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Strengthen Visitor Management in Your Office Building Using Desk Scheduling Software

Your employees, customers, visitors, and delivery couriers may regularly visit your office building premises. If your company provides an efficient scheduling system, it is essential to ensure a smooth experience. Usually, this comes in the form of a reliable scheduling system.

Additionally, integrating office hoteling software with visitor management features will allow people to create appointments in your office. They can also use the mobile app scheduling system to plan their visit to your place. 


Setting a meeting becomes more convenient with room booking software that sends notifications to guests.


But what is a visitor management feature?


What is Visitor Management and How Does It Help Your Office?


Visitor management is any process that helps businesses monitor people inside their buildings. They need to prioritize visitor protocols for anyone not considered a full-time employee. 


While desk scheduling software is an excellent first step, the next is to provide a positive experience. Here’s why visitor management matters for your office:-


Keeping a record of visitors 


A visitor management system’s primary purpose is record-keeping. You will be aware of who checked in, where, and for what purpose. You don’t need a binder for this – you can automate the whole process!


  • Directing foot traffic within your facility

First-time visitors need simple instructions for directions. After all, conference rooms aren’t always easy to find. When they know how to get to different areas within your facility, their experience improves. 


  • Improving visitor confidence

Walking into a new building can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. When you address this, you improve visitor confidence. This makes visitors and potential clients more likely to return. 


How Room Booking Software Streamlines Visitor Management


Despite the challenges of an office setting, technology provides unique solutions that improve visitor management.

Hoteling software allows businesses to manage more than space. It also improves the overall visitor experience. Many are upgrading from paper sign-in sheets to digital systems that automate the whole process.


This is how a hoteling app streamlines the visitor management process:-


  • 3D floor maps allow visitors to navigate the building 

One key feature of desk reservation software is the 3D floor map. These maps allow real-time updates. It shows available workstations and changes when new bookings are made. 

When visitors check-in, they can see the floor map. It gives them an idea in what direction to take. Once they know where they are, they can easily find their way.


This results in the following benefits:-


  • Visitors reduce tardiness at meetings

Visitors don’t need to spend as much time asking around for directions. Scheduling meetings start sooner, and everyone can discuss their agendas right away.


  • Businesses can meet health compliance needs

More people are slowly returning to the physical workplace. It adds more challenges to facilities managers to ensure social distancing guidelines.


  • Improved site comfort

When business owners prioritize visitor safety, this results in a solid first impression. It gives clients the notion that the company is making efforts to ensure safety in the workplace.


  •  A hoteling app lets managers view reservation schedules.

Scheduling plays a large part in visitor management. It is a determinant factor to employee productivity. It minimizes issues that may come up in double booking because of coveted meeting rooms


If there’s only one room for team meetings, the succeeding teams can reschedule. They can view active bookings, almost over meetings, and available workspaces in real-time.


  •  Hoteling software lets admins know where visitors are at all times.

Managers and admins need to enforce social distancing guidelines. The right hoteling app allows for this. On top of that, it also allows for better contact tracing.  

Hoteling software tracks visitor movement via Bluetooth sensors and beacons. Anyone who tests positive for Covid-19 is notified via email.


conference rooms


Meetings, Scheduling, and Space Management


Visitor and space management go hand in hand for the same reasons. Aside from visitors, scheduling software allows businesses to manage their office spaces better. 

This is a huge benefit that allows them to utilize idle spaces. Many businesses are adopting a hybrid work model. Employees are working from home. With the data from hoteling software, building managers can make crucial space decisions decisively.


For instance, meetings can be scheduled in a way that minimizes overlap. Managers can assign other rooms for seminars. The latter can allow them to create windows where maintenance can clean said rooms for the next meeting. 


Hoteling software also has other benefits that help you manage your office space:-


  • App integration

For hoteling software, app integration is needed to minimize the number of apps used. Additionally, scheduled meetings in tools like Outlook can also reflect in the hoteling system. 


  • Abandoned meeting protection

Meetings get interrupted, canceled, or transferred to different rooms. However, desk scheduling software can clear the reservation automatically after a set time. Other employees can then reserve the space when needed.


  • Equipment reservation

Employees also want to book specific office equipment. These can be projectors, copiers, or even computers. Desk reservation software can be customized to keep track of these bookings.


The Takeaway


Having visitors can be challenging since you need to make sure they feel welcome and safe. 

With the right desk hoteling software, visitor management is a chance to deliver a great first impression. It’s also an assurance that your office space is fully optimized at all times. 

Aside from simply assigning spaces, hoteling software has different features that benefit employees at all levels. These can range from status board displays to contact tracing, depending on your business’s needs.


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