Hybrid Working Challenges

How Online Booking Software Helps Working Parents Adopt Hybrid Working Challenges

It’s pretty hard to imagine how the workplace looked like two years back. Meetings, client calls, conferences, and team huddles almost fill every corporate team member’s daily calendar.

Though online booking software was already available by then, its importance was still not that magnified. While complying with the demands of their jobs, working parents were also often found to juggle work with parental roles. Before going to their respective offices, these parents had to drop their kids in school. And after they finished the day, they also had to pick them up to go home.

They built their lives on this routine. And because of that, no matter how things got hectic, everyone was just able to cope. But things changed drastically come the pandemic.

Schools closed down, and offices had to set up a skeletal workforce. And since it was unsafe to go out, everyone was forced to stay at home. However, staying at home doesn’t mean leisure. While kids had to attend their online classes, working parents had to continue working as if nothing had happened. 


Workplaces Going Hybrid

In response to the clamor for safety and productivity, companies came up with the idea of a hybrid workplace. A hybrid workplace is a mixture of on-site and remote work. They need desk booking software to sort their room arrangements out. While companies are still perfecting the ideal setup for their employees, there are a few things to note.

Firstly, the decision where to mainly work should depend on productivity. For example, a writer feels more productive if working next to nature than in the office. In that case, they are prime candidates for a mixture of remote and on-site work. However, a Quality Control Analyst has to be on-site to be able to carry on their task. In this scenario, it’s ideal if they work on-site.

Second, the employer should solicit the team member’s decision on the matter at hand. A working parent may be productive in the office but may prefer to shift between remote and on-site work. In that case, the company also has to consider this input. By listening to the team member’s opinions, you can help them enhance their productivity.


Challenges of the Hybrid Workplace to Working Parents 

Every work setup has its pros and cons. In the case of hybrid workplaces, their benefits are in the flexibility it offers its employees, especially in the case of working parents. However, a few of the challenges include the following.

  • Updates: Since they’re working on-site and remotely, getting constant updates can be an issue.
  • Meeting attendance: If you’re a working parent in a hybrid workplace, switching between parental and team member roles could be challenging. It is especially true during meetings. You could either forget about it, miss it, or have a hard time joining it.
  • Working space: Every team member understands the value and importance of having their workspace. If you shift between remote to on-site work, getting a permanent workspace could be no easy feat. A desk booking system adds value by ensuring that you will have a place to work consistently.

Online Booking Software


How Can Online Booking Software Remedy Hybrid Workplace Challenges?

This software offers features that will help room booking and co-working space rental seamless, flexible, and easy to navigate. An online room booking software is a groundbreaking, cloud-based booking management software created and designed specifically for companies implementing a hybrid workplace.

The said software utilized top-notch and groundbreaking automation to innovate and promote productivity and collaboration in various workplaces. A few of the software’s features include room booking, parking lot reservation, and office room management. Here are how the said booking software can help working parents in a hybrid workplace. 

Seamless meetings through Web Reservation System

Office hoteling software allows users to book through their website or via the mobile app version of the software. This feature will enable users to reserve accurately, receive their confirmation instantly, confirm availability, and book any time of the day. With this, working parents don’t have to be in the office to book a room for a meeting personally.

In that case, meetings can be more seamless. Working parents don’t have to worry about missing something on their calendar because the software integrates with the user’s calendar. The same is true for other meeting attendees. Once the attendee confirms, the booking system will automatically block the date and time of the meeting. Furthermore, the system will send automatic reminders via SMS or email to the attendees to avoid no-shows.

With this meeting scheduling software, you can ensure that all your bookings will be monitored and checked instantaneously and automatically logged into the software. Also, you and other users will get instant notification of the status of the reservation. All confirmed bookings and reservations are then sent to the software database, abolishing the need for intermediaries, email requests, or by hand input of bookings.


Easy tracking of reservations to avoid missed meetings

With many things going on a working parent’s plate, it’s easy to forget essential appointments at work. But not with this meeting room manager software. It provides a comprehensive tool for schedule management, and this tool will provide you with all the performance you need in a single software.

With this, you can say that the software eases you of your worry and difficulty monitoring your meeting schedules. Each of your booking statuses will appear in the mobile app interface within the time frame you have chosen. Lastly, you can also generate a booking confirmation, along with a detailed description of the booking details.


Worry-free workspace rental

Since working parents already have so much going on, the least they should worry about is a workspace. With meeting room and desk reservation software, they can book their desired worktable, workspace, or room ahead of time. They might be working at home today, yet tomorrow, they’re at the office.

This booking software is so flexible that it can accommodate quick changes in one’s schedule. A few hours before going to that workplace, you can book online. When you get there, you don’t have to fight for your workspace. All you have to do is to work and get things done.



Surviving the challenges of a hybrid workplace is not an easy feat. The ever-changing demands of the job can wear a working parent down. On top of that, they also have to deal with things at home. Online booking software adds value because it frees these busy parents with the burden of worrying about a designated workspace.

For this reason, business leaders and employers should seriously consider investing in them. After all, it’ll always affect their employees’ productivity. They have to decide if they want it now than later.

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