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DeskFlex's Essential Guide on How to Maximize Your Use of a Meeting Booking System

Assisting office department representatives Which Meeting Booking System to use can be challenging, especially when they request  additional amenities. If you are the office manager of a large company, you need reliable Booking System to quickly and accurately process these bookings and other equipment. Additionally, a durable and practical meeting room booking screen is beneficial for the operation. It will help your team members to schedule the meeting room using the device interface.


The DeskFlex meeting room schedule display allows you to seamlessly and efficiently handle your office resources rather than manually processing the room booking service. In this blog, you will read a more thorough guide to understand what better services DeskFlex may offer your company.

DeskFlex Meeting Room Booking Key Features

DeskFlex is a room booking management app that manages workstations, desks, conference rooms, and meeting rooms. Your office can enjoy the following meeting room booking software key features:

Quick and straightforward check-in feature.

The check-in and check-out process can take only about a few seconds, respectively. After sign-in and check-out, your employees can quickly check the information from the main screen. The team members can also search for their colleagues using the details by name,  room category, or login ID on the DeskFlex room booking system search bar interface.

Efficient point and click floor maps.

The DeskFlex meeting room booking app displays an interactive office map. The dots represent bookable spaces, and their corresponding colored dots represent their availability, which also contains some reservation details. Red dots represent the area is currently in use.  Green dots signify the site is available for reservation, while gray means space is reserved. Additionally, admins can assign a permanent desk or room to a person or a team. A blue dot on the 3D interactive map will signify a permanent user of that particular space.

PBX Switch Accessibility


Using DeskFlex meeting room booking software, users can book their room reservations online with their office tables’ related telephone equipment. The system integrates with different giant telecommunication companies, including the Avaya, Nortel, or Cisco PBX manufacturers:

  • Your calls will ring directly on your reserved desk.
  • Your outside calls are allowed only after signing in.
  • You will be signed out immediately and automatically overnight if you fail to sign out at the exact time.
  • Supported variants of PBX

Web browser and local access through kiosks

The DeskFlex kiosk(s) makes it so much easier to pick a workspace near a co-worker or in your desired space from your workplace. Another choice is to reserve in advance a desk from your home via the company’s intranet through a meeting room booking application. You may also find colleagues to work with via DeskFlex meeting booking software.

Real-time work station syncing

If you have free and available workspaces, you have the option to allocate them so the whole workforce can access specific workstations when it’s necessary, whether it’s traveling or telecommunications. Employees can check the progress of real-time appointments to guarantee that they have a place to work, where to park, and other office equipment required for use through meeting booking software.

On-the-Spot and Advance Bookings

Workers can conveniently pick and allocate workspaces ahead of time for a specific date or set of dates through the system’s meeting room availability display. For coworking spaces, the system also helps you cast aside blocks of areas at reduced fees for affiliated organizations, team bookings, or special activities. Set up inventory retention dates through the meeting room availability display to know when to retrieve any supplies. After the meeting, the unused facilities in the office space can get immediately returned.

meeting room schedule software

Occupancy Data Management and Reports

A meeting room and desk booking system allow reliable occupancy measurements in general or in the form of desks. The reports and analytics feature generate the total number of desk reservations, cancelations, modifications, and other perimeters.  

You can optimize office spaces according to the behavior and demand of your employees or customers. You can create invoices and agreements using a reliable meeting room and desk booking system for coworking and rental businesses. They are downloadable and are easily put together with various customers.

A room booking system that gives information into the usage of spaces and the dynamics of bookings and postponements can allow the management to comprehend the office building’s needs better and schedule the office building for a more excellent performance.

Reliable Conference Room Timetable and Scheduling

The meeting room booking system of DeskFlex offers a robust solution for coordinating and handling office facilities, meeting rooms, and office tools to increase team productivity. This approach is also possible through meeting room scheduling. The meeting room booking display gives you the utmost flexibility and usability. Any consumer can create reservations conveniently via the intranet or kiosk of your company. Assume, for example, that the company has ten conference rooms at its disposal. Users display room inventory and make reservations from their workplaces and even from their humble abodes. DeskFlex’s meeting space software may get tailored to function with civic clubs, colleges, or libraries, whereby spaces ought to get allocated ahead of time.

Outlook® Timetable

Planning a conference or activity can be challenging indeed, but often it can be almost as impossible to take participants to the meeting. What makes this harder is because you are aware of the spaces you can use but failed to utilize them. Instead of sending out bulk e-mails, more organizations and businesses are taking advantage of online calendars to meet demands quickly. Internet calendars help event organizers set the optimal time to schedule and start an event through meeting room display. DeskFlex meeting space software connects with Outlook Calendar to allow meeting room scheduling and appointments to be made quick, efficient, and straightforward.

Profiles for users

Overlapping schedules and double bookings can be annoying, but the meeting room schedule allows users to see other workers’ schedules inside the office. DeskFlex implementation simplifies the preparation and handling of space and facilities. You can make, change, display, and cancel reservations straight from the meeting room software Outlook with only a click of the mouse – right at your fingertips! You may also opt to coordinate your timetable for others too.

Exemplary Benefits of Using Room Booking System

There is a tremendous emphasis on teamwork, specifically in today’s business world due to pandemic. With workplaces and co-workers scattered around multiple geographical locations and time zones, sessions are usually held through technology like teleconferencing and sharing screens, generally through a meeting room booking system app.

Conference rooms, huddle rooms, and pods have become common in the office, meaning that you will often not be eligible to use them. In other cases, you may well have figured you reserved a conference room but end up realizing someone else is already in there when you try to use it. There are several benefits to providing a meeting room booking system app in your company; this blog has outlined some of the good advantages of having one.

Monitor occupation of the rooms

An efficient room booking software can help users identify booked spaces and meeting rooms, allowing them to schedule their meetings around the conference room’s availability. This preventive method of diagnosis and avoidance removes the bulk of the efficiency issues associated with locating a vacancy.

Tips To Effectively Use Meeting Room Booking System App

  • Incorporate into your calendar and management structures
  • Minimize no-show or abandoned conferences by setting alerts and reminders to the meeting organizers and participants
  • Promote random conference room bookings through RSVPs and confirmation
  • Ensure routine monitoring and review of the use of the system implementation
  • Use of QR codes for participants verification during the conference event
  • Seek technical support for regular software updates and bug fixes when necessary
  • Schedule a time for training your staff in using the new system software of room    and desk booking in your company

Your conference room booking system must make it easy for your team members to identify and book office resources, as well as recognize colleagues. Completely automated conference room booking systems with enhanced features can be fantastic, but perhaps the best return on the investment is to maximize the room booking and reduce real estate overhead costs. Professional software that offers such vital features can be a smarter business choice.

As a room booking management platform, DeskFlex provides further than what users require. The aim is to ensure that room managers can enhance their facilities. Visitors have a more significant experience in scheduling rooms online than before. Space owners may improve their profits, while visitors feel happy with swift and convenient service.

Final Thoughts

It is vital to provide a meeting room booking solution in a corporate environment that substitutes the traditional room booking strategies. With an effective meeting room booking solution in operation, workplaces will significantly improve efficiency, morale, and efficient utilization of free office spaces.


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