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How Desk Hoteling Software Upholds Safe Quarantine and Social Distancing in Hospitals

Hospitals have to balance managing patients and medical personnel at the same time. However, with the pandemic came increased workload.

Because of this, doctors, nurses, and staff work much longer hours and risk exposure. They also have to adopt new tools that they may not be familiar with, slowing them down.


The good news is that adopting new tools has increased benefits worth the initial learning curve. Desk hoteling apps are helpful because they provide a great utility with scheduling and space allocation. Both of these are crucial for managing both patients and staff. 


Common Issues Hospitals Face with Quarantine and Social Distancing Measures


Hospitals may be different from offices, but they also have similarities. They indeed have similar issues that they need to address. Here are a few that hospitals and clinics face when it comes to social distancing measures:


  • Heavy schedule workload – The recent pandemic was unexpected, so medical staff needed to work overtime and adapt to new work practices quickly. A high volume of patients will strain doctors, nurses, and technicians, no matter how efficient they are.
  • Lack of coordination – A hectic schedule makes it difficult to coordinate between medical staff. It is compounded when different reservations come into conflict, which can slow down appointments and treatment.
  • Lack of adequate hospital space – Space is the most critical issue when handling patients. With a high volume and not enough staff, crowding is more likely to happen. It can be challenging to address, given the need for social distancing measures.

Different workspaces have unique challenges, so it’s essential to have tools that provide unique solutions. It is especially true for hospitals and health centers.

Desk management software provides tailor-made solutions allowing healthcare facilities to manage both space and time more effectively. Doctors, nurses, and staff minimize their exposure, and administration staff can utilize better scheduling.


Social Distancing in Hospitals


How Desk Hoteling Software Helps Hospitals Practice Safe Quarantine and Social Distancing Measures


With desk hoteling software, the healthcare industry can provide reliable healthcare services. IT is because better spacing and data collection allow for better space allocation, planning, and workload distribution.


There are many ways this tool can help hospitals and clinics. Here are a few:


Efficient room scheduling

Scheduling is one of the biggest problems hospitals face. Rooms and facilities must be cleaned and sanitized regularly. At the same time, patients had to be admitted and treated.


Hoteling systems help reduce this problem with better space reservation. Doctors, nurses, and medical staff can see which rooms are reserved and which spaces are available.


Thorough contact tracing

Room management software also integrates with sensor beacons. While it can assist in containing possible outbreaks and various establishments, it can also work for hospitals. This way, admins can monitor medical staff and recommend self-quarantine if needed.

With this tool, admins can consolidate comprehensive reports on other users also present in the exact location.


Streamlined workflow for doctors, nurses, and medical staff 

Hospitals have become more crowded since the pandemic. Doctors, nurses, and medical staff can schedule certain facilities in advance for their convenience.

With desk management software, patients can be easily accommodated as staff can quickly determine rooms that don’t have any bookings. Everyone at the hospital can work more efficiently within safety protocols.


Real-time space usage data and analytics reports

Booking reservation software can deliver prompt analytics reports to identify rooms that need cleaning or are ready for accommodation. It automates workflow and prevents hospital rooms from being left unattended.


Doctors, nurses, and medical staff working shifts can also view this information at any time. Thanks to the integration with a meeting room booking display, it is possible to customize it to fit the hospital’s needs.


What You Need to Know About Desk Hoteling Software


Hoteling systems are a valuable asset for various kinds of organizations. Corporates, government offices, and hospitals all need to optimize every available resource. In light of recent global events, space utilization is also crucial in ensuring safety for workers and patients.


Here’s what you need to know about what hoteling systems can do: 


  • Simplify the booking process 

Doctors, nurses, and medical staff are currently the most active in today’s situation. An efficient desk hoteling system can save them time and acts as a more straightforward way to set their schedule.

The medical staff doesn’t have to go through a rigorous process to reserve certain facilities. Since the system updates room status in real-time, everyone is notified via email right away.


  • Boost productivity

Hoteling systems boost productivity by providing alternatives for managers and employees. Employees who work better when given space can work from home, while creative teams who need collaboration have more room.

Managers with access to valuable space usage data can also make informed decisions in optimizing their workplace.


  • Improves coordination

Desk hoteling software improves teamwork, especially in hospitals. It is thanks to the unified reservation schedules that the software makes readily available.

Medical staff with identical assignments can collaborate while following social distancing guidelines. They can set a schedule ahead of time for a definite space at the hospital building and meet safely. 


  • Ease of access

A hoteling app is easy to use, making reservations faster and simpler. With mobile app support, they can send an email and phone notification regarding their daily schedules. Its ease of use also makes it accessible to medical staff and employees at all levels.

This ease of access is also reflected in its integration with other apps. Hoteling systems integrate seamlessly with additional tools to provide a smooth room reservation experience.


The Takeaway


The challenges of any workspace come from the need to ensure a consistent experience. It is valid for time-sensitive tasks that need to be attended to as soon as possible. In the case of hospitals, it’s about ensuring a smooth reservation experience and health and safety.


When faced with a heavy workload and long hours, anyone would find it challenging to stay on schedule. Organizing reservations is also impractical and takes too much time. It is why desk hoteling software is crucial for doctors, nurses, and medical staff.


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