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The Correlation of Happy Employees to Excellent Customer Experience to Increasing Business Sales

The key to business success is a continuous stream of satisfied customers who repeatedly buy their goods or use their services. The way to make customers patronize your products and services is to provide them with a satisfactory experience.

Hence, since your employees are on the front lines in providing excellent customer service, they are the first to assist and make customers happy. So making your employees happy should be top of the list when you want to retain customers’ loyalty and gain new customers. Enabling them to use a meeting room booking display can ease the weight of their workloads.

The Correlation of Happy Employees to Happy Customers to Increasing Sales

In the business world, keeping customers satisfied and retaining them is significant to continued success. Your employees who face customers daily are the ones who determine their levels of satisfaction. Hence, keeping your team members happy and content with the company’s products or services, preventing them from going to another provider. Therefore employees must have a reliable meeting room booking management system to manage their tasks and clients’ requests.

Instead of ignoring the impact that meeting room management software outlook offers your employees, they can effectively utilize it on the business processes and customer satisfaction. Keep this power in mind and encourage employees to make the most of their ability in helping your business achieve success.

Using a meeting room scheduling system enables you to keep track of your employees from time to time. Room scheduling systems can also help simplify the management of workplace operations.

Keeping your employees happy is not just hearsay; there are studies and facts to back it up.

A report by Gallup, ‘The State of the American Workplace,’ indicated that employees who are happy and engaged at work improve customer relationships, translating to a 20% increase in sales.

A Tempkin Group report – the 2016 Employee Engagement Benchmark Study – showed that companies that excel in customer experience had 1.5 times as many engaged and happy employees as customers experience negligence.

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

Only those who interact with customers face-to-face daily know what truly satisfies their clients. To give excellent customer service, employees must feel that they can modify the general business practices to help their clients. If your employees feel empowered to meet customer needs, they would likely improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Using meeting rooms booking system, they can identify the resources that clients need.

Creating the Business Environment

Customers’ first impressions of a company depend primarily on the workplace environment. While the company managers can set the workplace ambiance, the employees’ demeanor can set the scene. Conducting online facility scheduling can help employees manage their workload more efficiently and identify which facilities can cater to the clients’ needs. The facilities scheduling software helps them quickly identify which rooms are available to clients in your facility.

Employees make a significant impact on customers in the way they interact and respond to them. Employees behaving in a professional yet warm manner can accommodate customers pleasantly and make the business environment an inviting one. Integrating an online room booking software in your business also provides your business with an edge over your competitors.

Building Good Customer Relationship

Customers and employees build great relationships that keep customers coming back. To create extraordinary customer relationships, your staff needs to go the extra mile and develop connections with each person they serve.

For example, asking your customers for details about their lives or remembering customers’ repetitive orders allowing you to serve them quickly. Although the management could not impose building relationships, they can assign employees who are willing and open to building good business relationships with your clients. Also, having a room booking software outlook enables your employees to quickly and easily identify and locate available rooms for the clients’ needs.

Representing the Product

Employees often embody the products and services that the company is offering. Usually, the customers can perceive and make their initial impressions of the products or services based on your employees’ knowledge about them. So your employees must have a distinct area where they can study and efficiently do their tasks. Room booking systems can help them locate available rooms in the workplace on the spot.

Though your staff may not directly build or develop the products, they are on the front lines of giving customers information about them. They are the ones ensuring that your product is what clients are looking for and closing the sale with them.

To ensure that your workers represent the company’s products and sell them effectively, company managers need to educate their employees on these products and services. Arming your staff with the proper knowledge about your company’s products and services can improve customer engagement and conversion. You can use the software’s room reservation program to schedule and book a conference meeting or training session with your employees. A room reservation system is a great tool that can help your business with its endeavors.

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So How Do You Make Your Team Members Happy?

Here are some insights that can help companies to also focus on their employees as much as their customers:

Providing meaningful team member development

Employees want to feel there is an opportunity for advancement working in the company. Allow them to explore their options on how they can get there. A room booking system software can help you book rooms for future use, such as skills training.

A team member’s solid career path in the company can encourage them to be more attuned in providing excellent service to customers. Using the room booking system, your employees can explore its features and how the software can help to make them more efficient and productive.

Conducting training and making it part of the company culture

Employees want to advance the skills that can help them perform better in their current positions. Ongoing training and coaching that teach employees new skills to better accommodate their customers is an excellent addition to making them feel happy. An online facility scheduling software can help you with the scheduling of team member training in the company.

Showing employees the company supports them

Communication between company leaders and employees is key to building upon lessons learned in the training and coaching sessions. Constructive criticisms are critical to employees feeling they are making a difference. Great leaders create a healthy, caring, and supportive office environment that can help cultivate the company’s future managers and leaders, managing the overall customer experience.

A meeting room booking system integrated with outlook helps both managers and employees identify the responsibilities and the needs of everyone in the workplace. You can use an online booking system for meeting rooms to book and reserve conference rooms for meetings with the team.

Creating a fun office environment

Creating a fun work environment doesn’t always equate with an office party. Establishing a fun work environment means allowing your employees to feel that the company values the work they do. Hence it is essential to acknowledge their unique talents and support their interests. They should feel excited about working the next day, or work on the next project, or anticipate what’s next for the company. You can use a meeting room booking system to organize an event or a day for bonding where you can get to know each other and build stronger relationships that can help achieve your company’s objective.

Recognizing your employees’ contribution to the company’s success might be a small gesture. Still, it could make a workplace more enjoyable. In turn, your employees can feel valued and take care of your customers to the best of their abilities.

Giving rewards and recognition

Rewards and recognition for jobs well done can foster camaraderie among leaders and employees. You can also allow your employees to nominate their colleagues for superb work performance. Rewarding employees for excellent customer service interactions can be a perfect example for other employees to emulate. They can inspire them to go beyond providing exceptional services to every customer they engage with.

Advantages & Disadvantages of the Customer’s Relationship With Management

While there are many good customer-management relationships in businesses, there are times when customers and the management are simply oil and water. They repel each other that having a business relationship proves to be more of a disadvantage.            

It requires strong people skills and firm handling to maintain good customer relationships without setting up potential problems, for example, customers taking advantage of the relationship.  

Customer Service Access

Businesses that have set up a contact line where customers can call, send text messages, and email content position themselves in the advantage. A meeting room booking solution caters to clients’ needs as they can book and contact their concerns conveniently anytime, anywhere. When customers can quickly reach the company through online meeting room booking features, the management can quickly resolve any customer issue.

Positive Perception of the Business

Another advantage of establishing an excellent customer-management relationship is creating a positive perception of the business. When customers and management interact to resolve a problem or come to a business agreement, it creates a long-lasting relationship with loyalty. This customer–management relationship needs to be constantly scrutinized and maintained to ensure that customers feel valued even after post-sales. Meeting room booking software outlook has features that can help generate reports regarding customer-management interactions.


A disadvantage of having a customer – management relationship is developing perceived familiarity. Although a business keeps all their customers feel important and valued, having overfamiliarity with a customer can cause constant interaction with the management. The management should draw the line between hearing customer feedback or dealing with customers’ problems and maintaining professionalism. Suppose there is a need to settle issues. In that case, you can easily book available rooms to address concerns adequately through the meeting room reservation system.

Social Media

Using social media to assist your employees in managing the customer base can have both positive and negative outcomes. When consumers make favorable feedback about a brand on social networking platforms, some see this as an uninvited endorsement. Customers who use social networking sites to make derogatory remarks, on the other hand, can damage a company’s image. However, if a concern arises, management should take a proactive stance and work effectively to fix the issue. They can transform what may have been a traumatic encounter into something much more optimistic.

An online conference room scheduling software can help companies conduct meetings or reserve rooms in the office for goal-setting meetings. Discussions can spark ideas on how everyone can help improve the services that can further strengthen the company’s image.

Relationship Building

Companies should make it a goal to work hard to build great relationships with their clients. The company’s strength reflects how strong its customer base is—in most businesses, whether big or small, emphasizing the value of engaging with customers can yield good outcomes.

What Is Cultural Conflict in Business?

With the rise of international commerce, telecommunications, and cultural diversity, several situations exist in which many small companies must deal with cultural conflicts. International trade and distribution agreements are the most common, where cultural differences can be unheard of in the state. If not appropriately addressed, the growing cultural diversity can create controversy in the workplace.

Advertising Conflicts

Businesses that sell to or deal with people from other countries should learn about cultural nuances to avoid potentially conflicting circumstances. Companies must review the advertising approaches directed at a multicultural society, mainly if interpreted into another language.

Negotiating Conflicts

Differences in vocabulary can cause conflict in international relations, but foreign societies also have different approaches toward negotiating. Buyers or sellers who offer deals that are far from what they can pay to provide room for discussions are unreliable in these situations.

Workplace Conflicts

Even small companies that do not sell internationally may face cultural conflicts. If not managed appropriately, racial and cultural diversity might lead to tension and weaker team member morale. Small companies, however, can eliminate these issues and reap the rewards of a diversified workforce through teamwork and communication.

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