Meeting Room Booking Solution

Meeting Room Booking Solution: Making The Switch To Digital Booking

Business is going digital and many employees are starting to work remotely. The world is becoming increasingly digitalized, which means if your company is not adjusting its losing on productivity and efficiency. This begs the question: What is the best cloud meeting room booking solution for your business?

Businesses need software that gives them an overview of all available rooms, employee attendance, and other valuable information. Booking software can give employees the ability to book their own meetings based on availability – thereby saving them time and making them more productive in the workplace. The following are some of the things that coworking space booking software can do for your business:

✔ Avoid Double-Booking

The main issue in productive environments is that employees and managers end up booking the same room simultaneously. This creates internal conflict and leaves a bad impression on visitors/clients if they visit the building.

This is why in order to prevent double-booking, the system can automatically detect availability and inform users which rooms are available at what time. Effectively, you won’t have to make interventions and/or experience meeting delays as a result.

✔ Increase Attendance & Productivity

Meeting room software fosters a collaborative environment and increases productivity. When you give employees the right to book their own meetings, this cuts down on the time they would spend arranging the meetings. It also interconnects employees because they can communicate with each other and see where other employees are located.

Booking software also increases attendance at meetings and employees are more inclined to show up because their attendance is counted digitally – i.e. managers can see which employees are missing using real-time tracking.

✔ Multi-Device Access

Multi-device access means that the same booking system will be available on the computer, Smartphone apps, company hardware, and other places where you decide to install it. Booking systems such as DeskFlex are compatible with all devices and operate entirely online. This gives employees the benefit of being able to reserve their room with the press of a button.

✔ Custom Office Renders

Every office has multiple facilities for working, meeting, storage, etc. The latest booking software allows you to render a digital version of the space with different rooms. And allows employees and managers to book meetings in those rooms. This way you can make use of the space efficiently by allowing certain employees to use conference rooms. And preventing employees from using those same rooms for smaller meetings.

Certain naming a room can be excluded if you want to make them exclusive for managers, while others can be made available for all employees. This allows you to retain complete control over the way office space is used while giving employees the freedom to organize on their own terms. 

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