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Why Investing in Office Hoteling Software is A Must in Hybrid Working Era

Businesses are reopening, Investing in Office Hoteling Software is on trending. However, the government mandated that they won’t still allow operating in total capacity. Therefore, many companies are scheduling their workforce alternately. For most organizations that plan to bring back their employees, unprecedented problems come up between their transitions.


Social distancing, contact tracing, and cleaning, a blend of in-office and remote work, comes with challenges. Fortunately, using office hoteling software solutions can help businesses manage their space and streamline hybrid workplaces.


This emerging flexible space management strategy provides companies with an intelligent way to create a safe and productive work environment. With cities now easing restrictions and more workers slowly returning to office spaces, investing in this tool is beneficial. Here’s why companies with hybrid work models are implementing this software.


How does office hoteling technology work?


An office or desk hoteling software is a tool that allows an organization to manage workspaces. With this software, employees can make reservations and schedule their use of desks, conference rooms, and even equipment. This tool provides employees with the flexibility to choose when and where they want to sit and work. 


For companies that use a hybrid work model, this innovation serves as their key strategy to manage workspace and employees efficiently. Hybrid working is new for everyone. So, it is necessary to employ a reliable system to make it work. Here’s why it’s worth of investing in this software for your hybrid company.


Hybrid Working Era


Top Reasons to Invest in Hoteling Software for Your Hybrid Workplace


With many employees reluctant to leave remote work behind, it’s becoming clear that hybrid work is here to stay. But since this strategy comes with drawbacks and requires more control, investing in hoteling technology is a must. Here are the top reasons and benefits why you should adopt this tool.


Provides stability and sorts out the process

If you switch to a hybrid work model without any system, expect to run into several complications. It will become difficult to communicate about the schedule and available rooms or desks in real time. That means your employees may not know where they can work and when they can come in.

Before you know it, you’ll have a massive crowd of people in the office with nowhere to work. A hoteling app can streamline the process and ensure employees will have a space to work when they arrive. It gives your organization more significant control over the situation.


Improves productivity of employees

Aside from giving employees their preferred hybrid workplace environment, these tools also allow them to book the space they want. Perhaps a worker needs uninterrupted quiet time in a private cubicle or a room where they can collaborate with others. They now have the power to choose the place that’s most suitable to get the job done.


Not all people require the same thing to reach their peak productivity level. The ability to choose hoteling stations that suit their needs can help improve their experience and output. 


Boost collaboration and teamwork

Another benefit that comes with this flexible setup is an increase in collaboration and teamwork. Just because employees are no longer in the office every day of the week doesn’t mean regular cooperation is impossible. As mentioned earlier, employees can also reserve a room or collaboration space to work with their colleagues.


Without hoteling software, people would have to claim desks on a first-come, first-serve basis. There’s a chance that teams could get scattered and away from each other if they’re not on time. Organizations can boost collaboration and build a friendly work environment in a hybrid workplace with hoteling technology.


Improves utilization of space and resources

Assigning permanent desks to employees who now spend most of their time working from home isn’t wise. But you know that most of your workspace is not serving its purposes. With a hoteling system, you will be able to eliminate unnecessary workspaces. Aside from that, you’ll have the power to manage company resources and space effectively.


This resource and room utilization software lets you monitor what employees are using, where they’re sitting, and when they’re working. It ensures you make the most out of your limited resources and only allocate them when employees need them. This tool provides an equitable system where every person has fair access to what they need.


Enhances safety since it’s easier to clean

One thing that the ongoing pandemic taught us is the importance of keeping things clean and sanitized. Office hoteling software makes it easier to schedule a cleaning routine after every use. It can also help simplify the process of cleaning and sanitizing workspaces for subsequent users. Janitorial staff can easily use the time between bookings to go through each desk.


It can also help ensure social distancing within the floor and sanitation of each desk. Employees can rest assured knowing a workspace is clean and ready for them when they arrive at the office. The software can block or prevent reservations to a floor or office space once it reaches the maximum allowed capacity. 


Minimizes operational cost

Since office hoteling software can help you manage office space more effectively, you can significantly reduce financial costs. The smaller your workspace is, the lesser you spend on rent, energy costs, and utility fees. Here’s the most appealing part: the less money you spend on operational expenses, the more capital you can reinvest back into your company.


Additionally, a hoteling system doesn’t bind employees to a single workspace or require them to spend eight hours at the office. With this flexibility, you can increase your workforce without needing to expand office space. You can reduce operational and real-estate costs.


It helps you monitor and prevent virus contamination at the workplace.

Even a vaccine is ongoing, the threat of the virus is still around the corner. Your employees can also get infected even with complete vaccination and suffer from illness. Of course, you don’t want most of your employees to get ill and affect your operation. Since you can’t monitor where your remote workers spend their day working, it’s essential to safeguard your organization.


Fortunately, office hoteling software comes with Covid-compliant features that automate safety protocols. Even with your busy facility, you can efficiently execute thermal scanning, mask detection, contact tracing, and more automatically.


It comes with a vaccine management system.

Getting vaccinated is crucial for companies to ensure everyone’s safety. However, some people still don’t want to get a jab. Many companies require their employees to be fully vaccinated, or they will fire them.


Therefore, some of them may say that they have already got their vaccine. With office hoteling software, you can ensure that everybody will get immunized. Once the software is in place, you can track who’s not yet vaccinated. It will also remind you and your team member about their vaccination schedule with SMS and email notifications.




After learning about the benefits and convenience of remote work, many people aren’t keen on giving it up anymore. As more companies open up their office spaces, we’re seeing the emergence of hybrid office models. However, it’s not free of any flaws and complications.


The good news is that office hoteling software solutions can bring structure to your hybrid workplace model. This custom programming service gives organizations better control and allows workers to choose where and how to work. It can help your organization function efficiently and effectively despite the world’s current situation.

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