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How Can Technology Help the Education System when COVID Changed the World

The Coronavirus pandemic shut down all physical schools worldwide when it spread worldwide. Over 1.2 billion children are out of school in 186 countries, resulting in the rise of distance learning, whereby students learn remotely and use modules or digital platforms.

Countries are at different points in their fight against the COVID-19 infection. Each country is trying to adjust to life with the Coronavirus. Six months into the lockdown, school districts are considering school reopening with anti-COVID measures in place.

The entire world is in a unique position in history with this pandemic. There have been pandemics in the past that left painful scars, but the COVID-19 epidemic is unique because of technology’s advancement today. With the wealth of information at their fingertips, people can quickly search, report, contact, and post information about things that matter to them.

School Reopening

President Trump pushes the complete opening of school room scheduling software for colleges and universities this Fall throughout the United States. However, many parents and students are anxious about face-to-face classroom education. It is doubtful that many schools will return to the regular schedule requiring the continuation of virtual learning, balancing child care, and staggered workdays.

The decision to reopen schools and universities relies on the school districts and the local health experts’ advice. In Seattle, students go to school once or twice a week and spend the rest of the week in remote learning. Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey acknowledged that some schools would have to adopt a hybrid model and limit the capacity of classes and daily attendance. In New York, Mayor Bill de Blasio proposed a limited room capacity of 12 students per class, and students should only attend alternate days of the week. Other cities also have their back-to-school plans involving a blended form of learning which combines online courses and modular review. Schools have already reopened in some parts of the world, like South Korea and Thailand. However, students are confined to desks with plastic barriers and cannot mingle with their classmates.


How Can Technology Ensure Health Safety During the Reopening of Schools?

The Coronavirus pandemic pushed tech companies to develop software that promotes health safety practices, devices that purify the air, and innovations that send alerts when people breach social distancing policies on the premises.

But when it comes to controlling and monitoring students, faculty, and working staff, different software technology functions come into play. The software must help schools maintain social distancing protocols, follow health measures, and track possibly infected individuals in confirmed positive cases.

Many technology companies promise to provide anti-COVID features in their software. If you are looking for a reliable business software solution, trust only the tech company that has been in the software industry for decades and has a good track record of their software solutions.


DeskFlex course scheduling software for universities provides time-tested and reliable software solutions to different organizations needing a reliable desk hoteling system.

DeskFlex Scheduling School Software Features

DeskFlex software for school scheduling systems aims to assist schools, colleges, and universities when they reopen their campuses to receive their students this coming Fall. Many schools need more strategic back-to-school plans in place to reopen.

DeskFlex has a room scheduling tool that helps schools transition in gradually accepting their students back to the classroom in a face to face instruction. Schools can let all the students come back at a time. Schedules should be staggered, and online classes should still be in place. DeskFlex’s anti-COVID measures integrated into the software system can help educational institutions to continue delivering knowledge and skills to their students face-to-face and online.

The DeskFlex software for school scheduling has the following features to help schools continue their classes amidst the global pandemic:

Classroom Scheduling

Students and faculty can access the DeskFlex classroom scheduling software and reserve a classroom and desk for their classes. School admins can create levels of access suitable for the organization. For example, students needed desks and study spaces to book classrooms. Also, admins can set faculty personnel limited access to specific areas in the building. This classroom scheduling method allows school admins to monitor campus activities and room reservations when alternating the student schedules.

 Limiting the Capacity of Classes

DeskFlex course scheduling software for universities has a capacity limits feature that allows School Admins to schedule classes on alternate days and limit the number of students allowed to attend classes in one classroom. The students will access the online course scheduling software and reserve their classroom desks ahead of time.

DeskFlex’s desk-on-hold feature disallows desk reservations within specific hours. No two students can use the same desk within the 24-hour default system time. This time gap allows desk maintenance and disinfection. This feature is helpful in alternating class schedules in a large campus organization.

scanning system for Education departments


Scanning of Body Temperature

The first symptom of the Coronavirus infection is fever. Thermal scanners are efficient in detecting elevated body temperature. It is beneficial for schools to place thermal scanners at doorways where people enter. This scanning method of body temp helps screen out anyone who may have the first symptom of the COVID infection. Thermal scanners integrate into the school’s existing network and CCTV cameras.

Detecting Mask Use

DeskFlex course scheduling software for universities has a mask detection feature that scans people wearing masks when entering the school campus. The system alerts security personnel when it can detect a person without a mouth or face covering. The mask detection feature integrates into the school’s existing network and the Thermal scanner function to work for hand in hand when screening people at the school’s entranceways.


Automatic Desk Sanitation

The Coronavirus infection prompted everyone to sanitize their hands and surfaces frequently. The viral particles can lodge on surfaces, and others can pick up the virus when they come into contact with these contaminated surfaces. DeskFlex’s automatic desk sanitation feature helps maintain the cleanliness of the school’s bookable facilities. The system allows a time gap between each desk reservation. It sends an alert email to the maintenance department to dispatch a cleaning staff to disinfect that particular desk before another reservation can be made.

Contact Tracing

The most challenging part of curbing the pandemic is tracing the possibly infected individuals. Schools are no exception. Due to some schools’ dense population, the threat of the rapid spread of infection is high. The deskFlex contact tracing feature can help quickly determine the students, faculty, and school staff who may have been exposed to a COVID-positive person. DeskFlex’s Bluetooth beacons can attach to hallways. Its primary purpose is to help DeskFlex users check in and check out their reservations using Bluetooth technology.

DeskFlex’s Bluetooth beacons pick up the user’s mobile device signals. It sends the data to the central server and keeps the information secure. In case the student, faculty, or staff transfers from one room to the other place, the DeskFlex Bluetooth beacons pick up the signal so that it is easier to determine which areas the infected person went to and who were the people present at that particular date and place. Each beacon captures the device’s signal and transmits it to the server. When retrieving the data from the central server, the school admins can make a sound decision on how to respond to the outbreak on campus.

DeskFlex is the Total School Management System

COVID-19 can only cease people’s daily activities for a time. It cannot hold off humanity forever. A time will come when the government, health experts, and school district heads decide to gradually reopen the schools, the economy, and the usual life routines but with health and safety practices.

Handwashing, wearing a face mask, scanning of temperature, and restricted movements will be the norm. It should also be implemented in schools, offices, and business establishments to reduce the risk of contamination in the campus facilities.

DeskFlex is the total school management system to help schools organize their classes, students, and space utilization. The system has reports and analytics showing which areas on the campus are the most used and which places are underutilized. Based on the words and analytics that DeskFlex room scheduling tool software can provide, school admins will know which areas to renovate or rearrange to make better use of.

Matters of Health and Safety

It is no doubt that Education is essential in life. Still, in a pandemic, schools must adapt to the problem and consider trying new ways to deliver knowledge and skills to their students. However, school admins and parents must work hand in hand to secure their health and safety above all else. DeskFlex software for school scheduling is customizable according to the needs of the school organization. Big or small schools can benefit from DeskFlex course scheduling software for universities.

The next generation’s health and safety is a priority, and DeskFlex can help protect the school organization’s health and safety through its software features.

Thermal Detection

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