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Optimize Food Business Management with Space Reservation Software

Restaurants and catering services are bustling workplaces. They manage events, human resources, customers, and supplies simultaneously. However, because of the “new normal,” there are significant changes in managing the food business.

For example, you need to schedule shifting hours for your workforce and limit half the capacity of your dining area to prevent overcrowding.

Fortunately, your business can still strive amid the crisis. How? You should incorporate technology like hoteling software through a well-thought plan and marketing strategies.

Here we compiled a list of the surprising benefits this software provides to boost your food business management. Let’s take a look.

1: Systematized Table Reservation and Staff Scheduling


One of the main features of hoteling is systematic scheduling. The online scheduling software helps the manager decide the number of workers needed on a specific day.

The owner can schedule enough workers for the catering services to work on an event. The software allows you to create shifts and event input notes about one’s task and expectations. Your staff can view their schedule using their mobile app.

The system also allows your customers to create advance table reservations. That way, you can limit the crowd coming into your restaurant and give your loyal customers a turn to dine in. Hence, the workers will not be exhausted much if the catering service has consecutive schedules.

2: Efficient Booking Of Event Venue and Halls


Space reservation software is a crucial aspect of food businesses. With the current post-pandemic situation, most restaurants only allow vaccinated individuals and reserved space before dining in.

lets customers reserve their desired seat a week or a day ahead. Once they arrive at the restaurant, they can check-in through their smartphones. It is also a one-tap away if they cancel their bookings and check out the premises.

Event planners can also use the reservation software to organize social events and manage venue attendees. Event guests and participants can register ahead of time and reserve a set in the venue. The scheduling system can simplify event organizing and guests monitoring.

3: Limited Capacity of Workspace and Customer Area


The hoteling management software supports social distancing. Since the 6-feet apart policy is still necessary, the software helps you plan your dining area layout. You can decide to reduce tables and chairs or disable the reservation of every other table so customers can comply with the physical distancing rules without so many changes in your floor plan.

You can also disable cubicles, tables, and workstations for your kitchen and office area, so staff cannot miss staying distant from fellow workers. 

4: Prevention of COVID Contamination


The traditional way of assigning someone to check every guest’s temperature and face mask manually can now be done digitally. The hoteling software has a thermal scanner and face mask detection features. So instead of risking a staff’ health for possible infection, the software will handle that, and your team can focus on providing quality services.

With that also in mind, your guests and clients can feel safe within the vicinity. So when they take off their masks to eat, they will get at ease knowing that their safety is in the mind of the food servers and the company.

In case of contamination, it is easy to access the data of the workers and guests. The software administrator provides a data report regarding the people who could have contacted the patient.

5: Generate Real-time and Accurate Analytics and Report


Hoteling software provides monthly comprehensive reports and analytics about your operation and resources utilization. The gathered information can work as a basis for enhancing your business. It could help in decision-making on how you can strategize your marketing and pinpoint what you are doing good and not.

Optimize Food Business

Advantages of Investing Hoteling Software for Food Business Management


The software helps you to manage your food business management more systematically. At the same time, it ensures that you can comply with government-mandated safety policies.

Here are the advantages of the hoteling app for food businesses:

Boost Workers’ Productivity

Since the software supports dynamic scheduling, the owner can create a more effective work schedule. Depending on their expertise, you can assign more knowledgeable staff to a specific workstation. This way, they can focus on one role, increasing productivity and less exhaustion.

Since they are authorized users, they can quickly check the scheduling through the system on your employees’ end. Knowing what station they will get assigned, they can prepare themselves to perform to their fullest potential.

Improve Utilization of Space And Resources

The space reservation software allows facility managers to limit the capacity of their rooms and dining area. It may be quite different from how the pre-pandemic operation of food businesses, but it ensures the safety of everyone. And since only a limited of staff and customers can enter the establishment, you can schedule a more accurate number of supplies and resources. That way, you can avoid wastage and more return of investment.

Easier Scheduling of Sanitation

The most crucial task of food businesses is to maintain cleanliness. Ensuring that the whole venue is well-cleaned is one effective way to gain more customers and adhere to health protocols.

Hoteling management software allows your staff to clean the function rooms before and after use. The software disallows any reservation a couple of minutes after usage. This way, there is enough time to clean and sanitize the area. Once finished, the system will notify you that the room is ready for the next customers.

Minimize the Operational Cost

Since the hoteling app helps food businesses to operate efficiently, it helps minimize the overall operational expenses. You can only consume fewer utilities because you can schedule enough workforce each day and limit the number of customers.

For example, you should only allow 30% total capacity at a given time. Therefore, you only need to open fewer lights and an air conditioner.

Additionally, you can estimate how many ingredients your kitchen personnel should prepare. Only the food ordered should be made – no spoilage and less electricity used.


Help Your Establishment To Comply With The CDC Protocols With Less Effort


Every business should adhere to the safety protocols set by the government, especially the food industry. And even though managers and supervisors are busy overseeing the dining and kitchen area, your restaurant can still implement safety measures.

The hoteling system has thermal scanners, face mask detection, and contact tracing features. Once a person enters the premises, the system will automatically scan them and record them. Lastly, contact tracing is more effortless, enabling a smooth and safe business place.



Food businesses can still provide quality food and customer services despite the current situation. Hence, space reservation software is here to optimize your business management and help you reach your target sales. With its use, gaining productivity and achieving business goals is possible.

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