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How to Expand Globally with Office Hoteling Software

Investopedia defines global expansion as the spread of products, services, technology, jobs, and information across countries and cultures. From the economic point of view, this is the interdependence of nations through free trade worldwide. The idea of globalization traces back to the time of the Roman Empire and is a process that would continue to grow in the 21st century. The impact of global trade, supply chain, and outsourcing can accelerate business growth and progress.

For small businesses, going global is a critical endeavor that could change business activities. Expanding your business to the international stage requires economic, financial, communication, and trade integration. Hence, CEOs and business leaders need to consider their full impact and define if the rewards outweigh the risks. The upper management across the organization will carry more responsibilities while expanding the business.

One of the many requirements to successfully open your brand to the global market is taking advantage of technology.

Using Technology to your Business Advantage

Technology is one of the greatest assets of any business model. Nothing helps a global business flourish, like having the right technology in place. It enhances the efficacy and speed of your company’s reach and simplifies business operations, reduces costs, and optimize processes. Understanding how to apply technology to your enterprise can determine your global success or failure.

Global businesses have offices and shop branches all over the world. Real estate costs differ from each country. However, real estate in prime locations has higher costs but could also have the highest potential return of investment. Resource facility managers need to make the most on workspace utilization to reduce overhead costs. Managing office resources include maximizing workplace desks, cubicles, meeting rooms, and equipment. Office hoteling software is one of the program applications driving business growth into the future.

What is Office Hoteling?

Office hoteling, also known as hot desking, manages office resources, spaces, and equipment. It is a reservation-based, unassigned-seating system where the employees can book a desk, cubicle, meeting room, and office equipment for a day, a week, or before they arrive in the office. Open office plan layouts of modern business establishments usually implement an office desk booking system in their organization.

Global Expansion Using Office Hoteling Software

Embracing office hoteling software can positively impact business operations and help the company scale up globally. Here are five ways on how your business can expand globally with hoteling software:


Save on Overhead Costs

Upfront costs may appear expensive when you are just starting the technology in your business. Still, in the long term, digital technologies can be the wisest cost-efficient decision you could have made. Office desk booking software can help increase efficiency in delivering products and services while brainstorming ideas in the conference room. It can streamline company processes such as marketing, sales, and customer services. It improves employee productivity and can save a considerable sum of business money.

Expanding to other countries will most likely involve a new office, a start-up team, and a business plan to follow. Using office hoteling technology helps you maximize your office spaces in a new country. The office hoteling system enables you to run your business in a relative size office for all your employees. Take advantage of a desk hoteling software’s functions to organize your team members’ schedules in the office.

Since some of the employees will do some groundwork outside the office, not everyone in the team will need a desk or workstation. Thus, turning to desk reservation software can help you save on real estate costs by having two employees use the same office space at alternating schedules.


Increase Business Productivity by Hiring Top Talents

Productivity and efficiency are crucial aspects of a business to achieve success. Technological advancement helps improve team collaboration, communication, content curation, marketing, and promotion. With digital technology, companies can track down their progress with the help of reports and analytics software. It can also increase its reach to many potential customers locally and globally using online social networking or use a customer satisfaction survey system to improve products and services.

Many successful global enterprises are using digital technology to create a digital workplace, advance their brands, and improve business operations. If you are still not using technology to your advantage, you may get left behind and risk losing the enterprise in the long run.

Using the office desk booking software in the workplace allows your company to expand globally by attracting remote and qualified workers. Most modern workers value the flexibility at work, and hot desking allows the country’s top talents to work remotely and collaborate in a team in the office when needed. Teams can reserve an area in the office where they can collaborate. It can also enable focus work for some team members who need to work alone. Hiring the right talents in a foreign country is a business advantage.

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Getting ahead of the Competition

Global expansion needs continuous work to gain influence in the local market and position your brand. Using a reserve office desk system gets you ahead of the competition by allowing your teams to work alternately and continuously. Aside from attracting top talents, one key feature of desk reservations in allowing potential clients, customers, and investors to book or reserve an office space using the web browser or mobile application. It allows further reach in the local market by making potential customers an active part of the booking process. This feature is suitable for hotels and real estate rentals, where clients can conveniently make a room reservation right under their fingertips.


Improve Customer Experience through Digital Business Transformation

Digital business transformation means innovating business processes to optimize digital tools in advancing the business. Many businesses have turned to business digitalization to increase customer satisfaction, and their business skyrocketed with improved performance, increased revenues, and enhanced client experience.

Harnessing the power of digital transformation can significantly put your business to the top. Your business can simplify the time and effort for data collection, processing, analyzing, and implementing that are all part of running the business using the right digital technology. Hot desking is a digital business transformation that propels your business forward by allowing business owners to make swift and relevant decisions on effectively increasing employee productivity and organizing office workflow. With DeskFlex office hoteling software’s reports and analytics feature, companies can decide which office spaces need a revamp and which office spaces need to optimize. Office facility managers can also track and view work schedules of teams or individual employees in any given period.


Safe Return to Work amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Hot desking is suitable for organizations with remote employees who frequently travel, such as consulting firms or sales. As the Coronavirus pandemic disrupts business and economic activities, office hoteling software helps manage the team member’s schedule and workplace arrangements and return to work policies.  With the hoteling software, workers can book their workstations for the day or specific period or length in the office.

Moreover, the DeskFlex Office Hoteling software has COVID-compliant features to help prevent contamination in the workplace. It has a social distancing policy, thermal scanner, mask detection, contactless reservations, automatic desk sanitation, and contact tracing features. Since the pandemic hit the world, international travel has been restricted or limited. With the DeskFlex reserve office desk system, you can conveniently track and view your offshore offices’ employee workflow from wherever you are in the world.


Which Global Companies are using Office Hoteling Software?

When changing your business strategies, it is crucial to lean towards the digitalization of your business operations. There will be risks, but when you choose the right technology that suits your operations, the rewards can be huge and long term. It can drive business improvement and development beyond your competitors who fail to embrace software and hardware innovations.

Examples of large organizations that have switched to the digitalization of remote working and using office hoteling software include Google, Facebook, Citi Bank, Yahoo, Adobe, Amazon, Microsoft, Nielsen, Paypal, Salesforce, Siemens, Twitter, and many more.


DeskFlex Office Hoteling Software can help your Business expand Globally

DeskFlex is the leader in business software solutions and has helped businesses advance their enterprises for many years. DeskFlex office desk reservation has been in the desk hoteling industry for over two decades, serving hundreds of organizations. Now that the Coronavirus pandemic caused havoc to the world, DeskFlex allows businesses to regain everything they’ve lost during the lockdowns by allowing their workers to come back to the office safely. DeskFlex desk hoteling software can help you transition back to the office and operate in the new normal setting.

Wherever your office branches may be, you can rely on DeskFlex to integrate cloud-based data about your office’s utilization. You can access, for example, your London office while you are in Japan through the web-browser or mobile app interface. From there, you can access the reports and analytics to view which spaces and office equipment are most in-demand with the employees and which office spaces need revamping. Using DeskFlex office hoteling software can help manage your business locally and expand globally.

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