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How Can a inmate kiosk Improve Facility Security?

For many organizations, ensuring the safety and security of employees and visitors is a huge priority. One way to ensure this is by implementing a visitor management system. 

A visitor management system often includes hardware and software to track visitors and processes for registering visitors. These processes can be streamlined with the help of a lobby central kiosk.

In this article, we’ll look at what a kiosk system is and how it can improve overall security. We’ll also examine the benefits of having a visitor management system. Lastly, we’ll look at how to choose the right system for your organization.


What You Need to Know About a Lobby Kiosk System

Visitor management systems are solutions that help organizations streamline and automate registration processes. Kiosks are one of this solution’s most essential parts because of their convenience.

They also help leave a great first impression on visitors or potential clients. Other things you need to know about a lobby kiosk system include the following: 

  • What is the purpose of a kiosk system? – Kiosks are small booths placed in areas with high foot traffic often used for marketing. They are low-cost tools that can be staffed or self-service.
  • What are the types of kiosk systems? – There are many kiosk systems, from SIM dispensing to card insurance and self-checkout kiosks. These help visitors perform different tasks from an accessible area with ease.
  • What are the features of a kiosk system? – Kiosk systems can have different features, from live views of onsite visitors to notifying hosts with instant notifications. Kiosks can also pre-register guests and automate the check-in process completely.


How Can a Visitor Management Kiosk Improve Security for Your Facilities?

Visitor management kiosks can be integrated with access control systems for safeguarding sensitive information. For many facilities, kiosks are a great way to designate varying access levels for visitors.

Here’s how a lobby kiosk system can improve security for your facilities:


1. Ensuring Visitor Privacy 

Kiosks keep visitor information secure and ensure that visitors only see their data.


Any information that visitors enter is quickly and securely sent to the central database after the initial registration. Since many systems and software already have a single sign-on feature, visitors only need to input their information once.


AI-based engines can also recognize returning visitors and expected guests. To prevent security breaches, kiosks can also scan for ID cards and create watch lists.


2. Improved Internal Communication

Visitor management kiosks help front desk staff centralize information and make booking more manageable. Everyone is on the same page when the front desk and admin staff have access to the same visitor data.


A lobby central kiosk can also automate sending SMS notifications when integrated with visitor management software. Along with many other features the software provides, kiosks can improve access control for many organizations.


Access control extends to the following:


  • Safe storage of complete information records
  • Detailed logs of visitor information
  • Role-based access to visitor data



3. Process Automation

ATMs are considered the first cash and check deposit kiosks. However, while the two generally share the same roots, the latter presents more benefits. For correctional facilities, the uses for kiosks don’t end there.


A video kiosk for inmates is essential for simplifying normal tasks. It allows facilities to free up security staff, reduces recidivism, and lowers the risk of contraband entering via in-person visits.


Banking kiosks also automate banking processes for inmate accounts. Relatives or loved ones can fund inmates’ accounts through different channels. Inmates can then access their accounts safely and securely using said kiosks.



4. Biometrics and Facial Recognition

Passwords and PINs can be compromised easily. Many organizations lean more towards biometric identification to enhance security for different facilities.


For example, correctional facilities can use an inmate kiosk with biometrics such as fingerprints and facial recognition cameras. The same also goes for ID badges, which kiosks can also print.


Doing so eliminates many manual processes for identification, which can compromise security.


5. Evacuation Management and Preventative Safety

Safety in case of emergencies is another priority for many organizations. In case of unforeseen situations like fires or earthquakes, kiosks can also be handy.


Kiosks can automatically notify everyone in the vicinity of emergencies and provide safety instructions for evacuation. A lobby central kiosk can also help ensure preventative safety in any office environment. 


Since the pandemic, companies are now more aware and need to take extra steps to ensure employee health and safety. Kiosks can automatically check for updated vaccination certificates and improve contact tracing.


What are the Benefits of Automating Visitor Management?

Visitor management is more than simply installing a lobby kiosk system. Today, visitor management systems are a combination of hardware and software designed to automate many manual processes.


Visitor management systems serve many purposes. One is that it serves as a great first impression for visitors. Another is that it frees up employees, especially front desk staff, to focus on more critical tasks.


Aside from these primary functions, automating visitor management has many other benefits. Here are a few: 


1. Reduced Waiting Time

A visitor management system can speed up check-in by allowing visitors to pre-register. Visitors only need to input their information in a lobby kiosk system only once and have the system take care of the rest.


As a result, they can spend less time waiting and more time enjoying the event or navigating the premises easier.


2. Reduced Overhead Costs

Having software automate manual processes can increase employee productivity and efficiency. Staff can focus on more critical tasks that need customer interaction instead.


It also reduces the likelihood of errors, saving time and money in the long run.


3. Enhanced Brand Image

Visitor management systems, especially with the help of a lobby kiosk system, can take care of visitor registration. They can also predict visitor traffic, allowing front desk teams to be better prepared to receive guests.


With better-prepared staff, guests leave with a more positive experience, which reflects positively on the organization’s image.


How to Choose a Visitor Management System for Your Facilities

Visitor management solutions are crucial to any organization’s policy for receiving visitors. However, with many tools commercially available, it can be hard to choose the right one.


Additionally, they may have features that aren’t always compatible with the organization’s needs. Building a solid first impression often requires the right balance of key features that meet the organization’s goals.


Here are a few factors to consider when choosing a visitor management system to integrate with your lobby kiosk system:


1 .Ease of Use

Welcoming visitors should be a streamlined process. It collects visitor information once and should be easy to set up and operate in-house. It should also be easy for visitors to use once they enter your facilities.



2. Third-party Integration

Companies need many tools to run their business regarding hardware and software. A lack of integration and cross-compatibility means these tools can be challenging to manage.


More third-party integrations mean that the workplace isn’t just better connected. It also makes these tools easier to manage and access, especially for front desk staff.


3. Key Features

Visitor management solutions can have different features that work well with a lobby kiosk system. However, there are a few features that every good visitor management tool should have:


  • Customizable single sign-on – Custom fields and questions can help get better data from guests and send custom welcome messages
  • Digital document signing – Visitors needing to sign waivers or non-disclosure agreements need a solution that can securely store their signatures
  • Analytics and reporting – Tracking visitor volume, foot traffic, time, and space usage can all lead to insights to improve workplace efficiency


The Bottom Line

Ensuring the safety and security of employees and visitors is essential for organizations. They not only need to provide a smooth, seamless experience but also need to make sure their data is safe.


A visitor management system is one solution that incorporates both hardware and software to streamline and automate many manual processes. Many of these processes involve a lobby kiosk system to help guests perform many functions, from wayfinding to registration.


Visitor management kiosks also have additional benefits, such as access control systems for designating access levels. With many otherwise tedious processes automated, companies can leave a great first impression on visitors.


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