Workspace Management Software

Optimize Resources with DeskFlex Workspace Management Software

Importance of a Managed Workspace

Managing workspaces is important for many companies, because the design of the place helps improve comfort and performance of workers, facilitate collaboration between departments, and develop collective intelligence, which could generate a 25% improvement in productivity ratios. Discover how to properly manage the workspace in the following note!


The proper management of workspace involves a strategic decision, so today the companies have expanded their horizons by incorporating entrepreneurship and strategic consulting firms that handle the integration, planning and implementation of actions related to real estate assets.


Utilizing Technology for Better Workspace Management

The current trend is not only about the physical workplace but also the digital one. Integration between technology and favorable spaces is required. Tools such as instant message among employees and multi -device environments allow workers to communicate with each other in a fast and immediate way.


Make Room for Collaboration

Whether we talk about physical workspaces or mobile working areas, such as virtual spaces created with cloud services and instant messaging, there must be a way to create spaces that employees can communicate and work together.


And what happens with remote teams? Companies have made room for collaboration with the extreme practice of teamwork environment, where remote workers are part of the instant messaging service allowing them to talk to each other as if they were in the same room. In this way, even employees who work outside the office have the opportunity to create a sense of companionship with other members of the team.


DeskFlex Workspace Management Software

It is modern workplace management software with usual features such as secure access to the physical environment, Wi-Fi, network control or voice platform. Some of the tools incorporating this application are as follows:

Customer portal, online invoicing, CRM with improved performance, efficient management of customer requests, calendar of reserves, resources and events, email management, integration with other platforms and total management from mobile devices.

It is a complete software solution to manage your working spaces and connect with your community. Designed to help you get the most out of your working center and save time on routine tasks, it lets you manage your resources, promote your space and grow your community more effectively and efficiently.

Among others, DeskFlex room scheduling software offers the following features: processing simplified registration and membership management; automating billing and payment online reservation system; monitoring emails; real – time reports, newsletters and so on. 

Thermal Detection

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