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What is Desk Booking? Everything You Need to Know About Office Desk Reservation Software Technology

The Coronavirus pandemic is the catalyst for change – but in a downward trend. Economic activities worldwide slowed down or ceased to operate as health and safety measures have become the highest priority. The health crisis posed a threat to national security. For a period, businesses adapted by allowing their employees to work from home. Only essential businesses such as food, medicine, utility, communication, and healthcare sectors were allowed to operate on a skeletal


The governments could only support their people for a short time. Keeping citizens locked in their homes and out of work dampened the economy in unprecedented ways. Thus, businesses should start to reopen to prevent further collapse of the economy. The gradual reopening of business establishments required health and safety plans implemented before the employees’ return. This plan must include office desk reservation software where they can implement a desk booking system.

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What is Desk Booking?

Desk booking is the process or strategy of managing and maximizing the use of office spaces, resources, and assets through office booking software technology. Office spaces are the desks, cubicles, workstations, meeting rooms, conference rooms, coworking spaces, car park spaces, collaboration spaces, and private office inside the corporate building. Simultaneously, resources and assets are laptops, projectors, tv screens, conference telephone, speakers, and other work-related equipment.

Hot desk booking software is a program application used for office space and facility management. It enables business owners and their team members to book or reserve workspaces via the web browser, company computer, or mobile app.

Who uses the Desk Reservation System?

Any organization with more than ten (10) members can use office hoteling reservation system technology. Organizations across multi industries can use hot desk management software solutions in their workplaces.

Some of the industries that can use the hot desking software solutions system:

i) Educational institutions

ii) Healthcare sectors

iii) Private companies

iv) Public organizations

v) Financial institutions

vi) Law firms

vii) Business establishments

viii) Industrial complexes

ix) Contact center industries

many more.

Office Desk Reservation Software

Why should Organizations use the Office Desk Reservation Software in their workplace?

There are countless reasons why organizations NEED a desk reservation system in the workplace. The ultimate reason for an office desk reservation system is to secure their team members from contracting Coronavirus in the workplace as they return to the office amidst the pandemic.

DeskFlex Desk Booking System

The DeskFlex hot desk management software is the first to develop COVID-compliant software features that help organizations transition safely back to the office or school campuses.

COVID-compliant Software Features

DeskFlex hot desk management software is the only software technology that can provide the following program functions:

To promote Social Distancing protocols:

  • Dynamic Scheduling

Dynamic scheduling is a function that automatically disables nearby desks and workstations that fall within the 2-meter range when some reserves an office space or desk.

  • Capacity Limits

Capacity Limit is a feature that allows facility managers to limit or restrict the number of people to reserve a desk or workstation in a floor area. Administrators can set a limit according to the number of desks they would allow the employees to book, or half of the total floor area’s capacity.

  • Manage Survey

Manage Survey is a feature that allows Site Administrators to add, delete, or modify the Social Distancing survey questions that prompt when you log in to the system. Site admins can add their company policies and protocols regarding COVID compliance on their premises.

  • Visitor Management

With DeskFlex visitor management software, guests and visitors can also book a meeting room, conference room, activity venue, and equipment for a specified period. Organizations can rent out their shared spaces to outsiders who want to use their on-campus facilities for their activity. Shared spaces and campus facilities rental can generate additional income for the organization.

To make Contact Tracing easy:

  • Bluetooth Beacons

DeskFlex Beacons are the latest innovation used to provide location-based services through Bluetooth signals for the check-in and check-out process. The beacons allow the Bluetooth devices to send and capture information within short distances. As the user moves along the building, the nearest Bluetooth beacon will capture the mobile device’s signal and keep the user’s data.

The Bluetooth beacons send this information to the central server. It keeps a record of every user’s logged-in activity within that day and area. The company admin can retrieve data in case of an outbreak in the office. DeskFlex office desk booking system will display all the logged in users at the time of contact with an infected person.

To maintain sanitation and reduce surface contact:

  • Automatic Desk Sanitation

Automatic desk sanitation software will allow the next user to reserve the desk after the cleaning crew performed workspace sanitation. Users will notice a pop-up message informing them of the available time to create a reservation on the desk, meeting room, workstation, or equipment.

  • Contactless Room Displays

DeskFlex Room Display helps offices and organizations transition back to the office after the COVID lockdowns using the newest contactless room display. The contactless room display helps prevent the spread of infection in the workplace.

  • FlexCube QR Code Scanner

The new DeskFlex FlexCube Desk Booking Device comes with a fresh, sleek black box design and more interactive features than its predecessor – the FlexCube Light. The new DeskFlex FlexCube Desk Booking Device is the next-level workspace management device that allows users to view space availability. It will enable users to have contactless check-in and check out using the QR Code scanning and LED lights indicator to determine the workstation’s real-time status.

  • Thermal Scanner and Mask Detection

DeskFlex’s temperature and mask detection feature prevent the spread of infection in the workplace following the COVID-19 pandemic by not allowing tagged individuals from entering the secured facility. It is for the healthcare industry, education, enterprises, businesses, call centers, and government institutions where many people are coming in on any given day.

Rethinking Contemporary Office Dynamics and Design

The workplace is ever-changing, with modern workers demanding an unconventional workplace seating arrangement. The digital business transformation created dynamic work trends that focus on flexibility, collaboration, creativity, and productivity.

Team members are more agile when it comes to performing in their work. There are days team members need to discuss ideas together; there are times when team members need to focus on a task alone and without distractions. These work activities entail several types of workstations and desks. Organizations must rethink the way they design their spaces. To accommodate dynamic work teams, facility managers must consider providing various types of workstations. For example, a collaboration activity needs a long table, where the team members can sit together and discuss a project. A consultation session requires a private room where two workers can talk about work evaluations or equivalent. An office nook can be beneficial to workers who want some quiet time or alone time.

As a result of workplace transformation, organizations need to redesign their offices to accommodate these changes. Thus, with the new set up of workplaces, using hot desking software solutions to organize these resources and avoid team members from getting into conflicts over workspace utilization.

The DeskFlex hot desking software solutions can help in maximizing the use of office spaces in many ways.

Other reasons why organizations should use DeskFlex office reservation system:

With the DeskFlex office reservation system in your company, you and your team members can use the following features in addition to the COVID-compliant functions mentioned above.

Room Scheduling

Desk and Room Scheduling

  • The DeskFlex office desk reservation software allows you to schedule meeting room reservations ahead of time. DeskFlex room reservation program prevents confusion and frustration as a result of double bookings. The system will show the rooms’ current status, whether they are booked for the day, available in the next few minutes, or booked throughout the week.
  • DeskFlex room booking software provides a streamlined method for managing conference room booking as teams occasionally need to gather to assess work performances and company goals.
  • DeskFlex meeting room booking system uses advanced information technology incorporation allowing office organizations to access the functions through Outlook integration and web-based interface.

MS Exchange / Outlook / Zapier / Office 365 / Okta Integrations

  • DeskFlex office desk booking system integrates with MS Exchange, Outlook, Zapier, Office 365, and Okta Flex Integrations to make scheduling and reservations easy. The integration process takes only a few minutes. With DeskFlex’s Outlook room booking system, users and company event planners can determine the best time to schedule an event. With DeskFlex’s meeting room manager Outlook, you can seamlessly schedule your conferences using the online calendar and share it with all your members.

Lobby Kiosk

  • Users can use the kiosks to reserve the space they want, aside from having access to room reservations online or through the mobile app. The Lobby Kiosks can display the real-time availability status or current use of their preferred rooms, workspaces, and the equipment needed for each space. On the Kiosk screen, select ‘Reservation’ to begin making a standard desk booking reservation. Provide the booking’s specific details, such as the date, time, floor, and space types. Verify reservation by clicking the ‘Yes’ button.

Room Display Touch Screens

  • Users can now use their mobile devices to scan a QR code to log in to the meeting room or desk reservation. Users can also check out from the booking using the contactless room display sensors. The system will also automatically schedule a time for desk and meeting room sanitation after continuous reservations.
  • DeskFlex’s state-of-the-art meeting room contactless room displays interface work with our Bluetooth beacons to provide users another option in desk booking and conference room reservations. The Bluetooth beacons nearby allow the devices to connect with it for check-in confirmation. The booked user can log in on the desk by scanning the QR code to the contactless display screen. Once he logs in, he is free to perform any action on the workspace.

Workstation Touch Screens

  • The DeskFlex WorkStation Touchscreens displays current status of the desk or workstation. It works for technical or scientific applications, supports modern operating systems. It is digital signage in the retail sector and a second support device to complement the office hoteling reservation system.

Bluetooth Beacons

  • DeskFlex Beacons are the latest innovation used to provide location-based services through Bluetooth for the check-in and check-out process. The beacons allow the Bluetooth devices to send and capture information with short distances. The ease of use and versatility make office room management simple. The client permanently installs the DeskFlex application on its mobile for check-in and check-out procedure.

Permanent Users

  • DeskFlex hot desk room booking systems have a “Permanent Users” feature that reserves workspaces to a specific team member. This desk booking functionality allows a team member to use the same workstation every day or until the ‘permanent user’ releases others’ space.
  • The “Permanent User” can directly check-in to the workspace without having to make an advanced reservation. He can also release the workspace anytime he wants so that other work colleagues can use and reserve the desk.


The FlexCube

  • With ever more powerful engineering technology and robotics, DeskFlex FlexCube design is a compact model gadget to prevent work table congestion or clutter.
  • FlexCube Desk Booking Device comes in a glossy and durable black-box design with a window display of the day’s date and time, real-time space status, future reservations, and Wifi connectivity. It is lightweight and can easily attach to the work cubicle walls using adhesives or on the corner of the workstations for quick access. It connects to the system Wifi to simultaneously update data to the cloud and allow access for web and mobile bookings.

Analytics / Reporting

  • DeskFlex has an efficient tracking system that offers assistance by providing workstations’ status, from current open availability to reserved and permanent seating. Analytics and Reporting will assist your business by selecting a workstation according to your or your team member’s requirements. You can also reserve and track equipment such as projectors, laptops, and whiteboards to maximize your space potential and adapt your space accordingly.

Support PBX

  • The DeskFlex room booking system is compatible with the Cisco Cyber Security Systems Call Manager 4.3(x).
  • DeskFlex’s room booking software meets and complies with the Cisco Cyber Security System’s guidelines and test criteria. Users can securely make room reservations online without the fear of data intrusion. Organizations can use DeskFlex meeting room bookings with high levels of encryption and information security.
  • DeskFlex desk and room booking software integrate with Avaya Communication Systems to help organizations reach their goals using the top-of-the-line cloud-based telephone system. Using DeskFlex meeting room booking software, users can reserve their room reservations online with their office tables’ related telephone equipment.
  • Avaya Developer Connection Program tested and certified DeskFlex room booking system to use with the S8XXX product line.

Visitor Management

  • DeskFlex visitor management software helps companies and organizations monitor and process guests and outsiders visiting or renting out their facilities. A visitor can be a delivery man, a job applicant, a customer, or an employee’s relative. Mainly, anyone not employed full time or registered in the organization is considered a visitor.
  • Visitor management system software is customizable from the simple electronic logbook to more advanced software integrations such as biometric scanner, surveillance cameras, no-mask detection, body temperature scanning, and a list of unwelcome guests.

Desk Booking System

When to use the Desk Booking System?

The future of workspace is intergenerational, which means it transcends across different generations of workers. Business owners must anticipate the changes in the way people live, work, and use technology in their lives. Leaders must recognize the factors that motivate team members to increase work productivity and retain top talents in the company.

A multi-generation workforce is a combination of young and old employees. Different generations have different preferences and expectations that modern offices must address. According to recent studies, millennial workers prefer to have a better work-life balance, sometimes taking lower pay in exchange for more time off to enjoy life a little bit more. The millennial generation does not care about whoever sits in the best office. Where you sit in the office does not define your position in the organization. They want more flexibility at work and don’t want to spend all day at their desks. They want to try different things, move around, or be able to work from home. Sometimes, they prefer to work standing up rather than sit down. Thus, a diverse workforce poses a real estate challenge for many facility managers handling corporate real estate.

Organizations can use hot desk booking software innovation at any time or whatever stage of their business enterprise. Suppose business owners decide to integrate the desk booking system in their organization. In that case, DeskFlex hot desk room booking systems can integrate seamlessly into existing company networks and can be customized to fit company needs.

Where to use the Desk Booking System?

You can use desk booking software for hotdesking in every existing industry, practically anywhere an organization is available. The DeskFlex desk booking system is a cloud-based application that allows customers to access the system anywhere in the world. So whether they have a company in the US and Europe, Asia, South Africa, Latin America, or anywhere globally, organizations can use the DeskFlex room booking software.

For example, you can use the desk booking software in managing schools, colleges, and campuses allowing school administrators, faculty, school staff, and students to use the system in accessing classrooms, lecture halls, activity venues, school gyms, laboratories, study spaces, and many more.

Corporate companies such as law firms, banks, accounting firms, consulting firms, advertising firms, etc. can also implement the desk booking system in their organization. Coworking space rental businesses are suitable to use desk booking system in managing their rentable spaces. Real estate businesses can also use hot desk software in managing their offices and buildings.

Healthcare facilities, including clinics, outpatient facilities, diagnostic centers, large hospitals, etc. can maximize the use of their beds, rooms, suites, and medical equipment when using the DeskFlex hot desk software.  Government institutions such as the federal government offices can also benefit from the office hoteling reservation system in their organization.

How to use the DeskFlex Desk Booking System?

Finally, your business leaders decided to implement the DeskFlex office hoteling reservation software in your organization. After the DeskFlex software developers integrated the office desk reservation software in the company systems, the customer service team will provide company or one-on-one training on using and accessing the DeskFlex desk reservation system.

Web-browser, Desktop, and Mobile App Access

You and your team members can access the DeskFlex desk reservation system by logging in your company-given credentials to any available device. Download and install the plug-in to your desktop or laptop to start using the reservation system. On your mobile phone, download the DeskFlex mobile application from Apple Store or PlayStore and log-in using your work credentials.

Desk and Room Booking Process

After logging into the DeskFlex system, a pop-up window displaying your company’s COVID19 questionnaire and social distancing policy, which you must confirm and accept. The system will then take you to the Dashboard to perform the desk and room reservation process. Click the Reservation tab and set the required parameters of the booking. Choose the desired date, time, duration, preferred office space, building, related equipment, and you can also enter some notes if you want. Then click the Confirm button to create the reservation.

On the day of your booking, check in to or check out of your office space reservation using the QR code scan on the FlexCube device, Bluetooth syncing, Lobby Kiosks, or through your mobile device.  The system will also automatically check you out when the Bluetooth beacon could not sync with your device for 15 minutes.

What are the benefits of using the DeskFlex Office Hoteling Reservation System

Aside from the long list of features and functions that DeskFlex hot desk booking software can provide, organizations can enjoy tons of benefits such as the following:


Maximize the use of office spaces, resources, and equipment

The office building gets the most significant chunk of the overhead expenses budget for any business organization. Companies spend heavily on building rent, utilities, office supplies, and equipment. DeskFlex hot desk booking software can significantly cut the business overhead costs.

If your business has field agents or shifting schedules, two team members can use the same desk at different times or when needed. You can allocate related equipment such as a laptop and telephone line only to that particular desk. You can also allocate utilities such as power and airconditioning units only to the reserved office space. With the DeskFlex desk reservation system, users can view which desks, meeting rooms, and equipment are available on what particular dates so they can schedule their way around it.


Delight in Flexibility and Accessibility

Workers are incredibly agile these days. They want to access anything right under their fingertips and any time of the day. Suppose a team member wants to make a desk reservation in the middle of the night, they can conveniently perform the booking process using the mobile application installed on their phones. Likewise, any colleague can decide to cancel or modify his/her reservation at the comfort of his/her home.

Flexibility in choosing their desired workstation can also empower your team members. They can work at any space necessary to finish the task. When team members need to collaborate, they can book a meeting room or coworking space. When they need some solitude to focus on individual work, they can also book an office space suitable to complete the task.

Provide Reports and Analytics

The reports and analytics of the DeskFlex hot desk booking software will display all users’ activities in a summarized graph. The system will generate reports and analytics for the office administrators to study which office spaces are prime spaces and which areas in the office are underutilized. With the reports, business owners can make wise decisions on space planning and redesigning their workplace to meet their team members’ activities and project needs.

There are more rewards than risks that companies can reap when using the DeskFlex hot desking software solutions.  An in-depth discussion with each feature and benefits will take a hundred pages if we are to elaborate more. Our help desk is open for inquiries at any time. You can schedule a demo with one of our sales team to experience first-hand how DeskFlex hot desking software solutions work. You can also test our 30-day free trial to see what fits in your organization.  Call us now!

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