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The increasing role of desk booking software in workplaces of tomorrow

The writing’s on the wall: Workplaces of tomorrow will likely never look (or work!) the same as they did just a few months ago! As offices reopen after the work-from-away spell of forced COVID-19 closures, employers will introduce new work paradigms to comply with how things have evolved. Most prominent among the new changes is a revisiting of assigned desks, and a fresh perspective at hot-desking, hoteling and shared workspaces. 

In this brand-new environment, the role of desk booking software will be critical.

More than just desk reservations

In the new “work order”, employees won’t just reserve desks, cubicles and workstations. They’ll need more support than that…much more! That’s because some employees will likely continue to work from home, while others will split time between home-offices and workplaces. Other staff might have hoteling arrangements, where they use desks and conference rooms on a revolving or rotating basis.

Phoning-in a desk reservation won’t cut it anymore – intelligent desk booking software is the only way forward.

The role of Office managers and Facility administrators is about to get more complex too. They’ll deal with a host of new challenges:

  • How to make efficient use of desks and workstations when employees don’t occupy them 100% of the time?
  • Implement social distancing within the confines of the office – especially on days when a significant number of staff are on premises?
  • How do they implement enhanced cleaning of desks and offices, yet still ensure everyone (that’s in the office) has workspace to use?

These, and a whole slew of other complex questions, need a different approach to assigning desks and cubicles in the workspace. And that’s why forward-looking organizations are looking to automate this critical aspect of workplace life. 

Bringing intelligence and efficiency to desk bookings

Could office managers do a better job of organizing back to work, by implementing shared spreadsheets and cloud-hosted Microsoft Work or Google Sheet documents? Perhaps. However, Spreadsheets and shared documents just don’t have the level of integration and intelligence needed for success – especially for an organization with 50 or more staff. At some point, when the office gets busier by the day. The perennial issue of outdated versions, erroneous data, and out-of-sync entries will rear its ugly head.  

desk booking software

Workspace management tools, like DeskFlex’s room and desk booking software, are especially adept at addressing all the challenges – and much more! – discussed above. Unlike stand-alone spreadsheets, these software solutions integrate with corporate systems, like Microsoft Outlook, MS Exchange and Active Directory. 

And, because the solution works in concert with employee calendars and online profiles. The desk and room bookings can quickly take into account fluid situations. Like an employee booking-off, which makes his/her desk available for reassignment. A spreadsheet solution would likely leave those desks. Cubicles and rooms unused, making for an inefficient use of scarce workspace.

The new work paradigm requires that HR managers and Facility administrators change their own workspace management approaches. And the only way to do so efficiently and effectively is by deploying full-featured desk booking software.  

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