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10 Organizations Reaping the Benefits of Office Space Management Software

Work from home or work remotely is the future of working. With fewer needs for office spaces, companies are looking for space management software to maximize the use of their desks, office stations, meeting rooms, resources, and equipment. Not everyone approves of turning their offices to shared spaces, but some companies are implementing the idea of open offices, activity-based work, hot-desking in their offices, and they love the results.

Here are ten companies that are reaping the benefits of using desk booking software in their offices: 




Deloitte is a multinational accounting auditing, consulting firm that adopted the desk hoteling system when they moved into a futuristic and environmentally friendly building in Amsterdam. The company used space management software to optimize its 1,000 office workstations to its 2,500 employees. Instead of permanently assigned desks, its workplace is subdivided by neighborhoods for office hoteling and hot-desking saying goodbye to traditional office space seating and saying hello to on-demand workspace schedules.




Microsoft resorted to an activity based workplace to resolve the problem of proper collaboration among teams and clients. Their goal was to bridge the communication gap between employees and their customers. And the managing space system worked. The traditional office environment transformed into a flexible, communal, and progressive workspace just what the company values.

Microsoft surveys its employees’ work health index annually, and they always get optimistic positive results.

Credit Suisse

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Credit Suisse implemented a space reservation trend in many of its workspaces worldwide, including their offices in Singapore and Zurich. They sought an architectural firm Camenzind Evolution to entice and encourage employees to adapt to the open office environment. The company implemented desk hoteling to most employees regardless of their position in the company or description.  

A communal area combines three small workstations for the ultimate desk hoteling experience, available only for one hour max. Now that’s hot desking!



Gensler La Crosse’s growing teams meant they would have to relocate to a bigger office. In a workplace survey conducted in 2016, they found out that a ratio of collab spaces to traditional cubicles, a centrally-located cafe, and a desk with lots of natural lighting was the most efficient way to keep teams engaged and motivated throughout the day. Joan Meyers, the Managing Director, is confident that the future of workplaces is an activity based work environment and that the company deliberated the move carefully to allocate space.




Square’s open office floor plan in San Francisco allows employees to get a chance to mingle with their CEO at high top tables and their colleagues from different departments. In an open, flexible work floor plan, workers have several work environments to choose from and can collaborate well with other teammates. 



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In 2015, Citigroup’s management decided to switch to an open office plan to save costs and boost communication among its employees despite hesitation. Every morning, employees can choose their desks. Including their CEO Michael Corbat who gave up his traditional office for a more flexible workstation.




LEGO’s London office is an epitome example of flexible work zones and activity-based workspaces. When you enter their office, you will quickly notice a mix of central areas, open booths, private meeting rooms, small huddle rooms, and ample wall spaces to write your ideas on and to allocate space; no one needs to leave the building for a change of scenery. 


Macquarie Group

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The Macquarie Group in Sydney Australia employs about 2,500 workers that embraced flexible office space hoteling arrangements. And have no desire to go back to traditional workstations or seat assignments. With space management software, the Group grew to 3,500 employees using an activity-based and desk hoteling environment. Peter Maher, the former CEO, wanted to create the freedom for employees to utilize office spaces in a way that works for them in a flexible work arrangement where there are no rules. 


GPT Group

GPT Group Australia, a real estate investment trust company, remodeled old buildings with an open workspace and space reservation approach. The company wanted to show how they could revive 42-year old buildings to support a modern and accessible office way of working. 


National Australia Bank

National Australia Bank

National Australia Bank accommodates 6,000 employees with a ratio of 1.3 workers per office desk. With open space management software, even authorized persons and clients can use one of the building’s various workstations. 

These are just some of the many organizations worldwide enjoying. The benefits of using space management software to optimize their open office layout. 

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