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Incredible Ways that Event Planners Can Use a Hoteling App to Organize Corporate Events

Companies don’t just focus on earning revenue from products and services. To reach partners, they have to network, hosting corporate events. These events tend to be quite large and take significant effort to organize.

To do that, they need the right tools, and room scheduling software is surprisingly efficient for this. While managing guests and attendees can be a challenge, providing a positive experience is well within reach.

What are the Types of Corporate Events?


For many companies, especially startups, corporate events are an opportunity to network and showcase products and services. However, the pandemic caused these events to be postponed or canceled.

Recently, as more businesses reopen, more people are coming out and doing the things they used to do before the pandemic. This transition also allows organizers to conduct live events.

These are a few examples you might run into at some point: 

Business Marketing Exhibits 

Business marketing exhibits, popularly known as trade shows, allow companies and organizations to exhibit their products and services. They take place in large areas, often convention centers, and tend to be exclusive to industry members.

Trade shows are significant because they allow lesser-known companies to reach out to media outlets. Upon the release of new products and services, news sites and blogs can easily promote them. 

Seminars and Workshops

With seminars and workshops, people go through different rooms to listen to key speakers and participate in activities. These speeches and activities are hosted for guests and attendees who want to improve on a specific skill set.

Leadership Conferences

Leadership conferences involve several guest speakers and a wide array of audiences. Many businesses send their mangers, supervisors, and team leaders to attend leadership conferences to enhance their skills in people management. The conference room may sometimes resemble a movie theater. Guest speakers will present their topic on stage with audio-video visuals.

In addition to the software’s function of reserving rooms and spaces, a hoteling app can streamline some of the events for organizers and staff. With the right custom features in your arsenal, you can monitor foot traffic and provide general directions. After uploading a 3D floor map, facility managers and organizers can designate spaces reserved for attendees and guests.

How a Hoteling App Can Streamline Event Management for Organizers and Attendees


Organizations need to prioritize visitor protocols for attendees and organizers. It means providing a positive experience before, during, and after the event. The first step to this experience is good scheduling and space allocation.

Office space software helps minimize reservation and schedule mix-ups to ensure that events and activities smoothly. Here are a few ways that a hoteling system can do this: 

Keeping a record of attendees

Record-keeping is the fundamental purpose of a visitor management system. It automates the check-in process, especially for big events with considerable attendees. Event venues can keep track of local participants and visitors from other cities.

However, it’s not just about automating the reservation and sign-in process. The system confirms the attendee’s reservations, keeping records of all no-shows and confirmed booked event tickets.

In the case of workshops and events, organizers also need to maintain registries. Thanks to its reliability because pen and paper registration takes so much time, digital registration is the way to go. 

Managing foot traffic within the event premises


First-time visitors need simple instructions for directions. Events in large areas can get crowded, taking time to navigate without instructions. 

Managing foot traffic also ensures having a limited number of people in a particular area. Because of social distancing guidelines, organizers need office hoteling software to provide a reasonable distance between attendees. 

Another thing to remember is ensuring room availability. Once guests arrive at that said room, it needs to be available and ready for the event. Office hoteling software provides that these rooms are reserved for these specific events.


Improving the guests’ experience


Desk hoteling systems automate and streamline the different processes in events, from catering to scheduling. These all result in an improved experience for attendees and organizers alike.

When guests have a positive experience in an event, they are more likely to remember and talk about it. It means they are inclined to look forward to it again.

Additionally, organizers are more likely to receive offers for different partnerships and potential clients. This all results in better connections in the long run.

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3 Hoteling App Features for Ensuring Smooth Event Management 


Managers use room scheduling apps for allocating workspaces and meeting rooms and specific schedules for when to book them. The latter allows them to create a period where the maintenance crew can clean said rooms for the next meeting.

With a few tweaks, event organizers can use them to provide a smooth experience for attendees. In some cases, the similarities allow them to use the software without any changes except for the floor plan.

On top of this, other features that can help manage events more effectively:

  • App integration

 App integration for hoteling software is necessary for many offices to minimize the number of apps used. App integration adds further convenience for event organizers since they don’t have to keep track of too many tools.

Additionally, scheduled activities made from integrated apps such as Outlook, Active Directory, Zapier, and Okta can also automatically reflect in the hoteling system.

  • Abandoned meeting protection

Double bookings and no-shows can slow down any event, especially with conferences, workshops, and seminars. A hoteling app with abandoned meeting protection can clear spaces if no one has checked in for a certain period.

By automatically clearing rooms, organizers can re-schedule certain activities or move them to vacant rooms more quickly. It can also work well in trade expos where attendees needing booths have trouble finding their allocated spots.

  • Equipment reservation

Aside from reserving spaces and rooms, event organizers may also want to book equipment for various reasons. These could be for showcasing it to potential partners or clients or to use it while hosting the event.

The Takeaway

Hot desk software is an excellent tool in any company’s arsenal, but it’s also a must-have for event organizers. Thus, they must consider many factors when planning corporate events, such as foot traffic and safety.

Hosting significant events in physical spaces requires the right tools. And finding the appropriate assistants are not that difficult to find, and they can be surprisingly flexible, too. The suitable software can reduce the hassles in organizing events and more.

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