Providing Flexibility to Government Agencies with Hoteling Software

Providing Flexibility to Government Agencies with Hoteling Software

Government organizations are accountable for the resources allocated to their offices. As a result, different government agencies also demand efficiency from their employees to reduce office utility and facility costs. Thus, desk hoteling software provides a streamlined government organization, especially with visitor management. 


In today’s post-pandemic situation, several agencies are coping by adopting a hybrid work setup for their various offices. The hybrid work arrangement enables employees to work from home and on-site in shifting schedules.  


The scheduling software is beneficial even before the pandemic. Hence, it has more advantages to offer during these days. This hoteling app can help any government agency organize working schedules and workspace for their employees. 


Consequently, this could lead to properly allocating the agency’s resources. Aside from this, the software can also aid the organization in accepting and managing visitors with recent health issues.


Here are some reasons why facility scheduling software can assist government organizations in accepting their guests despite the Coronavirus threat. 


1. It Promotes an Automated System 


The software comes with a mobile application for all users. Team members can perform specific tasks through it, and clients can request government services such as document processing and requirement submission. This form of self-service helps reduce physical contact between people in and out of government agencies. 


Everyone should comply with a contactless transaction to practice safety during the pandemic. This is essential, especially when dealing with visitors in the government agency. These visitors include delivery personnel, job applicants, the agency head, a team member working from home, and even the regular one working on site. Having a software system helps each visitor book rooms, desks, and equipment.


Aside from that, remote workers who wish to have an impromptu visit to the office can quickly enter the building. The software helps ensure a covid-compliant working environment through its thermal scanner and mask detection feature.


2. It Aids in Clear Communication 


Contactless communication is vital during a pandemic. Government agencies must implement strategies to maintain clear communication despite the situation, and facility scheduling software can help with this. 


Moreover, the software can display meetings and reservation information in the app or on lobby kiosks to avoid confusion for employees.


3. It Ensures Everyone’s Safety in the Office 


Facility reservation software is customizable and can serve as a logbook in the office, and helps guarantee everyone’s safety. The administrator can choose features including surveillance camera integration, body temperature scanning, biometric scanner, and a list of unregistered or first-time guests.


Because it is a covid-compliant system, it also has a reminder feature for all visitors to wear masks, maintain a social distance, and adhere to other safety protocols regulated by the authorities. 


4. It Cuts Down Costs


One of the goals of any government agency is to cut unnecessary expenses. With the right software, you can have insights into your workspace and how often team members use specific areas in a day or week. It helps you identify which resources are essential and which ones you can omit. 


Must-Have Features of a Facility Scheduling Software


1. Capacity Limit 


One must-have in the desk hoteling software features is the capacity limit that CDC rules out nowadays. The organization administrator can freely set the number of people allowed to enter a specific space, room, or facility in the building. The number of authorized persons depends on the recommendation of the CDC. 


Team members can have their reservations through mobile devices and access available spaces. The software rejects a reservation immediately whenever the capacity limit exceeds it.  


2. Visitor Management 


These are covid-compliant features that ensure the safety of each guest in the agency. It allows them to conveniently book a conference room, meeting room, and even equipment for their duties. 


Additionally, private industries use this feature to gain revenue by using their company meeting rooms and spaces for rental and sharing conferences or meetings with other people. 


3. Dynamic Scheduling 


One of CDC’s safety protocols advised is to maintain a 2-meter social distance, especially when inside closed spaces. Desk hoteling software features will help the government protect its employees and firmly implement social distancing. It can disable areas that do not meet the required distance in the office. It ends the hesitation and worries among team members who plan to return to the office after months of working from home.


4. Sanitation Schedule 


Having a clean and sanitized working station is also vital. It prevents the outspread of the virus in any government agency. The feature also gives satisfaction to every guest that the area is safe to visit and stay. 


Every meeting room and other facilities in the building will have time to clean the whole area. This facility scheduling software system will automatically set a time for cleaning and sanitation, which usually happens after use in a specific room or space. 


5. Thermal Scanner and Mask Detection 


This feature holds a vital role in many establishments today. A government organization building is one of the most visited places even during a pandemic. Before entering the place, guests can scan their temperature and can’t enter the site if it doesn’t fall to the standard. Wearing a mask is also a must to prevent getting ill with the virus, so mask detection is a big help to every industry. 




New work ethics power office workers today in the hybrid setup. Safety protocols are all over industries, and government agencies, as leaders in society, must carry out recommended rules by the CDC.


With technology, all requirements to keep every worker and visitor in the establishment are now in one software. More than that, it helps boost team productivity and deliver an improved and reliable service

Thermal Detection

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