Visitor Management System

Integrating Visitor Management System in Banks, Insurance Companies, and Financial Institutions for a Safe Office

Banks, insurance companies, mortgage companies, and brokerage firms are some of the most visited institutions; thus, reliable scheduling software is beneficial for these companies. Having hoteling software improves the daily business operations on client appointments in financial transactions.



DeskFlex has a visitor management feature that allows banks and other financial institutions to keep track of their client appointments and office capacity. Hence, using visitor management assists in strictly implementing those safety protocols set by the CDC to prevent Covid infection in the workplace.



Here are the advantages of automating financial organizations using the visitor management system.


Automation Features That Help Streamline Financial Institution’s Processes



A hybrid setup is the new workplace arrangement due to the pandemic threat. Financial institutions include credit unions, central banks, savings, and loan associations that can use automated software technology to streamline their business operations and adapt to hybrid work arrangements.


Aside from simplifying their staff and client scheduling, hoteling software integrated with visitor management systems can speed up contact tracing in case of contamination in the office.



Visitor management



Here are more advantages of automation in visitor management systems:



  • Contactless room displays 

Guests, clients, and employees can view facility reservation schedules and details through contactless room displays. The meeting room, conference room, and other facilities inside the building have these features to deliver excellent service to guests.


It is an efficient way to display ongoing reservations and meeting details. In addition, visitors can see the schedule and the number of people that can enter the space in the period.



  • Thermal scanner and mask detection 

Hoteling management systems can integrate with thermal scanners, and mask detection features are valuable in today’s situation as Covid infections keep mutating. This software functionality ensures that guests’ safety when entering the bank premises.


The thermal scanner is to make sure everyone entering the building doesn’t have elevated body temperature, one of the symptoms of Covid-19. Hence, mask detection keeps unmasked visitors out of the building until they wear masks. It protects the people around and the person wearing the mask.



  • Automatic sanitation 

Automating cleaning and sanitation schedule, including various equipment, prevents viruses from spreading in a specific area. The system automatically sets sanitation time to disinfect desks, teller machines, meeting rooms, and conference rooms.



  • QR Code scanner 

Banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions using the software technology of the flex company will enjoy the QR code scanners for contactless check-in and check-out process. It displays desk or workstation availability beneficial to employees when working in a hybrid setup. Frequent office clients can schedule their time in the office and check-in using the QR code scanner on their on the day of their appointment.



  • Lobby Kiosk 

A lobby kiosk is where everyone can check if the facility is available or occupied. Walk-in clients or staff with no reservations can easily schedule a desk or a meeting room for their financial transactions. A lobby kiosk responds towards a covid-compliant working station to prevent coronavirus from spreading because of close contact.



  • Capacity limit 

CDC sets the rules for limiting crowds and capacity in public places and common areas. It is recommended that team members and clients maintain a 2-meter range of social distancing to stop the coronavirus threat. The institution manager can strictly set the number of people allowed to enter the building. Hence, companies can optimize hoteling office space with the software. The manager can set capacity limits according to the floor area and the number of desks available.



  • Room scheduling 

The room scheduling feature allows employees to reserve a meeting room or a conference room for client meetings. Mortgage companies, insurance companies, brokerage firms, and other financial institutions can take advantage of conveniently scheduling a space where they can discuss financial matters. The staff can automatically set and reserve a room for clients who have meetings through the web interface or mobile phone using the hoteling app.


How Hoteling Management Software can Help Financial Institutions in Handling Visitors



  • Getting a faster appointment slot 

Visitors can schedule an appointment with the bank or insurance company office using the hoteling software ahead of time. They can access the hoteling app and the website to set their meetings when they have the time.


No person can enter premises with a high temperature and no mask in today’s situation. These safety precautions are set to avoid the spread of the virus. Because of the hoteling software, every visitor can have a more convenient way of getting a slot in the appointment calendar.



  • It gives easy access to every facility. 

Automated network systems provide easy access to the management, tea members, regular clients, and visitors. The software technology complements QR scanners, room display touchscreens, Bluetooth beacons, and lobby kiosks to ensure everyone a simplified booking and reservation process.


Hence, the lobby kiosk and QR code scanner display availability for booking rooms. Guests can use the complementary hardware innovation to quickly locate rooms, desks, meeting rooms, and other office facilities.



  • Provides a systematic visitor management 

Most banks, insurance companies, mortgage office, and others have not upgraded their network system to manage visitors coming in and out of their premises. It could affect crowd control and management efficiency. Integrating an appointment scheduling software such as the hotelling system will help prevent contamination between client to client and team members.


The institution can show prospective clients a comfortable place that boosts their confidence when entering the premises. Moreover, this indicates to the prospects that they will have an excellent place to invest their money.



  • Efficient contact tracing 

Monitoring people coming into the building needs accurate information gathering during these pandemic days. Keeping their contact details and address for contact tracing in an outbreak is essential. Whenever employees or clients get infected, the management won’t have difficulty tracing the people involved.


The management can always access the data through the scheduling system. The management and employees can access the visual scheduler to reserve an office facility. Hence, this is to ensure the safety for the employees and guests.



  • It guides every visitor to find the areas in the building. 

Visiting an office inside a large building might be intimidating, especially if you visited the office for the first time. Yet, the help of the DeskFlex office scheduling software assists every person with their appointment and booking instructions. Visitors management can identify the room and facility for their transactions. This will prevent any confusion for the visitors, and the institution will have a smooth activity towards the day.



Final Thoughts



The most significant changes in this era may have resulted from the pandemic. Several small businesses, top-performing companies, and financial institutions spiraled down and lost a lot of investments.


Some companies turned to technology to survive the circumstances. The automation software assisted corporations and communities in managing the effects of the pandemic. It helps the institution to manage the system well for their visitors.


As the economy fluctuated, the world reopened the industry. Most companies turned to a hybrid setup to keep their business on track. The software assists every employee in coping with the new normal while the management ensures the welfare of every customer, prospective client, and guest they will have in the future.


Thermal Detection

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