How Accounting Software Increases Productivity & Profit

How Accounting Software Increases Productivity & Profit

Accounting is a crucial sphere of business and one that’s been digitizing rapidly. 

It’s estimated that digital accounting tools will reach $868 billion in valuation by the end of 2022, implying many companies have already integrated accounting software into their processes. More will follow suit as they see the numerous benefits and advantages accounting software offers. 


Accounting software contributes to the overall growth and development of the company by increasing productivity and profit. In this article, we’ll look into exactly how these tools help make that happen.



Crucial Features of Accounting Software



In choosing the best accounting software solutions, you have to identify its crucial features.

While one tool to another differs, there are some features that should be present in its software category. For accounting tools, here are some examples:



Cloud-based access



The “cloud” refers to the online storage of data and information. Having cloud-based access means you can use the accounting software anytime and anywhere. A cloud-based accounting software increasing productivity exponentially due to its mobility. 

It can also reduce cost.





The need for stronger cybersecurity must come along with greater business operations flexibility

In 2023, hackers and cybercriminals will have hacked over 33 billion records. That’s why accounting software with great security adds a huge benefit to the organization. Better security means not losing any money in the process, directly improving profitability at some level.



Better user experience



The pandemic gave us a picture of the not-so-distant future of work, and it is that hybrid work will become the norm. Hybrid refers to the integration of onsite and online or work-from-home set up in the workplace. Accounting software should also offer a better user experience. 

Some accounting employees dread their tasks because of the heavy workload caused by poor processes. Using an accounting tool with a great user experience helps lower that load, boosting productivity and team satisfaction.






By using software excellent customer experience to increase business sales, you have to look for its automation features. Automation allows you to experience the effectiveness of accounting software because it reduces the time needed to accomplish certain tasks that are necessary for running your accounting department.


Some of those automations include:


  • Identifying and fixing accounting errors
  • Computing totals, averages, differences, and so on
  • Reminders for invoicing and accounting reporting
  • Analytics and insights


How Accounting Software Improves Productivity



How Accounting Software Improves Productivity



Up to 58% of accountants say that accounting software has improved productivity at work. 

This is an important factor when choosing an accounting software because even though your accounting department is all about numbers, it is still managed by people. Therefore, using accounting software allows you to grow your business not just in terms of income and revenue but also in the quality of employee experience. 


In this section, we will see how accounting software improves productivity and the effect of accounting software on financial performance. 



Less human error



The effectiveness of accounting software can be seen by how it reduces human error. While there will always be human errors in running your business or company, you would not want an error to incur unnecessary losses. That’s why the role of accounting software in finance processes cannot be undermined.


Human error can be as simple as forgetting a zero or a comma, but it will significantly affect your business. Accounting software has systems in it to identify and even fix any errors in accounting to avoid inaccuracies that could cost several man hours a week and thousands of dollars in losses.



Improves accounts receivable collection



Looking at how accounting software improves productivity, another means these innovations contribute is by improving the receivable payment collection. Delayed payments will always be present in business transactions, but sometimes with the long overdue payments, they become forgotten. Even possibly worse—they get lost as time passes. 


Using accounting software increases your productivity and accuracy in tracking and monitoring your receivable collection. This is the positive effect of accounting software on financial performance: it allows you to see the amount to be collected.



Gives data and insights to help save resources and time



Another role of accounting software is to provide accurate and up-to-date information about the financial aspect of your business. Since gathering this information would take too much time if done manually, it is definitely better to use accounting software that not just helps you manage your financial assets and liabilities but also provides you with the information you need in the quickest way possible.


Better intra-team collaboration



Intra-team collaboration has to do with communication within your company. Sometimes with the overwhelming demands of accounting, tensions arise among its members. 

It is suitable for the company if most of the tensions can be handled properly, but there are some tensions that could have been avoided entirely. One example is a miscommunication on company financials. 


With accounting software, accounting staff can collaborate better with the rest of the company. For instance, accounting software integrated with a payroll system can help accounting and human resource teams work faster during salary disbursement periods.



Lesser manpower needed



Can accounting software reduce cost? 


People are arguably the most essential resource of a company or business, but it can also be the most expensive cost. Sometimes, manpower costs can even become too much for a business to sustain operations. 

While it is important to have the manpower, too much is not helpful either. Accounting software helps lower costs by lessening needed staffing. Using accounting software allows you to be more strategic in managing your company’s resources.



Syncs all data in one place



One of the ways how accounting software improves productivity is by providing a common place where important data is being stored securely. Accounting software ensures that all data is readily available whenever you need it. 

Using effective accounting software spares you from the headache of locating files and other information you need. That way, your accounting department or staff will spend less time looking for certain records or files and more time on more pressing matters. 



Simplifies long and time-consuming processes



The effectiveness of accounting software is seen in its ability to simplify complex accounting processes such as: 


  • Records balancing
  • Staff liquidations
  • Tax filing
  • Financial statement creation
  • And many more

Creating simple and seamless accounting processes for these through automations and templates will improve accounting productivity significantly. Such is one of the other ways accounting software increasing productivity in businesses.



Accounting Technology as a Necessity in 2022 and Beyond



The future of accounting software is looking bright. Thus, more and more businesses will become more effective in reaching their corporate goals and efficient in their daily operations.


Regardless of the industry of a specific business, the accounting department will always play a crucial role in the growth and management of a company. Knowing how accounting software improves productivity should encourage more businesses to start adapting to this present reality.

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