Visitor Management in Your Office

Strengthen Visitor Management in Your Office Building Using Desk Scheduling Software

Office buildings accommodate not just employees but also clients, guests, couriers, and many others. That’s why it is critical to provide an efficient appointment scheduling system for people coming in and out of the premises. Whether they are consultants or clients, it’s crucial to ensure a smooth experience for them.

This makes hoteling software integrated with visitor management features a critical tool in every company’s technological arsenal. While managing visitors can be a challenge, providing seamless scheduling and minimal disruption during meetings must be a priority.

But what exactly is a visitor management feature?


What is Visitor Management and How Does It Help Your Office?

Visitor management is essentially any process that helps businesses keep track of people who visit their location.

Businesses need to prioritize visitor protocols not just for clients and partners but also for anyone not considered a full-time employee. While scheduling meetings with them is the first step, the next step is to provide a positive experience.

Here are a few reasons why visitor management matters for your office: 


Keeping a record of visitors 

Record-keeping is the fundamental purpose of a visitor management system. You will be aware of who is checked in, where, and for what purpose. The best part is you don’t need a binder – the check-in process can be automated!

  • Directing foot traffic within your facility

First-time visitors need simple instructions for directions, especially because conference rooms aren’t always easy to find. When they know where they are and how to get to different areas within your facility, their experience improves.

  • Improving visitor confidence

Walking into a new building can be incredibly intimidating, as well as talking to people you’ve never met and navigating unfamiliar places. By addressing this, you improve visitor confidence, and they are more likely to return. 


How Room Booking Software Streamlines Visitor Management

Despite the challenges of an office setting, technological advancements provide innovative solutions and workarounds that allow better visitor management.

Hoteling software allows businesses to manage more than space but also the overall visitor experience. Many are now upgrading from paper and pen sign-in sheets to digital systems that automate the whole process.

Here is how a hoteling app streamlines the visitor management process for your business:

  • 3D floor maps allow visitors to orient themselves

One key feature of desk reservation software is the 3D floor map, which can be updated in real-time. This is because layouts can change, especially if managers and executives want to renovate to accommodate different needs.

When visitors check-in, they can see the floor map and orient themselves. Once they know where they are and where the meeting rooms are, they can easily find their way.

This results in the following benefits:

  • Visitors take less time to arrive at meetings– Visitors don’t need to spend as much time asking around for directions. Meetings start sooner, and everyone can discuss their agendas right away.
  • Businesses can meet compliance needs– As more and more people are slowly returning to the physical workplace; administrators need to maintain social distancing guidelines.
  • Overall site comfort is improved– When facilities prioritize visitor safety and comfort, this results in a good ambiance and a solid first impression. This is especially important for potential clients.
  • A hoteling app allows managers to view reservation schedules.

Proper scheduling plays a large part in visitor management as well as in-office productivity. Hoteling software allows for both, especially since managers can view which rooms are scheduled for which meetings and which aren’t.

It minimizes any issues that may arise in everyone’s schedules. In the case of having only one room for meetings or conferences, visitors can conclude their agenda on time. Other visitors, or even employees, can then use the room for their needs.

  • Hoteling software lets administrators know where visitors are at all times.

Managers and administrators still need to enforce social distancing guidelines, and the right hoteling app allows for precisely this. On top of that, it also allows for better contact tracing.

Hoteling software tracks visitor movement via Bluetooth sensors and beacons. If anyone tests positive for Covid-19, everyone they come in contact with is automatically notified via email.  

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Meetings, Scheduling, and Space Management

Visitor management and space management go hand in hand, often for the same reasons. Aside from streamlining visitor management, scheduling software allows businesses to manage their office spaces more effectively.

This is a huge benefit that allows them to utilize idle spaces. Because many businesses are adopting a hybrid work model, employees are working remotely or from home. With the data from hoteling software, managers can make crucial decisions more quickly.

For instance, scheduling meetings can be done in a way that minimizes overlap. Managers can assign other rooms for seminars or schedule them at different times. The latter can allow them to create windows where maintenance can clean said rooms for the next meeting.

On top of this, hoteling software has other benefits that help you manage your space more effectively: 

  • App integration

App integration for hoteling software is a necessity for many offices to minimize the number of apps used. Additionally, any scheduled meetings in tools like Outlook can also reflect automatically in the hoteling system.

  • Abandoned meeting protection

Meetings are interrupted, canceled, or transferred to different rooms. However, scheduling software can automatically clear the reservation after a set time in the case of no-shows. Other employees can then reserve the space when needed.

  • Equipment reservation

Employees don’t just want to reserve spaces. They may also want to book specific office equipment, like projectors, copiers, or even computers. Desk reservation software can also be customized to keep track of these bookings.


The Takeaway

Having visitors come to your office can be challenging, and it’s up to you to ensure that guests feel welcome.

With the right desk hoteling software, visitor management is an opportunity to deliver great clients, consultants, and partners. It’s also an assurance that your office space is fully optimized and productive at all times.

This is because of the hoteling software’s inherent flexibility. Aside from simply blocking and assigning spaces, it can host different features that benefit employees at all levels. These can range from status board displays to contact tracing, depending on your business’s needs.

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