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Desk Management System: How It Helps Office Managers Perform Better

Jun 30

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6/30/2020 9:05 AM  RssIcon

How can a desk management system help your business? Is a desk management system a replacement for an office manager? The main benefit of a desk management system is that it can help you carry out tasks such as book desks, book parking spaces, locate employees, and much more. 

During the old days, your only option was to hire an office manager who would have to run around the office and do everything manually. This manager would be the company’s go-to person who handled all the logistics in the office. The office manager's job was to book conference rooms, prepare desks, locate employees, keep track of performance, and much more.

New Desk Management Technologies

These days, the power of the office manager is given to every employee using a desk management system. The desk management system can enhance the rule of office managers and it can also give business owners an overview of worker performance by letting them observe employees using customized room maps. 

One such example is DeskFlex: Desktop management systems give workers the ability to book their own desks, rooms, and other facilities in the office. This allows you to streamline worker performance and decrease tensions in the office. Every enterprise benefits from having their own custom management software, and we help businesses design their own.

What Can A Desk Management System Do For You?

The desk management system is efficient because it’s tailed according to your office space. Virtually no two offices are the same and this is why we develop a special 3D display of the offices and allow you to manage each desk and room according to your own needs - while giving employees the ability to book every room.

Control The Workflow

The desk management system can digitalize the office manager's job by allowing employees to arrange and manage the workspace and give managers oversight as to the performance of workers. Workers will have the ability to organize their car parking spaces, book meeting rooms, book central resources, and more. This is now made easy in only a few clicks and workers can access the same from their phones, allowing them to book the rooms they need in advance.

Office managers used to to take requests from employees and wrote them in paper form, scanned them and emailed them for permission. This process could sometimes take up to a few days and it created friction in the workplace. Desk management software makes this easy and each company can customize their offices and bookings according to their own needs.

The best part: Cloud access. Instead of having to rely on software that only operates offline, you can now manage the entire office from a web platform. This gives you real-time updates as to which spaces your workers are occupying and makes it easy to keep an eye on employees while you're carrying out other tasks. This is ideal for business owners or managers who have too much work on their hands but want to monitor their employees. Web-based desk management systems are the future of offices because they streamline the process and make it a lot more efficient.

How Will Your Business Benefit?

The main benefit of a desk management system is that it increases worker productivity. Employees will save time by booking the rooms they need in advance, but this will also make the job of your managers easier. 

The same manager who would spend half the day organizing rooms and requesting permission can now focus on worker performance and reward workers based on their performance. Business owners have a better overview of high-performing employees and low-performing employees, making it easy for them to decide who to promote and who to let go.

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