventing Contamination

Technology plays a vital part in making things easy in people’s lives. It can help prevent the spread of infection through the automation of jobs and the contactless mechanism of devices. For example, sanitation dispensers now come with hand sensors that automatically release a certain amount of sanitizer and prevent the persons from touching the disinfectant canister. Meanwhile, big establishments have automatic doors that open and close with a motion sensor eliminating the need for people to reach for the door handles when entering the premises.

Desk and Room Scheduling Software

For large organizations with dozens or hundreds of employees, it is empirical to have full-service software in place to manage the return of office workers in a time of the pandemic. To ensure safety in the workplace, reliable desk and scheduling room software can help in organizing employees’ working schedules, office and meeting room use, and facilities scheduling schemes.

How do desk and room booking software help protect employees from COVID-19 infection?

Desk and booking rooms software helps prevent the spread of infection in the office by allowing employees to schedule their time in the office alternately. It will decrease the number of people present at a time in a particular floor area, thus reducing contamination.

DeskFlex desk and online scheduling software have features that can address the threat of COVID-19 contamination in the workplace. Among its COVID-compliant features are the following:

–          Thermal Scanner and Mask Detection

o   DeskFlex online room scheduling software takes its room booking further by adding a thermal scanner and mask detection feature. It will enable organizations to screen employees, customers, visitors, and guests entering the building.

–          Social Distancing Features

o   DeskFlex online booking software has integrated social distancing devices that transmit real-time data to the central station.  Bluetooth beacons measure distances between desks and people, helping the organization maintain social distancing in the workplace.

–          Visitor Management Software

o   DeskFlex visitor management software integrates with the desk booking software in monitoring meeting room reservations among employees and registered guests.

–            Lobby Kiosks, Contactless Room Display, and FlexCube Devices

o  DeskFlex hardware devices complement the functionalities of the room booking software. These hardware devices help in fighting the onset and contamination in the office in a way. That reduces the frequency of touching shared surfaces. For example, users can now check in and check out from their room reservations. Using the QR code scanner of the Contactless Room displays and FlexCube devices. Lobby kiosks make it easier for users to find available workstations with just a few taps on the screen.

Total Office Management Room Booking Software

Among the other room booking providers. Only DeskFlex room booking software can help address the threat of Coronavirus in the workplace with its latest software. And hardware innovations. It is the total office management software that provides full-service room booking in conjunction with the development of modern business solutions.

Thermal Detection

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