advantages of hoteling app

Top 11 benefits and advantages of a hoteling app

Office desk hoteling is a system of office space reservation where employees can choose the desk, workstation, or meeting room when they don’t have assigned or permanent office desks. Office hoteling can significantly help business leaders make wise decisions on how to utilize office spaces and help them optimize use while reducing real estate costs.

Generally, desk management used to apply with open office plans, supporting agile workforce and hybrid work. However, when the COVID-19 pandemic happened, the need for safe office spaces increased to accommodate team member expectations. With safety and well-being as a top priority, office reservation software provides space planners effective solutions to an unprecedented challenge.

Benefits of Office Hoteling App

Flexible Check-in Options for Employees, Guests, and Visitors

The office reservation management app enables employees to quickly see which desks are vacant on their preferred days at the office. They can access the helpful information when deciding which desk, workstation, or meeting room they can reserve for a period. The office management system can be accessed through mobile devices, desktops, or room displays.

In addition, the software presents an office floor plan map to help employees, guests, and visitors navigate the building and find suitable office space. The room management software system can reduce the time searching for office spaces, thus, effectively allowing employees to return to the office in phases and flexible schedules.

Because of the present health threats, many employers staggered office occupancy using alternate work shifts. Office hoteling app program can help establish a smooth transition of return to work. It removes the uncertainty of where employees will work if safety distance is maintained and whether the desk is sanitized before the following user. The system is integrated with Bluetooth sensor technology can help uphold safety in the office.

Savings on company resources

When facility managers understand how their employees use the office, they can efficiently allocate resources accordingly. Real estate costs are usually a company’s second-largest expense, so it is critical to minimize resources and maximize space value.

As your employees return to the office, there will be more desk sanitation scheduling and deep office cleaning to protect the workforce. When you know which desks have been used, you can make the right decision in redistributing your budget for more frequent and effective office space and desk cleaning.

Improved Space Utilization

The office scheduling app allows the company to maximize space utilization by displaying reserved and available workstations. This way, the facilities manager have ample time to prepare the workstation or meeting room needed.

Another significant benefit of meeting room schedule software is that it allows business owners to make proactive and informed space utilization decisions. With ready and real-time access to historical data, business leaders can use office space management app to identify ways to cut real estate expenditures.

Reports and Analytics

Room reservation software system has comprehensive reports and analytic functions that display space utilization. Looking at people’s behavior in using office spaces, facility managers can adjust their floor plan accordingly. They can re-arrange, reconfigure, or modifying seat assignments depending on the number of in-office employees. This system enables workplace managers the ability to keep the office running smoothly.

Office space management systems are crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic because they help maintain the safety and protection of the workers. It helps business owners to determine and analyze data to apply necessary office modifications. Providing your workforce with the right tools, environment, and company culture increases staff productivity, boosts their morale, and achieves overall business goals.

Easy Systems Integration

By integrating desk and room scheduling software with interactive and responsive hardware devices, including Bluetooth sensors and contactless displays, you gain a holistic view of the company’s space. You can develop long-term strategies that transcend beyond the usual desk assignments and meeting room optimization.

In addition, the system comes with a calendar, notes, and notification platform integrations so that employees, visitors, or guests can receive the notices and information they need to get ready for work.

advantages of desk booking

Advantages of Using a Desk Booking Software

If your organization aims to optimize space utilization during the pandemic, desk management software is the best tool that can assist you in cutting down overhead expenses on office spaces.

Here’s how desk reservation provides many advantages to your company:-

1. Reduces administrative tasks

The right desk scheduling software will significantly reduce the time you perform admin tasks. Thus, you can focus on more critical functions since the system automates scheduling, workstation assignment, and documentation.

A workspace reservation software will also streamline every department in your building, including the front desk, housekeeping, and even revenue management. If you integrate desk and conference room manager software, you can save time and effort across every aspect of your organization, boosting workforce productivity and satisfaction.

2. Develop a positive business relationship with Your Guests

An automated check-in and check-out experience will increase guest and visitor satisfaction. Anything from improved office processes, communication, meeting room reservation, and additional services will foster guests’ loyalty. Deploying the best desk booking software can influence team member of employee retention and guest loyalty. Similarly, the room scheduling software for colleges aids in the students’ smooth and organized transition when coming to school, especially after the pandemic.

3. Increase your online presence and visibility

The right software is a crucial factor in boosting your online presence. In the hotel business, you can integrate room booking software, chatbots, and guest submission forms with your website design, allowing you to instantly accept online reservations. This integrative feature increases customer confidence in your business. Online search engines assess and value the user experience on websites, and those that provide a better user interface will usually rank higher in major search engines.

4. Deploy effective revenue management system

Most conference room schedule software systems comprise pricing tools and other features that optimize revenue. The current business landscape has changed the way enterprises set their prices. Gone are the days of offering peak and low season prices. Businesses are providing sophisticated pricing models with customization options. Providing options and alternative choices to your employees, visitors, customers, and guests strengthen trust and confidence in your brand.

5. Manage distribution and marketing functions

An excellent desk scheduling software system provides easy connection to distribution and marketing channels. This function enables business promotion across the industry’s Online Travel Agencies (OTA) and third-party room booking software services. It provides current and up-to-date information to help your business increase your reservations and promote awareness of your property.

6. Increase bookings

For hotels, inns, suites, and shared space businesses, the features of a conference room manager could increase and improve your overall number of bookings. Whether you intend to boost booking during low seasons or explore new markets, the right software system is all about maximizing and optimizing what you can achieve. Revenue and direct booking management are two features that will help your business from integration to intelligent reporting, and automation will generally contribute.

7. Accurate, comprehensive reports and analytics

Facility management managers, employees, and business owners will have access to accurate, comprehensive reports and analytics made possible through the office hoteling app.

Moreover, marketing operation reports will enable you and your team to make data-based decisions across your business.

If data is in the cloud, you can easily access these essential metrics whenever you need them without manually exporting or compiling the reports.

8. Prevent double-bookings and manual errors

Desk booking software systems are programmed to prevent double bookings and unused reservations. Thanks to automation, they help eliminated clerical errors of multiple booking entries or miscommunicated reservations. The system streamlines the booking process and stores all pertinent information in the cloud.

It will reduce the front desk personnel’s workload because the system will allow customers to input their data in the space management program interface. They can put in their room reservations, personal details, payments, and additional amenities using the mobile app before checking into the hotel. Thus, all you have to do is pull out the reservation confirmation, and the system will show the guests’ booking details.

9. Identify customer profiles

One crucial aspect of desk booking software is marketing and customer profile segmentation. The general and marketing managers can keep track of the different types of guests and visitors. They can identify the demographic profile, such as gender, age, and nationality.

Determining the profile of your customers will help you decide on marketing strategies and increase the long-term revenue trends of your business.

10. Optimize your property

Hoteling software can help speed up the growth of your business. If you do not have the right software solution in your business, you can miss out on modern technology’s advantages to your enterprise. Automating your business can have lasting benefits that extend beyond daily operations. It can also encourage your employees to think and work differently.


As with all business products and services, the cheapest option is not always the most suitable option for you. It is also the same for the most expensive option. That is why you need to inquire, test out the products, and determine if the workstation reservation software service is what your business needs. If you do, you could transform your business significantly.

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