Social Distancing Software

Oprogramowanie do zachowywania dystansu społecznego

How To Manage Your Office Space After The COVID-19 Virus Lockdown?

The recent coronavirus pandemic has left millions working from home, but what will happen after the lockdown ends? COVID-19, a strand of the coronavirus is the most recent pandemic to sweep the globe, sending billions indoors, following social distancing rules, and locked down in numerous countries. Inevitably, this too has forced the majority of offices and their employees to work from home – a challenge in itself, especially when juggling family life. However, what happens when COVID-19 ends, how should you manage your office space? This article will highlight space management software including hoteling software to help you optimize your office space once the pandemic ends – helping you to practice social distancing within the workspace (something which will unavoidably be required).

Dystans społeczny

Space Management Software

There are various pieces of software available to help optimize space and practice social distancing – especially during the current crisis, technology is key. One of the most popular pieces of space management software is hoteling. Hoteling software allows you to reduce space in office buildings through the use of technology. This is achieved by helping you make decisions on who sits where and for how long – a vital aspect of social distancing. With all employees understanding this (including those operating out of multi-storage office spaces), this makes social distancing that little bit easier and routine, helping us return to everyday life much easier.

DeskFlex Hoteling Software

The most prominent piece of hoteling software is provided by DeskFlex. DeskFlex installs vacancy sensors to monitor which desks are taken and which desks are free. This allows employees to book a desk before arriving, knowing where to go and avoiding unnecessary contact. This office hoteling software from DeskFlex does not use cameras and also keeps personal information nameless – primarily operating on these sensors and an online booking system. Social distancing software like this provided from DeskFlex is essential to managing your office space following the COVID-19 lockdown – improving productivity and most importantly allowing your staff to go back to work in a safe environment. DeskFlex also has room scheduling software which is ideal for multi-story office buildings – once again avoiding unnecessary contact in the workplace. For more information on this software, please click here.

The bottom line

Social distancing software, such as hoteling software provided by DeskFlex will play a vital role in returning to work following the recent coronavirus pandemic. Managing your office space will be a challenging task, especially due to following social distancing rules. However, office hoteling software can go a long way in supporting your employees' return to work, increasing productivity. When returning to work/your office space, ensure to follow these social distancing rules to the tee – remember, we’re in this together – enforcing these rules with the help of top of the line software, such as that from DeskFlex is a great step in enforcing these rules.

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