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School Scheduling Software for Elementary and Middle Schools

Managing elementary and middle school schedules have always followed the traditional structure of 45-55 minute blocks of period per subject. Today, schools are choosing more flexible scheduling softwares for students to learn multiple disciplines of knowledge and competencies. Education experts and teachers believe that complementary learning experiences can occur outside the classroom through projects, assignments, or proposals. 


Effective Schedules

Educational institutions make diverse school class scheduling software to meet the different needs of their school organization. Although there are diverse ways to create a schedule, there are common characteristics of effective school schedules:


✔ Project Sessions

 The amount of time spent on interdisciplinary projects are necessary for students to concentrate on the task at hand. Effective school scheduling software allows enough time for the students to focus on the activity and understand the process and reasons underlying each activity.


✔ Less Inflexibility in Scheduling Software

 A less strict environment allows students to finish tasks and will develop more creativity while persisting in completing the tasks. When students have more room for completing their projects, they are more productive and effective in completing the tasks.


✔ Time for Collaborative School Spaces

Laboratories, playgrounds, and collaborative spaces in school are commonplace for creative, dynamic, and innovative thinkers.  Collaborative school spaces should have equipment such as 3D printers, up-to-date-computers, and power tools for the students to use in their projects. These learning spaces should be available freely and frequently to promote continuous learning. If a student is working on creating an app, but it is not computer lab time until next week, the interest and thought process could fade out over time. Scheduling software for schools that encourages dynamic learning ensures that learners have a continuous education process.


✔ Class Advisory

When students reach the last two years of high school, they feel they needed some form of coaching on what path to take next. Class advisory entails an extra 20 minutes of guiding students on projects and teamwork or the one-on-one instruction they need when they struggle in choosing a college or heading straight to the corporate world.


DeskFlex school scheduling software

DeskFlex facility scheduling software for schools can help educational institutions manage their classrooms, laboratories, lecture halls, and collaborative spaces for its students and faculty to use and maximize. In small or large universities, DeskFlex school class scheduling software allows flexibility for students. And faculty to see which spaces in the campus are available for their group activities. It will eliminate confusion, allowing more time for a more focused studying or collaborating and productive use of shared spaces.

Choosing the best school scheduling software should focus on having a comprehensive list of software features customizable to the structure and needs of the school organization. It should integrate seamlessly with little to no interruption of the school systems. It can significantly reduce the incidence of double booking, lost room reservations, or human error. The system displays which are the available school facilities. How long does the room booking lasts. How many people are allowed in the venue and what building or floor location. 

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